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NYC Geezer Seeks Advice


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Ok fellow travelers, I have a birthday coming up fairly soon this month, and I've decided to splurge on one of my most longed for fantasy massages. It comes down to two: One has been discussed here quite frequently and regularly enough and the other not so much to my knowledge. Both of them represent somewhat of the physical ideal type that I like. And both give me cause for concerns about the price, but what the hell. Birthday, right? I'm old enough to be retired, and not unattractive, but not a looker for my age either, and not particularly in the best of shape. So hoping that whichever one I pick would be comfortable with an older but always polite gent. I'm probably putting too much importance on one event, but well...anyway...asking for any feedback you might offer to help me make decision. And I won't hold it against you if it turns out badly :):)

So here are the two ultimate possibilities: http://www.massagem4m.com/ny/new-york-city/13483/ I'm sure no regular reader here will be surprised by that one. And the other is http://www.massagem4m.com/ny/new-york-city/15224/ Any and all opinions, thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated, and of course pm is fine. Thanks in advance.

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I can't give you advice on either masseur, but in my experience the best sessions start with plenty of communication regarding expectations. I would just call both masseurs, be upfront and honest about what you want (including that this is a treat for yourself to celebrate your birthday) and act accordingly. This sounds like a special occasion for you; you deserve to get what you want on your special day. Happy birthday and best of luck!

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I've gone to see Eli several times and he is definitely one of the best. You can't go wrong with him. He's very open and communicative, gives an amazing massage, and is hot as hell. Trust me, you'll be glad you went with him.


I don't know the other guy to make a comparison, but Eli is a proven entity.

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Eli's been discussed in some prior threads. I've been tempted to try him myself.




Well from what I gathered from the previous thread about him was that Eli is a hellava good time and well worth it. I checked for unseen negative reviews with my premium membership. He does have a string of positive ones...10-10's /2-9's/ and I-8....that's very good in my book as far as masseurs go. He does have one review that is only a score of a "1". It appears to be about some dispute over the charge, when there are two clients in one session. After reading the review, personally I would discard it. Sounds like it was just a lack of communication. If he was out my way, I wouldn't hesitate. It's slim pickins in FTL.

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