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Hard times with software

Guest Will (Guest)

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Guest Will (Guest)

Yesterday afternoon, July 12, I posted a brief reply to a post on the thread "Advice to newbies," begun by CT Dick. When it came up, I am identified as "Will(Guest)," with 0 posts. However good it is for my humility to be shown the door (as I said I'd to do an escort who answered his cell phone in my presence), I suppose I join the others who are confused by the new software. Not only can we not edit after a post has gone, but it seems that we can't really know who we are anymore. Perhaps this is just another level of the meta-anonymity of cyberspace, but somehow it feels unfriendly to suddenly discover that one is a "guest" where one thought one had previously been "at home."

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Guest WetDream (Guest)

Thanks for asking this question. It happened to me also. Just accepted as cyberweirdness.

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Guest albinorat

> Perhaps this is just

>another level of the meta-anonymity

>of cyberspace, but somehow it

>feels unfriendly to suddenly discover

>that one is a "guest"

>where one thought one had

>previously been "at home."


Will, I'm sure it was some mistake in your case. However I wonder about "meta-anonymity of cyberspace". I've been hearing all too much about how little actual anonymity there is. If someone wants to figure out who you are, what sites you visit and what you look at on line it is reportedly all too easy.


I'm sure everyone here wants you to keep posting, I'm sorry I didn't get involved in your thread about gay community. But I do notice (and I don't only think it's because I am an asshole with certificates of achievement from several reputable sources) that many people who run Internet sites really don't care who posts and can be very high handed (let me be clear, I don't think that of HooBoy) and sometimes block or remove posters for their own idiot (IMO) purposes.


Just an observation. Move in guest and make yourself at home(o)!



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>Will, I'm sure it was some

>mistake in your case. However

>I wonder about "meta-anonymity of

>cyberspace". I've been hearing all

>too much about how little

>actual anonymity there is. If

>someone wants to figure out

>who you are, what sites

>you visit and what you

>look at on line it

>is reportedly all too easy.


Not necessarily. And there are steps you can take to fly under the radar.


For instance, you can set your browser to not accept cookies (the primary tracking tool). Unfortunately, that will also turn off major functionality on many sites.


THIS site, for example, uses a cookie to remember your ID/Password if you check the "stay logged in" checkbox on the login screen.


And I suspect this is Will's problem, actually. I always type my ID and password when loggin in. I'm wondering if those who are suddenly "Guest" had this box checked?

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