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King George II speaks


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Even before the speech, checkout this AOL poll:


Is the administration being realistic about the situation in Iraq?

No 74%

Yes 26%


Is there anything Bush could say to change your opinion on Iraq?

No 84%

Yes 16%


Total Votes: 40,552

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He didn't even mention WMD!


How would you rate Bush's speech?

Poor 52%

Excellent 28%

Fair 11%

Good 9%



How concerned are you about the situation in Iraq?

Very 74%

Somewhat 18%

Not at all 7%


Total Votes: 149,587

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White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said the American people would have an opportunity to hear from "their commander in chief." My understanding is that the president is commander in chief only of the Armed Forces, not the population. It is our duty to continue to question and to give the president only the respect he is due as an elected leader.

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As Bob Herbert has written:


The president who displayed his contempt for Iraqi militants two years ago with the taunt "bring 'em on" had to go on television Tuesday night to urge Americans not to abandon support for the war that he foolishly started but can't figure out how to win.


A quagmire is appearing.

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Dear Mr. President,


You tell us that life is better for the people of Iraq since the US

invaded and overthrew Saddam. Could you please explain the following

news report?


"A fire broke out Friday at a power station that supplies a Baghdad

waterworks, shutting it down and leaving millions of residents without

drinking water, officials said.


"The blaze came a day after Baghdad's mayor decried the capital's

crumbling infrastructure and the lack of clean water and threatened to

resign if the Iraqi government won't provide more money." ...


"Mayor Alaa Mahmoud al-Timimi's threat to resign over the dismal state

of the capital's infrastructure was an indication of the daily misery

that Baghdad's 6.45 million people still endure more than two years

after the U.S.-led invasion. They are wracked not only by unrelenting

bombings and kidnappings, but by serious shortages in water,

electricity and fuel...


"Some complain the water they do get smells bad, and Hasson

acknowledged in some areas, the water gets mixed with sewage. "The

problem is escalating," said al-Timimi, a Shiite who took office in

May 2004.


"According to City Hall, Baghdad produces about 544 million gallons of

water per day, some 370 million gallons short of its required amount.

Some 55 percent of the water is lost through leakage in the pipes."


Iraqis also complain of shortages of power and fuel.


Electrical shortfalls were common during Saddam Hussein's regime and

attributed to a poor distribution network, but the situation has

worsened due to sabotage and lack of maintenance. Before the U.S.-led

invasion, Baghdad residents had about 20 hours of electricity a day.

Today, they get about 10, usually broken into two-hour chunks.


In addition, Iraq is not able to refine enough oil, so must import

gasoline. Convoys carrying fuel are often attacked by insurgents and

the ensuing shortage has led to a black market in Baghdad.

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RE: Sir Ustinov Speaks


We can finally all lay Monica to rest as glutes has courageously adopted a new signature, just in time for the Fourth of July!


Perhaps you should now be "Sir Glutes"!!!

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