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We're not alone... everyone argues!

Boston Guy

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I hate to admit this, but I was just looking through the Food Network's Web site, checking out recipes (yes, I'm a cooking queen) and stumbled on their forum.


I was looking at it for less than 30 seconds when I found the item I've copied below. It sounded so much like what's been said here that I started laughing and realized I had to post it. My apologies to 'Phil' wherever he is.


Oh, and by the way, this is from the middle of a discussion about Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef. (And, no, it's the food that is naked.)




1st Amendment


The first amendment gives anybody in this country the right to say anything they want. That is one of our most fundamental rights. But at the same time it comes with just as much responsibility.


You don't like Jamie? That's your right; and you have the right to say so. You think he's ugly? OK-fine, there's nothing wrong with that. You even have the right to say it if you want to. You don't like his style of cooking? Fine. You don't like his show, or the camera work on it?(I must admit, the camera work bothers me sometimes) OK, you have the right to your opinion; and the right to voice your opinion.


I may not agree with you; and that's fine too. I will never deny your right to say it. I may wonder why you keep hanging around; I may wonder why you want to hang with so many people who don't feel the way you do. I may even ask you to be a little nicer-I have the right. But I will never say you don't have the right to say it.


However your right to say a thing, ends with my right not to have to listen to it. This is a family forum, there are some young children who post in here. They, and we don't need to put up with the language displayed in a couple of the previous posts.(of course by the time you read this they will have been removed)


Now I realize I'm preaching to the choir here; and that I'm going to take a lot of heat-so what! Sometimes you have to take a stand.


I remain the loyal opposition.



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A short while ago, someone (Sorry, don't remember who) pointed out that our bitch wars are nearly as nothing compared to those on a certain board for knitters. Since I don't have the patience to knit, and since I've always loved feistiness amongst Miss Marple types (and, no, I'm not saying that those are going to be the only people there) I would really appreciate it if someone would post the address for that group?

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Indeed everyone does argue. Actually I consider this board

better than some of past ones I used to frequent or some

the newsgroups I joined when I first started to use the internet

(I remember using gophers).


Boards at their best have a communal feeling where we can agree

to disagree. At their worst they remind me of high school with

different cliques with flame wars popping up over the dumbest

things (Susan Lucci deserved the Emmy - No she didn't; You

need to mix your plantings of squash, corn and beans - That is

so ancient, get modern).


And for the record, she didn't and I mix my plantings.

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Guest LG320126

BG - how appropriate a post on this, the eve of our Independence Day. Thanks to our founding fathers (and mothers) :) we do have the right to voice our opinions as individuals and can, as most of us do, agree to disagree.



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No way Tampa. I'll put us up against those knitters, cooks and opera fans anyday. We may get nasty here but at least there's cock and ass somewhere in the discussion. Sometimes we do have to dig a bit to find it though. ;-)

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>Maybe we should

>be neighborly and go on

>over to their site and

>pay 'em a visit...the hookers/johns

>vs the knitters/cookers, lol.


ROFLMAO! Theron, this is more like it!


Instead of "Sharks vs. Jets" we'll have "fags vs. homemakers" -- only we'd all just end up swapping recipes and housekeeping tips!


This thread gave me my first good laugh from this board in a long time!


Thank you!

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Guest Theron

>Instead of "Sharks vs. Jets" we'll

>have "fags vs. homemakers" --

>only we'd all just end

>up swapping recipes and housekeeping



Well, maybe we could steal some of the homemakers men...I'm sure a few of 'em have got some hot lookin' hunk hiding in the closet just waitin' for the right opportunity to come on out ;-)




Theron :-)

Based Out of Chicago


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>Well, maybe we could steal some

>of the homemakers men...


Oh you sexist pig, you! Who says all the homemakers are female? ;-)




Of course getting their humpy hubbies would be cool too. EITHER WAY! :-)

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As any angler knows, (Shoulda seen the one that got away! Mine was bigger! Was not! Was too!), sometimes you haveta throw some of the best ones back without cooking them up, so they can make pretty babies for the next generation of gay men. Sumpin' like that.


And no-one mentioned shopping! Truely a place where many homemakers and gay men would find common ground, just before the queens blew them away with our special bargain hunting abilities.

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>>Well, maybe we could steal some

>>of the homemakers men...


>Oh you sexist pig, you! Who

>says all the homemakers are

>female? ;-)


Sorry deej, but YOU are the one showing your prejudices...Who says all homemakers are heterosexual?


...double smile.

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Good for you, Boston Guy. This is probably the best forum topic

in a long time. Some of the responses have been just so funny!

But, it is true; you can't really have a forum without some heated disagreement some time. I hope you are cooking something

special for the 4th of July.

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> our special bargain hunting abilities


Actually that's where I'd lose. I don't "go shopping" -- I "go buying". It's another defective part of my gay gene.


> anglers -- the big one that got away


Ah, yes. But don't we already have *enough* of those discussions without mentioning fishing? ;-)

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