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Therapeutic Massage in NYC


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I was wondering if anyone has suggestion for a very good therapeutic massage, I have knots in my shoulder and neck that are driving me nuts. Wouldn't mind a masseur that offers sensual or erotic also but as long as the therapeutic part of the massage would be good.




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Aside from J. Anthony Breioc,



I might suggest also some of the following - all excellent in therapy and elsewhere








Carson Cruizian


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I would strongly recommend Mateo:




for an excellent therapeutic massage. His is skilled, handsome and a thoughtful professional.


And tell him I sent you, hehe!

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows....

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Do we get discount if we mention your name? :rolleyes:


I did find 'Mateo' on a4a and chatted with him a bit. Had a very positive impression from him. The 'vibe' though, that I got, was that there would be no sensual aspect whatsoever to this massage. Which is fine, since he stated it up-front.

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