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Hallucinatory Experience


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Maybe it's because I've been sick, and slightly feverish all this weekend, but what I saw this evening on tv struck me as surreal. I'd coe hoe from work, and turned on CNN to see what new news of New Orleans there might be.

The Larry King show was on, about 2/3 over, I think. That intellectual powerhouse in suspenders had, as his guests, an actress with ties to the south (I believer her name is Tara Reid), a concert promoter drumming up an Aid benefit for the Mississipi coast communities, an evangelist with a jesus-loving southern drawl, and... the Dalai Lama.

Yep, THE Dalai Lama.


The poor Dalai Lama seemed a bit lost as to why he was there, but game to try to respond to Mr. King's inane questions. Alot of what I saw was typical "why do bad things happen to good people?" queries. His Holiness- speaking very good english-

did his best to offer answers to ridiculous questions, such as "How are parents who've lost children supposed to feel?"

At the end, Larry exhorted His Holiness to go to NO to comfort the people. The Dalai Lama seemed confused by the idea, but Larry pressed on until the poor religious leader had no choice to say "Uh, yes, well... ok..."


I also heard on NPR today that we are to refer to the (refugees) of Hurricane Katrina not as "refugees" but as "Evacuees" which somehow carries less of a stigma. I'm sure it was this important linguistic nuance that held up the initial relief efforts. After all, nobody wants to show up to a party and call the host by the wrong name.




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