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escorts who don't return calls

Guest rookienomore

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Guest rookienomore

I know some of these guys are busy. But I just think it is rude and unprofessional of a guy who after THREE days of pages (one a day...I didn't go crazy) you would think someone was serious about hiring you and you would return their calls. I was in Chicago (and it has happened in other cities as well) and two guys who have gotten very very good reviews could not return calls. I am not gonna name them but I just wonder if and how often this happens to others.

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Since this happened so recently, I wonder if you might have called on Gay Pride Day? Or another equally important day in Gay Pride Week? Remember, these days are not the same calendar day all over the country. There are certain days when no-one should expect a self employed gay man to be working.


Also, a lot of the most highly regarded escorts do a lot of their work out of town. If they know that you are in their city for only a short time but they aren't going to be there, should they do a long distance call to tell you that? And, it has never been discussed on these threads, whether an escort working out of town, where evidently sometimes they don't really have any time of their own away from their client (though some of the best clients make sure that they do), should make a business call on someone else's clock. Posters have generally agreed that they shouldn't when it is an intown hour and a half call. But I don't even remember calls during intown overnights being discussed. Course, y'all know my memory.


Also, discretion could be playing a big role here. In your messages, did you specify that it would be OK for them to call you back anytime? I always felt that if I hadn't called a man back within one to two hours that it was something that I had missed and regretted it. But I couldn't count on it being safe for him for me to call him back any later than that. Besides, if I did, he usually would have hired someone else already anyway. I do remember, however, being absolutely floored one time when an escort I had called returned my call 26 hours later. Not only was it not really a good time for me (I was at the gym.) but I simply wasn't horny any more.


So, there are a lot of factors that could be going on here. If I were you, I would chose the factor for each nonreturned call which mollified me the most in that particular instance rather than allowing it to upset me very long. Or at least that's what I would try to do.



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Guest jizzdepapi

i wouldn't let anyone off the hoook so easily, Bilbo. returning a phone call is just common courtesy for escorts or anyone. and also seems to me like it would be good business practice fo rescorts. there's nothing wrong with telling someone that you had been unavailable for several days or hours; no further explanation necessary.



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I guess if an escort knows ahead of time that he won't be able to return phone calls for a period of time for whatever reasons (e.g. with another client in town or out of town; spending time with family and friends, etc.), he could leave a message on his cell or answering machine so that prospect clients who call would not expect him to return their calls. Reasonable thing to do?



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Guest bottomboykk

>Reasonable thing to do?



Very reasonable thing to do, in fact, it's the courteous thing to do. I will accept that someone is out of town or busy, but if they don't even bother to make that known, they're not very professional.

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And thus the problem with escorts that can only be contacted via pager. The escort can't leave an unavailable message on a pager and the client can't leave a voice mail message. The pager may be local and therefore won't even transmit pages when out of town.

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What if I had been a more closeted person and that escort who called me back 26 hours later had done the same thing? I would think that my security and discretion levels might feel seriously breeched.


And, I used to leave a message that said that I was out of town on my answering machine, but then I have a chow and mentioned such on the machine. Those times when Bard came with me on the trip, I said it anyway. And then I had my lover check in on the house periodically. However, many escorts do not have a lover, live in or live out either one, and don't have a dog and might not want to lie about it, and might have a mother who they don't want to know they're out of town. So, while that seems reasonable, in actual practice it might feel like blowing your cover job story with your relatives and inviting theives in to rearrange your apartment.

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This is why I much prefer to set something up in advance via email. The good guys are usually fairly busy, and just can't always get right back to you. I was just in LA, and one of my favorite masseurs really doesn't use email. I paged as soon as I got in, but he was tied up and didn't get back to me until about 4 hours later, and by that time I had made other arrangements for the evening. We did manage to squeeze an appointment in a few days later, but if I had been on my normal schedule we would have missed hooking up. I think this guy generally prefers a local clientelle, so email isn't really that important to him, but for those catering to traveling men, it really is the way to go, at least for initial contact.

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>What if I had been a

>more closeted person and that

>escort who called me back

>26 hours later had done

>the same thing? I would

>think that my security and

>discretion levels might feel seriously



I don't think the client would expect the escort to call him 26 hours later after he told the client (through his message) that he won't be able to return calls. In fact, the clients (including myself) most likely won't leave a message or their numbers under those circumstances.



>And, I used to leave a

>message that said that I

>was out of town on

>my answering machine, but then

>I have a chow and

>mentioned such on the machine.

>Those times when Bard came

>with me on the trip,

>I said it anyway. And

>then I had my lover

>check in on the house

>periodically. However, many escorts do

>not have a lover, live

>in or live out either

>one, and don't have a

>dog and might not want

>to lie about it,


No one expects the escort to tell us the reason why exactly (e.g. going out for dinner, walking his dog, etc.) he is not able to answer the call. I do believe, however, that a "professional and courteous" escort would let the prospect clients know (via a message) whether or not or when to expect him to return their calls. This is just good "business" sense.

As I mentioned earlier, prospect clients do not need to know the reason why the escort can't return their calls as long as they know whether to expect a return call or not. So I don't really see there is a need to "lie" about anything.




>might have a mother who

>they don't want to know

>they're out of town. So,

>while that seems reasonable, in

>actual practice it might feel

>like blowing your cover job

>story with your relatives and

>inviting theives in to rearrange

>your apartment.


If an escort seriously doesn't want his mom or relatives to know that he is an escort or out of town, would it make sense for him to have a separate phone or a cell for the purpose of escorting? I haven't seen a lot of escorts but I know most of them do have a separate phone line or a cell for escorting. And if he is using a cell, I don't see how his message of not being able to return calls would be an "open house" invitation for the theives.


Barry raise an interesting point about escorts using pager. I guess if the escort does not want to appear unprofeesional or rude to prospect clients, he could:


1. use a pager service that allows him and his clients to leave messages; or

2. switch to a cell or an anwering machines that would allow him to do so.


So, I still think it's a reasonable thing to do! Maybe it's just me. :)



JT (has not received any promotional fees from cell phone and ansering machine companies) :)

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Guest Tampa Yankee

A couple of guys I've seen have specified a call-back time interval in the recorded messages, eg, "I will return your call within ten minutes" -- the implication being if you have not heard from them in that interval then you are not likely to hear at all. THus giving you notice that they are unavailable to return your call and you should call back -- and avoiding the potentially awkward call-back which might compromise discretion. Not a bad approach, I think.

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Guest ChicagoCorey

It's also a good idea for clients, as I think Bilbo hinted at, to make sure to say "You can call me back anytime" or "This is my own private number" or something to that effect. I always call back if a number is given, but it makes a guy more comfortable to know what they can or can't say.


However, I think a guy who doesn't return messages or calls is pretty unprofessional. But as long as that behavior is continually tolerated, it will continue to happen.



[email protected]

new site and pictures


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Guest DCescortBOY

yeah, i'm back... :-)


i'm of several minds (watch it!) on this subject. i use a cellphone for escorting. if i'm with a client, or out to dinner, or in whatever way unable to take the call, there is voicemail. oh, i should mention that i never answer a call if caller-id is blocked. anyway, i try to return the call as soon as i listen to the message. but, if i have gone out & don't get the message until the next morning, i usually do NOT return the call. i'm not trying to be rude. i simply want to avoid having to deal with someone's wife or boyfriend. (or worse, and this happened once, his daughter!) i find it very helpful when clients specify any callback restrictions in their voicemail to me. nothing is easier for me than a client who says "hi ethan, this is greg & i'm wondering if you might be available tonight. if you can return my call within the hour, you can reach me at 202-555-1212. if not, i'll try you another night." a few prospective clients have mentioned that it is ok to call anytime.


so, there's no easy solution. if i know the person, i can make a better guess on the appropriateness of the return call. for someone i don't know, i'm just reluctant to cause problems by calling back at a bad time.


my outgoing voicemail message is just a standard "your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. two-zero-two-two-five-eight-six-nine-four-four is not available. at the tone, please record your message. BEEP." it isn't even my voice, but rather some generic AT&T woman. when i go overseas, i do record a brief message stating that i'm abroad & when i'll return. usually i ask people to call me back then instead of leaving a message.

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Guest JustANametoPlay

There are plusses and minueses on both sides. i agree that some escorts don't call back because they think too much time has passed, so yes the client should say soething about time frames in his message, if there is an option of leaving a voice message.


I agree that callbacks and emails are only courteous and good business, but you also have to remember this is not a "normal" type business. There is one escort I see that sometimes chooses to take a few days off and doesn't return pages. However he is worth paging again in a few days if you don't hear from him. There is another that travels between here and NYC. The first time i called him he turned out to be in NYC. However he called me a few days later and left me a message saying he had been out of town etc. I had told him in my message I live alone so he could leave a message.

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Guest jeffOH

If, I'm going out of town or if I am not going to be available for several hours or a day...I change my voice mail greeting to

inform callers. But, I'd never put on my greeting, "I'll give you

a call back within 10 mins."; what if I'm with a client? If I'm

not busy I usually can return a call within minutes, but more

often than not, I'm here to answer the phone.


I like it when a client says on his message to me that it's okay

to call back within a certain time period or before a certain

time. Otherwise if it's been more than 2hrs. since they called,

I probably won't return the call...unless it's a regular client

and I know for sure it will be okay.


Also, I don't return calls to clients who call before/after my advertised hours of 9am-midnight. My pager is linked to my home

phone and is set to page me 9am-midnight ONLY.


I had to get on a well-reviewed escort/friend of mine who WAS

awful about returning calls/pages. I told him if he didn't change

this bad habit, it was likely to show up in a review.


[email protected]

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I'm sorry but I really think its a bit tacky to use the mechanical lady as your answering machine voice. I have one friend who does that and I always wonder if I have reached the correct number. Sure, you handle that by having the remote, impersonal, cold voice say your number. At the grocery store, I always use the real people lanes. My other half likes to use the mechanical lady express isle, and I admit I find it amusing to stand beside him laughing at her mechanical obsessions. But I seriously doubt if I would leave a message in response to her. What if it means you're a bit mechanical in bed, too? Of course, it may be one of those things that feels different in different cities.

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Guest Hanover

>I just wonder if and

>how often this happens to



Often, too often. Standards of professionalism are VERY uneven. Many advertise contact numbers and then ignore them. My advice: quickly move on to the next name on your list and don't look back. THere are plenty of fish in the sea. You shouldn't have to beg to spend your money on someone.

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Guest DCescortBOY

darn... you mean i lost my chance to have you as a client?

i like the standard greeting on my voicemail. this way, i don't have to change it much unless i go overseas.

i've been reviewed (ETHAN, Washington, DC) and those people don't seem to find me mechanical.

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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

I totally agree with you Ted.

I think , setting up something by emails days before (if everyone has an email adress of course) is so much better.

Myself I do give priority to people I have been chatting with by emails and I know when I have to meet someone.

If out of the blue, I get a call on my cell, which happen regularly, and the client left a message with a phone number, I might call him back , yes I said, I might call him back, If I get his message within the hour. Over the hour, I think twice about it. I've already been through a bad experience, by calling someone back severals hours later, and ending up on his wife. I looked stupid and really felt bad. So it is not easy choice.

Now leaving a message on the recording machine to let people know if you are not available , or are available, I could spend lots of time changing my greeting.

Now I won't lie to you guys but it often happens to me to just forget to call someone who left a message on my phone... Why , Well I spend my day in going around and getting calls and calling everyone, and I happen to slipp off and just forget. But I only forget for those calls I was not expecting .....

Again emails is so nice , because I make my schedule for weeks in advance without problems and rarely forget.


Now I really think that if a client would want to meet a specific escort, and no one else, well why call the guy just an hour before ? Knowing that the guy could just be busy or out of town.....

Personnaly I rarely do a call set up in an hour. I used to but not anymore. I like when people call me days before and tell me about their upcoming trips and try to set up a meeting. It is so much better. At least there are more chance in meeting that taking the risk in calling in the air just an hour or 30 min before the meeting take place


Stephan Lacoste




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No, baby, you haven't lost me completely. If I were in DC or coming there, instead of being some three or four states away, and since we have met through emails, so to speak, by both of us being on this board, I have been able to see much more of your personality than your "secretary's" voice. And I never said that you were mechanical in bed. I don't have personal experience with your sweet tush, but I certainly don't think that that statement would be true. However, a person who is in DC and has never talked with you might be very putoff by "her" presence. You might be losing a percentage of your calls. Were I you, I would "ditch the bitch."

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This thread has raised some sensitive issues for me. Although it makes sense to work out an appointment well in advance, especially if I am travelling somewhere for the purpose of having sex, I really prefer to be more spontaneous. After all, my desires, physical condition, etc., on Friday might not be what they were when I set up the date on Monday. (I am rather flighty and might want to be fucked by a redhead redneck one day but a few days later I might be in the mood to cuddle a Latino twink).


In the days before the internet, I would usually wait to phone an escort just before I was ready to do something. Many a time I would get an answering machine, and then came the dilemma: just hang up, or leave a message asking him to call? If I leave a message, then I am honor bound to wait for a return call, but what if he doesn't call back quickly, or at all? At what point can I call someone else? How many messages on how many phones can I leave? What if my second choice calls back before the first? Many times I spent hours in frustrated suspense, and never got sex at all.


I developed some strategies. If I got a pager, I would wait ten minutes for a callback; after that I felt free to move on to someone else. If I got a message machine, I would leave a message asking him to call back within an hour and a half (in case he was with a client); if he didn't, I would call someone else. If his message machine said that he would "call right back" or would call within X amount of time, and he didn't, I wrote him off altogether. I really appreciated those whose messages said they were unavailable tonight/this week, etc., since that freed me to move on.


The most important point in this age of mechanical communication is that both the escort and the client have to be specific about when they can receive or return calls. I would usually say something like, "I'm calling about your ad in Unzipped. I am interested in doing something tonight, so if you are available tonight, please call me back by 8pm."


Since I discovered this site, almost all my contacts have been with guys whom I approach first online. It has taken a lot of the excitement of spontaneity out of my encounters with escorts, but it has also eliminated the frustration that goes along with spontaneity.

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Guest rookienomore

Thanks for all the responses guys...just to clarify a few things...I have hired guys for a number of years and have learned to be pretty specific with the call back routine. I am ususally at a hotel and I tell them to call me at anytime, how long I am there for, I am the only one here, it is ok to leave a message that says what would be a good time to call them back if I am not here etc...I am very specific. I had email them previously as well...they knew I was coming...and even responded!! It was a short response..."yea, cool call me when you get in we will set something up"

So I guess I tried...their loss in my opiniion..<g> I made up for it...LOL

BUT ...I got some additionaal great info from this thread and I appreciate everyone who took the time to respond...

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