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Stephen Fry Interview "Ex Gay Therapist"


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All that I can say is that it is a strange country where a man like this, poorly armed with completely misunderstood psychology can push his mythology, hurting every single person with whom he deals. No proper medical records have been kept, no proper research supporting his practice and extensive research conclusively proving it wrong, and still he is allowed to categorically say that one third of his clients has had this issue "resolved"?


Having been the country in which almost half of the modern scientific discoveries have been made, it is hard to understand how this man is allowed to practice as a medical professional. No respect for diversity of opinions, no freedom of worship, nothing justifies not having his office shut down and having him thrown in jail.


The other side of exactly this misunderstood freedom of speech is having missionaries go to war thorn countries to exacerbate the anti-homosexual hatred, ultimately resulting in government sanctioned killings.


Where do we draw the line as civilized people?


Don't we all have the responsibility as a society to make sure these atrocities don't take place?

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There are charlatans everywhere. The niche he has found, claiming to "cure" homosexuality is rather interesting. I doubt that there would be many walking into this fraud.


Studies have proven that forcing the child to see a counselor in order to make him straight is pointless and harmful. How about showing your gay child understanding, unconditional love and caring?

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There is some truth to the idea that what you're missing in childhood shapes what qualities you look for in partners (especially if you received approval in some areas but lacked it in others), though it can't shape something as basic as your gender preference in partners. But I don't see how even that first part can be changed. If I resolved all my issues in therapy, I'd still be attracted to the same kind of men!

I've looked at life from both sides now

From win and lose and still somehow

It's life's illusions I recall

I really don't know life at all

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