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Masseurs and Escorts in Muslim Countries


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Today's favorable review of a masseur from Istanbul raises a question for me: Might not drawing attention to male-to-male masseurs and escorts in Muslim countries potentially endanger them? Given the overwhelming hostility to gay people in Islamic societies, does putting their photos, names and contact information out there not perhaps empower both fanatics and agents of Islamic governments and semi-official groups (like the Muslim Brotherhood) by giving them ways to identify and harm these people? I realize that this guy is putting himself out there, by maintaining his own website and doubtless in other ways, so he doesn't seem to worried. But still...


I know that not every Islamic society, country and government is the same. But there is a trend toward greater intolerance toward gays in Islam in general. I don't have an answer here myself. I was in Istanbul 7 or 8 years ago and it wasn't exactly gay-friendly then, though I am not a late-night club type and that was what was mostly on offer then for non-Turkish speaking gays. There was no detectable actual persecution then. But the Turkish government has been empowering the Islamists step by step for years now. And Turkey is perhaps the most liberal Muslim country in the world. In other places gays are executed simply for being who they are.

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