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Tom Cruise and Scientology


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Tom Cruise's end-zone dance on the Oprah show and his scolding of Matt Lauer may have startled viewers, but it surely came as no surprise to his fellow Scientologists.


They had seen this side of Tom Cruise before.


Last October, in a recorded speech simulcast live to Scientology audiences around the world, Cruise passionately exhorted Scientologists to promote church programs and the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.


To those not fully committed, he hotly said: Step it up or get out!


Don't ask permission to help others, he said. Just do it. As Scientologists, he said, you have a special "tech" that works...




Interesting article.

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He's certainly everywhere these days, isn't he? Entertainment Tonight comes on in the evening just as I come home and begin to prepare dinner. (I like to have something stupid and artificially friendly on the tv when I first get home, to ease the transition from the day's stupid and not-too-friendly people I've had to deal with. Plus, It keeps me in touch with what's REALLY important in this country: What will Brad & Angelina do next? What did J-lo wear to the Poopie Awards? Never Mind Karl Rove, which Desperate Housewife is older...?)


Despite my fetish for horror-slash- sci-fi movies, I'm rather sick of Tom Cruise, and am contemplating NOT going to see War of the Worlds just because of him. I'm sure that the pendulum will swing the other way once the summer blockbuster season is over, and Le Cruise will be roasted on a spit come fall/winter over his Joy of Scientology campaign.

I won't take any particular thrill in that, either, mind you. I don't harbor any specific ill-will toward him, other than annoyance at his foolish and chronic overexposure. You'd think he'd realize he's being set up for a fall. Not everyone has forgotten about that episode a few years back, invoving Mr. Tom and a gay, uh, escort. You know, the one that was quietly settled out- of-court.

That's just the sort of thing that will come back to bite his Risky-Bizness-tightey-whitey ass.


when the Media.............


needs a pick-me-up.



La Trix

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