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The first time you SPEWED?

Rod Hagen

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Me first: I knew that the hose of a running vacuum cleaner would most likely feel good, if it did not pull my dick off.


And so at 12 years old, I screwed up my courage, put my nervous and soft dick into the vacuum's extension tube...and then hit the ON switch.


WOW! Immediately my dick vibrated side to side smacking each side of the tube's walls. As my dick got harder it vibrated less and the strongest sensation was a sucking one. I quickly relaxed and realized that I was NOT going to suffer any pain. Suddenly, my thighs felt really tight and it was as if my soul was being pulled out of me. I was about to scream because having never had an orgasm before (though I knew about them of course) I had no idea what was happening. When as suddenly as it started, the experience finished. I pulled my dick out, and apart from a small hickey there seemed to be no damage. Then what the hell happened? Did I cum? Was that what an orgasm feels like? Then where did the cum go? Into the vacuum? No clean up? WONDERFUL.


It was a full year before I was able to make myself cum using my hand. I became totally addicted to the seductions of our home vacuum cleaner. I am sure my Mom was curious why I was always so anxious to clean the basement or vacuum her car!


So, how did you make yourself come for the first time? Was it a wet dream, in your hand with baby oil, on a pillow, the cat?



"I will seek out these androids, and I

will break them with my bare hands!"


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Guest Kenny

"I pulled my dick out, and apart from a small hickey there seemed to be no damage. Then what the hell happened? Did I cum? Was that what an orgasm feels like? Then where did the cum go? Into the vacuum? No clean up? WONDERFUL.'


That now could explain the DISTORTED dick and also why, whenever your carpet was vacuumed, it really was like getting it shampoed.

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>So, how did you make yourself

>come for the first time?

>Was it a wet dream,

>in your hand with baby

>oil, on a pillow, the



When I was about 13, I used to spend a lot of time in our basement woodworking shop. One of our power tools was a Dremel sander -- a low-powered gadget which vibrated sandpaper over whatever was being worked on. One day I noticed that the "pad" over which the sandpaper was stretched was made from a fairly soft rubber. I first touched with my hand while the machine was running (without sandpaper) to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself.


Before I knew what I was doing, my pants were down and I was vibrating myself to shear ecstacy -- the biggest hardon I'd ever managed suddenly erupted all over my chest.


From then on, the sander lived under my bed -- always plugged in and ready to use. (Luckily, no one else in the house ever missed it.) What a great machine!

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Guest ChicagoCorey

The summer before sixth grade. I had just stopped sharing a room with my younger brother -- all alone in the newly converted basement bedroom. With my pillow, I was wrestling my pillow, pretending it was a guy named Jeremy, a year ahead of me in school -- the girls loved him and the guys wanted to be him. Then I pinned the pillow, and in my briefs, rubbed all over it, and to my own surprise, felt this urge like my cock was going to explode. I shot through my briefs, onto the pillow. I was eleven and incredibly naive; I didn't know what had happened but I knew I liked it. I did it every night, starting the same way, for a week. Then I did a little research, figured out what was up, realized what a wet dream was, and started "saving it" for my dreams. (Somehow I had equated masturbation -- or pillow fucking -- I suppose as bad, whereas in the NIGHTLY wet dreams, it was somehow okay)


I've been a horny boy ever since.




[email protected]

get to know me/updated frequently


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Guest Charon

At 7 we moved to Turkey where our bathroom had the most wonderous device (no, not that one). A shower head on one of those flexible coils so you can squirt everywhere. I found that if you unscrewed the shower head, you got a nice hose of wonderfully warm water that you could apply wherever. So I did.


It was quite a few years later before I actually ejaculated, but I'd been wacking off for so many long by that point that it seemed, well, anti-climatic.

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Guest jeffOH

I was 11 years old and my 8 year old brother had a friend over

for the night. My brother and I pushed our twin beds together to

make one big bed for the three of us. Sometime during the night

the friend and I started playing with each other. I, too, was

incredibly naive. I thought I had peed myself and jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Our mom came halfway upstairs to see what

was going on and I told her I thought I had wet myself. I changed

the sheets and went back to bed.


The next day we went to cut firewood with our dad and some of his

friends. While they were cutting down trees and sawing them up,

my brother, his friend and I were out running through the woods.

The friend and I groped each other several more times, but I

didn't come again.


When I got hard-ons, I would squeeze my cock really hard to try to try to get it soft again. I thought there was something wrong

with it because it would keep swelling up. I was in seventh grade

before I understood it was supposed to do that.


God, I've come a long way!


[email protected]

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Guest FirstPlace

I was 11 years old when I experienced my first orgasim. A friend about the same age was over. He had short blonde hair and at that young age a nice body. He also had a decent size tool compared to mine.


Anyway, we were on my bed wrestling naked. I wish I could remember why we were naked :) After a few minutes of fooling around I ended up laying on my stomache with him on top of me. His dick rubbing on my ass and his hand underneath me cupping my dick.


At this time we were very quiet not saying much at all. I remember him moving his hand slightly and I felt a weird thrill shoot through my entire body. I had no idea what was happening to me yet I knew that I liked it :)


Soon after I had a friend who spent the night. He was jacking off under the covers. When I asked him what he was doing he expalined that I should do it till "stuff" shoots out. Watching him made me hard so I tried it. Sure enough a little "stuff" came out!

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Guest BenDover

Having older brothers with whom I shared a room, I had heard plenty of under-the-covers activity, but I never really put it all together until I was about 11 or 12. I was in our old tree house, watching a stallion put it to the old mare, a scene that I had witnessed hundreds of times on our farm, when I realized that I was rubbing my dick through my pants. It felt great, so I dropped my pants and started to rub my dick. All of a sudden, I got really shaky (I was standing) and my dick spurt out a gob that flew out the window of the tree house and down into the field. My legs buckled and I dropped to the floor. Wow. I immediately started to do it again. I've been hooked ever since.

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Guest sdmuscl4hire

The first time I had an orgasim was at 8 years old, the first time I came was at 11 years old.


I remember lying in bed with my little boner in my briefs pulsing as I tried to fall asleep (ya I have pretty much been a horny person all my life) I started to rub it lying on my stomach in my briefs and recall having an incredible feeling doing it so I pulled my briefs down and started "humping" my soft pillow case. I recall feeling a sensation errupt all over my body and then I was really sleepy. Well I ended up doing that every night to fall asleep. There was alot of turmoil in the home at that time for a couple years and being a youngster I had trouble falling asleep becuase of it. I had found a way to make myself go to sleep. I didnt realize what I had been doing till I was about 12.


From the age of about 8 1/2, meself and a few other boys started messing with each others pee pee's whenever we could, just touching ect. My best friend (later became my best man at my wedding) and I played in such this manner till about 3 months before I got married at 19.


Well my family was moving north to Bellingham Wa. and Michael and I where ridding in the fifth wheel in the front bedroom (totally illegal). I got on top of him and started rubbing my hard dick against his hard on and all of a sudden I felt that feeling comming over me like I always felt everynight to fall asleep but then something really strange happened an I pissed on him (well so we thought) He and I freaked out with him screeming like an idiot, ran to the bathroom and started to wipe it off then realized it wasnt piss but something gooey and white, didnt know what it was till much later when an older boy (17 the perv) joined our playtime and shot a load all over my 13yo smooth ass and explained what it was.


Well I know alot was said in this reply that doesnt make sense but here I am at 30 out and gay, doing porn and escorting. My how sitting on the pews of a Pentecostal Church listening to daddy preach can make such a good boy out of ya : )


Making People Smile in San Diego

Michael Johnson


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I tried the vacuumn thing when i was about 11, but my dick wouldn't fit into the hose: ( Yes even at 11 I was a very THICK boy.

I first discovered the great feeling my dick could give me around the same time, I would lie in be on my stomach and grind and grind and grind. it felt soooo good, but when I would get close to coming, I got terrified, it felt completly alien to me, and I thought I was going to wet the bed, so I would stop abruptly. The 'scary good feeling' would fade, and I'd do it again, and again, and again. to the point where I'd rub my dick so raw and it would get swollen and tender for days. (a condition I've termed 'hamburger dick')

Then one day I screwed up my courage, decided 'I'm going to finish it today' I went into the bathroom and stood over the toilet(remember I thought I would pee) jacked my dick with all my might and when I started to feel that all too familiar feeling, I squated down aiming my cock at the toilet. Out came this little dribble of spunk: ( I was sooooo disapointed, here I'd been wasting all of this time avoiding this wonderful feeling for fear of this flood of piss, and all that comes out is a little blob.

After that I always jacked in bed, and would cum wherever it landed. as I aged my loads got bigger and my mom started asking about my sheets! YIKES, not something you want to dicuss with mom.

Never did I shoot on my bed again after that... my good friend the cum sock appeared in my life: )

shoot, wipe, into the laundry, nothing simpler, no evidence: )

Matt(after the vacuumn proved impossible, searched endlessly for something to shove my dick into... have found willing asses are much to my liking)


[email protected]

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Guest SlimJim

No one has had a story like mine, so I HAVE to respond to this. When I was 7 or 8 I had heard how older guys liked playing sexually with girls, and that it can produce a pleasurable experience called an orgasm. However, at that young age, I didn't care and had no desire to try to figure out what an orgasm was. Now, fast forward to age 12 or so. For some unknown reason as I'd go to bed at night I started wondering if I could reach my penis with my mouth (or reach my mouth with my penis, as the case may be). Over the course of several weeks, when I went to bed at nite, I'd raise my legs up, rolling back with my knees back by my ears, and each time I'd get closer and closer to being able to stick my dick in my mouth. I had no idea why I even wanted to do this...just boredom I guess. Anyway, the ultimate night came when I had achieved the flexibility to get my dick in my mouth. Sucking on the head tasted so good. Then all of a sudden I felt like I had to pee. An instantaneous feeling was to try to hold back and stop the flow, but then my hips started bucking forcing my dick even farther into my mouth. I could tell there was no time to pull out and get to the bathroom, so I came in my mouth and had no choice but to swallow. Even though it tasted awesome, I didn't immediately know what had happened. I figured I broke something inside, by stretching and tugging on my dick so much. Then it hit me that what I did was experience my first orgasm. Needless to say, I sucked myself alot for the next 3 or 4 years, until all the news from the religious right convinced me that I was doing a bad thing. Then by the time I decided I had liked sucking my dick and that I didn't care what the religious right said, I had outgrown the flexibility to do it any more.


Now the bad thing about experiencing my first orgasm with my dick in my mouth, is that I grew to associate climaxing with "sucking dick" and to this day, I can't get enough dick. I don't just want to suck dick...I NEED to suck dick. It's like a cigarette habit to me. But since I live in a small town in rural America, I've sometimes had to go to great efforts to get the chance to suck dick. Sometimes I think if I could make a living at sucking dick I would. Oh well...hope you enjoyed my story, and I'd enjoy hearing how many guys out there were able to suck them selves when they were younger.

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Guest jizzdepapi

And while we're at it...? PIC


okay, you 70s porn fans, this hunky sailor used to raise his legs over his head and get his fat dick in his mouth. who is it?




the winner of this contest gets to wire Anthony Holloway an as-yet-unsepcified amount of money to Western Union.


p.s.: anyone know what ever happened to this hunk?

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Guest LG320126

This is undoubtedly the best and funniest thread that has ever appeared in the message center. Thanks Rod for brightening my day. :)

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