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Rentmen's Featured Interview Of The Day: **LegendaryDAVE**


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Thanks Rik -- I really enjoyed reading that. One thing though. I'd kind of like to take an answer to one question and use it for another question as well. Something that Dave and I have talked about since our very first time together, something that has taken me so long to get to know and understand, something that he, and my other escorts, has finally sunk into my thick head:


"Are there any common misconceptions about the porn and/or escorting industry that you’ve found not to be true? "


"That I really do mean what I say. I don't give you lines because I think you'll want to hear them, if I'm saying nice things to you it's because I actually feel them."


Maybe some guys are just feeding a client escort BS. Not the men I have been with. But especially not with Dave. God knows, he's always been honest with me. About everything. Sometimes even brutally honest when needed. That honesty, that integrity is the one thing I can always rely on with Dave. That and the hot sex.


Pelted with eggs??? Hmmmm. I see another trip to Safeway is on the horizon. Tyger -- warm up that pitching arm. And we'll stop and try to pick up that cute guy on the floor below you too.


Thanks again Rik.





A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.

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