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Any try Steeve yet?


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This ad has been around for a while.


Notice I didn't really say "he's" been around, because every single one of the pics I checked belonged to a different model/person:


pic 1: Felipe Alancar

pic 2: Aussie model Kieran Lahey

pic 3: Daniel F., some 'topless events model' also from Oz

pic 4: Rafael Silveira's penis

pic 5: porn star Marco Blaze

pic 6: Corey Mason from AAG

pic 7: Do we really need to find out whose feet those are?


So, you get the picture. Or rather, you don't get HIS picture, at all.

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It has been rumored that over the weekend, somewhere in the United States of America, an escort showed up to an appointment looking exactly like the recent and accurate pictures he posted in his escort ad. The rumor was instantly rejected as a hoax.


In all seriousness, WTF is up with these constant liars, scammers and general fraudsters? Do so many of them actually get away with it that it's financially beneficial to them to continue? Are they so successful that more and more people are getting in on this scheme? Enough is enough.


If the escort business is truly slowing down (like suggested in another thread) this bullshit has got to be a contributing factor. It can't be good for the escorting business in general. It can't be good for the advertising sites either as people are going to stop using the ones that allow these fakes to continue their scams. We may all be dumb or fooled once or twice, but eventually, you would think we would just stop paying attention to the ads- period.

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Lots of good info here - thanks for the sleuth-work. But now with geoffk's post I'm back to square one wondering whether to take the plunge.


why don't you contact him? he responded to me when i emailed him and he gave me his number. i dont see why he wouldnt respond to you.l

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The contact issue wasn't my point - I haven't tried to contact him. I had thought about it and some of the guys responding here had made it sound less than I had hoped and then geoff did a positive-sounding clip - in other words, both pro and con were presented. So I was back at square one with being undecided.

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