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apple doesn't fall far from the tree...


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Let us not forget the First Lady of Florida, Columba Bush. Picked up at the Atlanta Airport by U.S. Customs. She forgot to tell them about $20,000 worth of French goods she just picked up on a Paris shopping spree. What is a good Republican doing shopping in Paris in the first place. She will not buy clothes made in the USA? Mrs. Bush lied on her customs form and said she only spent $4,000 in France. Then daughter Noelle Bush, little miss drug queen of Tallahassee. In and out of the slammer on drug charges. Governor Jeb told the press, this is a private family matter. Except when it came to the Terry Schiavo family, then it became his business. When you have time, look up Neil Bush on the Google, a crook of the first order. The Corleone Family back in the saddle again.;(

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