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DON'T WATCH "THRIVE"...but a question...


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OK. I bit and watched. I am interested, in a sort of end-of-the-world-thriller sort of way, in peak oil and the whole business of running out of stuff and not having the skills to continue when everything comes crashing down. James Howard Kunstler is one of the high priests of that movement. This is the opposite -- the promise of endless energy, usually through some sort of technological fix. The peak oilies and the technofixies are like at war about this. Like kids on the playground: Can not! Can too! Can not! Can too! It amuses me.


A lot of these presentations work on the principle of the tease. There is a whole genre of this stuff -- not always about the same themes, but always the same in presentation. Endless promises of wonderfulness or secret knowledge but you never quite get there. Usually what you have to do is sign up and pay for their product. Don't.

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