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Advice to the newbies

CT Dick

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I recently had an appointment with a new escort who committed a few of my least favorite sins. He only does in-calls so we had to play on his turf.


I list these complaints in the hopes that some of you new escorts will listen up and follow the Rules According to Dick:


1. During our session, his cell phone began to vibrate on the bedside table. He jumped up and fiddled with it, trying to make the connection.


Rule 1. Turn that fucking thing off when with a

customer. If you forget, deal with it quickly by

stomping on it or something else. Never

answer a call when with a customer.


2. As soon as I finished shooting (on my knees over him) and dropped to the bed, he jumped up and got me a towel. Then, he began to tidy up.


Rule 2. Always let the customer enjoy the afterglow

and let him decide when it is time to clean up.

Lie next to him with your head on his shoulder

until he gives you the cue.


3. While I was dressing and preparing to leave, he was unmaking the bed and gathering towels.


Rule 3. Do the maid thing AFTER the customer has left.

Otherwise, he feels like he’s being given the

bum’s rush.


These suggestions come from much experience and I hope you youngsters heed them.


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Guest Esc_Tracker

Sounds like he committed every sin except asking for the money up front and whether you had regular employment. :D


I hope you set him straight (not literally, of course) before leaving.



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Guest Tampa Yankee

Hey Dick...


Good advice I can sign on to but... I do not consider Nos. 2 and 3 among the Seven Deadly Sins :-) -- maybe a little over anxious on his part or maybe a little too concerned about subjecting his client to lie in an 'ocean of ooze'. I always assume the latter, because the interpretation is one of concern for the client -- which I prefer, whether it is really the case or not -- and I don't ask.


Now No. 1 might be a major annoyance depending on how it is answered (or not answered); and there are other variables such as how long I'll be there and what type of call it is and its duration and also depends on how well you know the escort. What might be a bad call (i.e impression) from an unknown guy might not be a big deal with some one you know well and have a long-standing good relationship with -- someone who has treated you well and with respect and that you know doesn't do these things as a matter of course. (These guys don't schedule their business in front of clients but they do get the odd call from friends family etc.)


Still, no escort would go wrong by adopting your rules.

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Personally, I don't feel that a towel should ever have to be fetched when playing in a relatively normal area such as the bedroom. Remember "trick towels"? Keep them by the head of the bed. That way you can clean up your client immediately before it turns all runny or sticky. And then lay down with your head on his shoulder or vice versa and share the afterglow. And, for Pete's sakes, don't use anything but cloth. Paper definitely shows a lack of respect for the ejaculate.

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Guest Konga

Silly faggot, tricks are for kids.


My deepest apologies for being unable to resist that joke. It was uttered as a fag, and in no way implies that I really think you're a "faggot". The phrase just popped into my head. Blame television! Anyway, sorry.

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>1. During our session, his cell

>phone began to vibrate on

>the bedside table. He jumped

>up and fiddled with it,

>trying to make the connection.


>2. As soon as I finished

>shooting (on my knees over

>him) and dropped to the

>bed, he jumped up and

>got me a towel.

>Then, he began to tidy



>3. While I was dressing and

>preparing to leave, he was

>unmaking the bed and gathering



Dick, I had an almost identical experience about two years ago. The main difference was that we got interrupted at least 3 times because he had to go to answer his cell phone! If I were more experienced at the time, I would definitely have got up from bed, got dressed and left. That was no doubt one of the most insulting and worst escorting experiences that I have ever had! I didn't know whether this site existed or not at the time so I didn't write any review about that particular escort. What I found out recently (like two weeks ago) was that he is still working as an escort (in Atlanta). According to the reviews about him here, the guy does not seem to have changed a bit! So I think it's not only the newbies who do would make these kinds of "mistakes".


JT :(


P.S. I recently tried to submit a review about that experience but HooBoy told me it happened so long ago that it's no longer relevant. So I dug up some soil in my backyard and buried the review. (Okay, just symbolically speaking) :p

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Guest WetDream (Guest)

Tricks, etc.


Konga: You may be right. Back in the early 60s there was a magic shop in the 42 Street subway arcade with the charming slogan: "Share the joy of magic with a child. Take home a trick tonight!" And I often did.

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Guest jeffOH



How about this? I was working with another escort who answered a

page and proceeded to set up another appt. WHILE the client

continued to suck his cock.


I always try to remember to turn my ringer off on my home phone

and I won't take my cell or my pager if I'm out with a client.


I guess some of these guys just don't care. Having been a client

numerous times, I have experienced some ill-mannered escorts.

They never heard from me again.


You have to have a sensitivity to a client's feelings and his

body language. I enjoy cuddling, kissing and simply holding my

clients. Some clients are out the door before I even have a

chance to pull off the condom. Not everyone wants to enjoy the

afterglow, but if you are in tune with your client you'll know

what they like.


[email protected]

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Guest DCescortBOY

question for ya, dick:

you came all over yourself or you came on him?


if you came on yourself, then your sin #2 is valid. HOWEVER, if you came on him, then you have no real gripe about removing bodily fluids, if ya ask me (which you didn't). wallowing in your own ejaculate is one thing; it is quite another to be forced into the cold, wet spot so someone else can bask in the afterglow.


i agree with the other guys, though, that having a towel nearby would be an easy absolution to this sin.

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<<As soon as I finished shooting (on my knees over him) and dropped to the bed, he jumped up and got me a towel. Then, he began to tidy up.>>


No, I came on him. He handed me a towel and used one himself. I agree with you about quick wipe-ups.


The issue was that after we finished using the towels, he started to tidy up the room, gathering the towels, putting out the candles, etc.



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Guest DCescortBOY

hehe.. maybe he is just extra-safety conscious & wanted to minimize the fire risk from all the candles? :-P


i'm kidding here...

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Different strokes again. I find it a major turn off if any body jumps up to clean. Wet spot or hot spot, I like to wallow in it for awhile, and the messier the better. Everything washes. I just hate that "wash away the sin" stuff. Ever see the 1st year of "Sex in the City"? There's a great episode featuring this subject.

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Guest Will (Guest)

I agree with all three No-No's.


1. If an escort ever answered the telephone while I was with him, I'd either show him the door or be out of it myself before he hung up. Period.


2. Sex is messy. It's supposed to be messy. Who wants to sleep with somebody who has an "Out, Out, Damned Spot" Complex?


3. I can't imagine that a compulsively tidy escort is a good escort. If he has to change the sheets that quick before the next client arrives, he's seeing too many clients. After all, we don't see escorts for a shave-and-a-haircut. At those prices, a little post-prandial dalliance is only to be expected.

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Guest DCescortBOY

well, fair warning to anyone who hires me:

i'm not likely to be disposed toward wallowing in cold, slimey spooge. a brief pause to catch the breath, then i'm wiping it off. doesn't mean i'll be fumigating the place (i only do outcalls anyway, so messy sheets are either your worry or the concern of the housekeeping staff).

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Just broke in a first timer last weekend. It was an in call. Did give him some pointers including but not limited to: Make sure the place is orderly as well as clean. I usually have to pee upon arrival and that tiny little room tells alot. Make sure pets are put away. Not everyone likes slobbering pups or rubbing pussies, and I'm talking the 4 legged variety. When advertising or chatting, know who you are and what your image is. This one guy kept changing trying to anticipate what I was interested in. In the end, he was more frustrated than I was. Unless you know each other or requested, don't open the door looking like you lost your clothes in the locker room. And please guys. . . if you smoke or smokers bother you. . . be up front especially if you consider kissing a part of the menu. Some have lots to learn and sometimes I enjoy giving them a proper education, and sometimes, they get left behind. No social promotions here.

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I think the 'tidy' thing might just happen because an escort's "gay" shows through. "Oh look, the bed is all messed up. I can't leave it like that for a moment longer." he isn't trying to rush you, he's just anal retentive.


Been there, done that. OOPS.



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