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What makes one "upscale"?

Guest cp8036

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Guest cp8036

To kind of further a previous post of mine... What makes an escort upscale?


I know this is subjective... are many adjectives used in an escort's ads "friendly, good-looking, charming, affectionate".


Sure would be interesting to see what benchmark some guys are using, or why they feel they are upscale.


Couple times such claims were somewhat unfounded (at least for my taste and expectation). I am fairly easy going, and not expecting perfection in a guy.


I think most are self-designated, of a buzz word some guys use to charge more money. I guess is impossible to define some qualatative measure.


For me upscale would imply that above average looks, intelligent, personable, clean, above average bedroom skills, good equipment, and the ability to read a client. To get all that in one guy would indeed be good, and certainly worth the money.


A good dialogue can determine this, but so many guys aren't willing to talk much. I attempted to talk a bit before a recent meeting, but hte guy was very short with emails. And during a short call he wasn't able to talk beyond time and place.


After a recent meeting, the escort was thoughtful enough to send a follow-up thank you, and asked if I was totally impressed and satisfied. I answered very kindly was nice to meet and wished him a good stay in town, avoiding any mention of my disappointment. Didn't want to seem bitter, or hurt his feelings. I think he sensed I wasn't totally impressed, and inquired further. I politely and tactfully said that while he was genuinely nice and polite, it was bit short of what I had hoped for. He said he cannot really spend too much time with calls/emails in advance with an one hour client to set up, thus not all expectations cannot be met. Said he would do more for evening or overnight.


Maybe he should only take overnight dates.


Doesn't the upscale claim and the premium rate warrant some extra work or selling to prove you are indeed upscale?

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Guest jizzdepapi

...upscale would imply that above average looks, intelligent, personable, clean, above average bedroom skills, good equipment, and the ability to read a client...


i think upscale means he wants you to take him shopping.


just a thought,


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Guest jeffOH

>...upscale would imply that above average

>looks, intelligent, personable, clean, above

>average bedroom skills, good equipment,

>and the ability to read

>a client...


cp8036---I think the qualities you'd expect to find in an "upscale" escort are right on target. Unfortunately, some

escorts don't really understand this and use the word to make themselves sound BETTER than the average escort, whether it's

because of their looks, body or cock size and are looking for

clientele with MONEY. It's often nothing more than a marketing

ploy which apparently seems to work. Unfortunately, the claim

of "upscale" does not warrant any more work or selling than an

escort is willing to do. Reviewing escorts on this site is a

great tool for exposing escorts who misrepresent themselves in

such a way.


[email protected]

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I am afraid what "upscale" means in many escort ads is simply a way to extract money by representing themselves as something more than they are. But hey -- is that so strange in America's capitalist economy? What hasn't been advertised as more than it is? I think the onus here is on the discerning client.


So let me say what I think upscale means. It means the ability to function at and genuinely enjoy a social situation where most of the people are educated beyond the undergraduate level, where they are smart and plugged in and enjoy a range of interests beyond the level of mass culture, particularly in the areas of music and the arts. For an upcale escort, I would expect at a minimum an undergraduate degree in liberal arts from a reputable college, if not a graduate degree. It means knowledge of music, theatre, and the arts. It means the ability not only to dress apropriately for any social situation but also to act appropriately in it. It is not about simply dressing well or knowing the lates trends. It means putting that street ego out to pasture and becoming a civilized person you would like not only to spend time with personally, but could also trust in a social situation.


Not evey escort can fill this bill. I had one memorable encounter years ago with an escort whom I took to a concert of classical music, a party afterwards, and then home for something more intimate. He was tops at the intimacy bit. But he didn't know Haydn from the Beatles (even though he said he loved classical music), was bored to tears and made it obvious, and simply did not belong in a gathering of educated and interesting people. He had advertised himself as someone who could indeed fit into any social situation. Well, he couldn't. The next time I asked a lot more questions.


Advice: Determine whether the escort is really able to keep up with what you intend to do. It is no favor to him to take a sexy but otherwise clueless guy to the opera or a social situation he isn't prepared to understand. Neither of you will enjoy it. Don't trust the bald statement about being "upscale". There are plenty of really classy guys out there who would be a fun date in an "upscale" situation. Look for them and take them!

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Guest cp8036

Thanks Jeff and Mstr... Good points.


I was afraid I was expecting too much, or if I was such a difficult client. I know chemisty isn't always possible, but figured for high-priced guy, he should either be a true nympho, or be very good at giving the impression of a good time.


I didn't expect a God-like stud, Rhodes scholar, super endowed, and sex beyond my wildest dreams. I prefer guys slender, smooth, ethnic, so big muscled is not a big deal. Not really size queen either. So, what I find attractive/sexy probably is not the norm. Just want a guy that is very good looking and above average in all the other places (brains, body, sex, conversation, cock, energy). Sex can be had kinda easy to get here, so I really hope for something special when I make the plung and treat myself.


The guy was decent looking, nothing remarkable. Had some acne (despite being in mid 20's), bit too skinny, and very small down below. He won't send face or frontal pic.. just backside, so wasn't really able to see him well beforehand. And those rear pix actually were very nicely done, and enhanced him (the pix were better looking than he in person). During a brief setup email and call I confirmed expectations, his likes, limits, what I liked sexually. He said he is cool with kissing, oral, top, bottom. I told him just out for some hot, safe, fun sex. Was an hour meeting, so wasn't meant to be a long romantic evening with tender words, nice dinner, and theatre.


He was nice to talk to, polite, smart, interesting. Sexually, was so-so. He couldn't stay hard, not able to top, and tried to do as little as possible. He was affectionate, cuddled, and kissed. He suggested that I rimm his butt, but I wasn't into that. I topped him, but he seemed to be hurting (I'm average there), and he was a bit dirty down there. I had to stop and clean up. I asked him to top me, but he was unable to get hard, so I tactly suggested we j/o. I felt I was polite, tactful, and never mentioned or showed any disappointment, tried to save us both some "face".


I agree need to discuss these things before, but I tried. He was short in emails, and very brief in a phone call. .


I thought might have been me. Without asking, he said I smelled so nice and clean, and that I was very nice and considerate. So, I know I wasn't a dirty client, or nasty and mean.


I read his other reviews and are quite good. I know most things are highly subjective, especially looks, but accept what others feel is very good looking is just opinion. I think the sex part was bad any way you looked at it. And, he was a clock watcher. In the beginning we talked about 15 mins, and he asked if I was content to just chat. I said not really, so we started to undress. Was implied that the small talk upfront is definately on the meter. Close to the end of the hour, he looked at the clock few times. I said if time is up, I can washup. He said not to worry. Again watching clock, while jerking me, so I suggested we stop. But, he just jerked me quickly until I came. Sensing that I had gone 10 mins over, I quickly cleaned and dressed. While in the bathroom he checked messages and made a call.


I guess I have to write this one off as a bad choice. I am usually easy going, easy to please. The two previous guys I hired this year were awesome, and I felt feeling I had a good time.


I wanted to send an email to say I was less than satisfied, and why. However, felt would serve no purpose. Or, even write less than positive review. But, I don't want to seem bitter. Just feel that this wasn't an upscale meeting, or worth $250.

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Wonn't you just write the review????


Or, even write less

>than positive review. But,

>I don't want to seem

>bitter. Just feel

>that this wasn't an upscale

>meeting, or worth $250.




I really think you should. You don't sound bitter to me... if this guy is charging $250 for so-so service or less, this site is here to let other 'consumers' know. If all reviews were as truthful as your post here, you probably would have avoided him. We should all be having a better time!



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Guest Fin Fang Foom

>He won't send face or frontal

>pic.. just backside, so wasn't

>really able to see him

>well beforehand.




There are a couple of good reasons why a guy will only send you an ass shot:


1. The picture isn't really him and it's nearly impossible for you to prove that.

2. There's nothing on the front side he's proud of.


True, there are a FEW beautiful bottoms who are so fixated on their asses that's all they want to send out, but as a general rule, guys with headless ass shots are a waste of time.


Informatively yours,



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Guest andreas

Upscale means Prada shoes, a Fendi bag, and real diamonds.


My shoes are from Payless, my bag is by Tumi and my diamonds are genuine cubic zirconia.


-Andreas Mikeals (upscale wannabe)



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While I agree with everything else said here, I'm wondering. If you are in the bathroom alone, which there are some guys who prefer that - many people are pee shy, for instance, what is wrong with checking messages rather than shouting through the door? (Me, I always regret that my shower is not really large enough for two people, even when they are heavily entwined.)

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It seems unfair NOT to write exactly what you have said in a review of the escort.


No, you are not being unkind.. only truthful. You appear to be bending over backwards to be fair. Was it fair that he took your money and delivered less then was right?


Please, for the rest of us....write a review.





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Guest DCescortBOY

i really think you should write the review. first, however, you should email the escort & let him know about your dissatisfaction.

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I agree with BigMstr4u. It depends, however, on which "scale" you want to use to measure. My notion of an "Upscale Escort" is the kind of man that JeffOH describes, plus the kind of man I can take with me to the Metropolitan Opera after an afternoon in a museum. I like to share my interests, my friends, and my enthusiasms. But that would not be the first time he'd been in a museum, because he would have been interested in it, even if he weren't particularly educated in art. He also might never have been to an opera, because tickets are expensive, but he would be curious. He would know how to dress for the opera; he would be interested in the music, even if he didn't know anything about it (I love introducing people to new things); he would hold his own in conversation at the dinner table on the mezzanine, where we might meet some of my friends. He would not feel awkward in the conversation, or out of place among sophisticated adults, or befuddled by the array of forks. If he can do all of these things in the afternoon and evening, and can then go home and act like the sex pig of the century, he is most truly one of those precious creatures, an Upscale Escort.

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Guest cp8036

Thanks for the good notes.


I wanted to send him an email, but figured I would come across as bitter, or some twisted attempt to put him down. Figured most guys don't want to hear from upset clients, and would just wave off as some bitter guy that was mad about paying. I am cool with these transactions, and had some fun guys in past. Few years ago I hired a guy at the very low end of the rate scale, and he was indeed bad. I knew then that I had no right to expect much.


Either his other reviewers were embellishing things, or I had too high of an expectation. My thoughts as presented above would be a departure from other 5 reviews.


Basically, he would be fine for someone that just wanted a pleasant guy for a dinner, show, and evening of some affectionate contact. He seemed to be interested in arts and culture, which would make for a nice social escort for an evening. His claimed upscale taste in culture wasn't really important for an hourly sex romp, as I had communicated. If an escort is upscale in terms of social/cultural qualities, does that mean the looks and sexual parts are allowed to be substandard?


I will send an email to him, and based on his reply will go with a review here. I just don't like write something negative, that could impact him, when the points are subjective in nature.

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Guest andreas

>Well, those shoes come off later

>on anyway, right?



Nope. I leave the shoes on in case I need to make a hasty get-away. I may be butt naked, but at least my feet are covered:-)


-Andreas Mikeals



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Guest cp8036

Hey Bil,


I didn't understand your post as it related to the above, but looked what I wrote about the bathroom and message. I wasn't very clear.


At the very end, I was cleaning my face quickly at the sink, and during this short time he was checking voice mail and made a call. Just heard end of his call "give me 15 minutes".


With all things equal I guess is ok to check voice mail and return calls when the other person is using the washroom. It's an effiecent use of time. But, just seemed a bit tacky to start lining up the next trick when I wasn't even out of the room, even if I had gone ten minutes over.

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>I just don't like write something negative,

>that could impact him, when the points are subjective in




From what you wrote above, your points are not subjective. Avoid terms like substandard or upscale and tell what ACTUALLY happened and you cannot be criticized for being negative.



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Guest kamikaze483

Wow!! This is, in fact, a question that deserves a great deal of thought. What should be the defining factors of an upscale escort?


Might it be correct to say that the definition of an upscale escort might be quite similar to the definition of an upscale client?


As an escort, my definition of upscale has little to do with one's ability in the bedroom, and much more to do with one's cultural literacy, intellect, and demeanor. I would venture to guess that if a client were procuring the services of an escort to accompany them to an event such as a broadway musical, dinner theater, or something like that, he might want someone who knows how to conduct themselves in that type of setting.


The last thing that client would appreciate would be teaching his hired friend how to act in a receiving line, which is the correct fork to use, when it is appropriate to clap, and so on.


An upscale escort, to me, would be the escort that has experienced cultural events and mannerisms prior to his being hired as such. A degree from an accredited school would not neccesarily be a requirement, in my eyes, for being upscale, but surely it would not be detrimental as post secondary education seems to be an excellent means by which to obtain cultural awareness.


The same would be true of identifying an upscale client. The client who hires an escort for the weekend planning to take the escort to the opera, fancy dinners, or such classy events would be a prime example of what I would consider an upscale client.

The sex would, assuredly, still occur at some point during the scheduled time together, but maybe it would not be the focus.


If a client were to hire for a shorter amount of time, even if just for an hour, his demeanor and method of behavior could still place him in the category of upscale clientelle. I only see clients that are upscale, as I have my degree, have experienced a great deal of culture, and I conduct myself in a manner befitting that of a person of tact, class, and dignity. I refuse most clients that request my companionship at such places as the Motel 6, any lodging facility whose name ends in "motor lodge," or any campground, public housing area, or trailor park. These are guidelines that are not set in stone, however they allow me to avoid a lot of nervousness and fear by generally avoiding them.


I feel that both client and escort have the right to inquire of each other, and make determinations as to whether or not they might be compatible. There are some very attractive escorts out there who would not be the ones that would be comfortable in a formal environment, and appearing in equally formal attire. Some clients would be equally as uncomfortable in such an environment. The following are some suggestions as to the the qualifications that one might possess or not possess as it relates to my definition of "upscale."


An upscale client is:

- not the one who pays the exact amount of the service fee in dollar bills and rolled coinage.

- the one who understands the difference between an "over-nigher" and an "all-nighter."

- one whose hotel has interior corridors and more than one level, or floor.

- understanding of the meaning of gratuity, and that tipping is not just for cows.

- one who is attentive to the feelings of the young man he has hired, and whose comments are nothing less than edifying and considerate, rather that critical and hateful.

- one who sees the value of companionship services, beyond just the sex.

- either wants more than just a "lay," or makes it seem that way, at least.


The original question: What makes an escort upscale?


The original answer: I think that an upscale escort is one that is prepared and ready to deal with upscale clientelle. Whether they have a college degree or not, they need to at least have weathered the storm of High School. "Upscale" includes preparedness to act appropriately in a formal situation, and the charge and method of marketing would be a prime indication of such preparedness. Street whores are not the ones that I would consider upscale. Magazine and internet marketing are much more reputable than advertising yourself to clients in person as they drive by. The degree of class held by the client, as well as their intentions, hopes, and personal hygiene, should determine which escort might be most fitting.



"Carpe Diem"

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>If he can do all

>of these things in the

>afternoon and evening, and can

>then go home and act

>like the sex pig of

>the century, he is most

>truly one of those precious

>creatures, an Upscale Escort.


Wow, Will...I'm upscale. Who knew?

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At the risk of being tagged a downscale client - what is the difference between an all-nighter and an over-nighter?

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Guest cp8036



Is this meant as satire? Previously, I liked your posts, but this one begged some smart-ass reply.


Is a trailor park an unscale trailer park?



<as I have my degree, have experienced a great deal of culture, and I conduct myself in a manner befitting that of a person of tact, class, and dignity. >


I guess I will never be able to verify the above, as I live in a trailer park and listen to Jerry Lee Lewis on the record player.





Respect and dignity should be part any interaction. Class is someone that can politely make company with someone whose cultural, educational, social graces are less than yours, and not bring attention to it.


Coming across as affected and/or pretentious is not a way to be upscale. I am sure there are many fine men (client or escort) that are fine men, educated, sucessful, pleasant, nice-looking, but may not have the same cultural. They could be brillant in other areas such as math, engineering, or chemisty. But, may not be able to compare and constrast Anna Karinen (sp)and Crime and Punishment. You shouldn't look down at them for not knowing the difference between a Litchenstein or Van Gogh.

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Guest cp8036

...<An upscale client is:


- the one who understands the difference between an "over-nigher" and an "all-nighter." ...





I checked many of my cultural resources and training manuals for some reference of the difference between an

"over-nigher" and an "all-nighter", but to no avail.


Respectfully yours,

Ferdinand Roland Bosworth-Coe III, esq.

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