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Number of clients per day...

Guest cp8036

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Guest cp8036

Is there is any thought..especially from escorts... on what is an appropiate number of appointments for someone to take in one day? Especially with "higher-end" escorts ($250+ range).


I know are some guys that may be indeed able to meet 2-3-4 clients and perform well. But, I don't think I would like to be that 3rd or 4th client. Think for many of us, quality of sex will diminish after the first bit of sex that day. And this must be even more the case when you are having sex with a client.... someone you need to "perform", someone that may not genuinely turn you on.


I know we live are all out to make a buck, but is it fair to keep taking in money, knowing the last guy for the day may not get anything close to the passionate, rock-hard, virile sex machine he paid good money for. Is there an ethic about this? In my field, I turn away business when it cannot receive the attention/care that is expected.


I try to be respectful of an escort's time, but I try to ask if I would be the first (or only) client of the day. The last guy said he limits to 3-4 clients a week. More than that he cannot deliver. He would prefer fewer dates, but at higher rates. He needs to recharge and be in the best of shape to command a premuim. Other guys have responded vaguely, or to the point of being indignant about such invasion "We are to meet at 6 pm..who/what/how many tricks I done earlier in the afternoon is none of your business."

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Guest jeffOH

I can usually see max. 3-4 clients a day without diminishing

the quality of service. Remember, we do have sex more than the

average person. You develop lots of stamina. It also helps to take a nap in between clients--of course there's Viagra. Not all

clients care if you get off either, so you may not get off until

the LAST client. I try to allow at least a min. of an hour or

two between clients. My "recovery" time is around a 1/2hr., but

there have been occasions where I knew I was DONE for the day and

turned away business. It's not any of the client's business if

the escort knows he's more than up to it. But we're not machines

and every escort should know his limitaions.


[email protected]

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Guest FirstPlace

I feel twice a day is appropriate. I would not want to be a third or fourth client under any circumstances. Financially speaking if the escort's fee is 200.00 and he has 2 clients per day that would yield him monthly 12,000.00 (typically unreported cash)minus some expenses.

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Guest cp8036



Thanks for input, glad that you are aware of your limits, and bring professionalism to your work.


Last year I had case were the guy must have had been fucked by half the Pacific fleet in the previous eight hours. We made a date well in advance. He portrayed himself as "upscale... premium quality...premium price.. hot top...hot bottom..etc." It was obvious that he was sexually exhausted when we met, hardon was not even a possibility. While he was showered and cleaned, some body parts were red/chaffed from last encounter. I think he ran out of chapstick as well. Even mentally he was a bit drained.


He was in from out of town, and perhaps he felt the need to rake in some cash to pay for hotel/flight. That, or he was going for a world record. I paid 100% of the rate, but received way less. I was very reasonable in my expectations, was polite, friendly, clean, and so on.


Guess is hard to be totally focused after having to be "on" with various cleints throughout the day. I don't work in the sex trade, but after spending hours with a client(s) I get run down. Just entertaining, feigned interest in a client's conversation, money, time, is hard work.


Some guys I have spoken with said they do get burned out -- to the point their personal lives are void of sex. Not sure most guys will gain stamina from lots of sex, but instead get desensitized. One guy said he gives so much of himself emotionally and sexually, he could not do a second client in a day. He needs a day to prepare.


In general, I hope that escorts objectively think about how they perform if doing many tricks in a day. Money and ego could distort our perceptions.


I agree clients don't have right to know all the escort's activities before the session, but should get fair value. However, I would like some feeling that this guy that charges a good buck will be in the condition to make for a hot time. Point well taken that guys are not machines, and there are some limits. Good business person will know that he cannot provide what is expected, but, a scammer will have no regard for what he is able to give.

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Guest Joey Ciccone

One is appropriate for me. I don't want to have to concentrate on more than one gentleman a day, I want that guy to have my full attention. In addition to having and wanting other things to concentrate on, it's time consuming. All those showers and trains and cabs. All that dressing and undressing. And how many sparkling conversations over a meal can you have in a day? I don't usually get too many hourlies, so for me it's often more of a date situation, and often having to 'perform' more than once within the allotted time. Two clients will happen on occassion, and as a usual bottom, it's easier to violate my self inflicted ethic. If there are two clients, they must be spaced apart, so I can seperate the events in my mind and focus on each accordingly. I can't seperate three in a day far enough emotionally to make it desirable. I don't want my days to be faceless blurs of mindless sex, although I've certainly had a few of those, but everything in moderation and I agree that they're really not fair to clients 3, 4, and 5. Unless of course clients three four and five have just watched one and two have their way, and are all lined up as part of the same session. That's another hot story altogether. But I certainly would be 'hard pressed' to take another client on the same day as a date like that.

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Hey, Placer, I just looked over your math and you are allowing no days off, and assuming that just because the escort is limiting himself to two clients a day he will be able to sell two sessions a day.

5 days per week, 4.3 weeks per month, 1.5 clients a day, $200 per client (which I am guessing is more reasonable in the larger markets) would come up to $6,450 a month, $77,400 a year.

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The problem with all these calculations is that they assume a smooth balance of supply and demand. Suppose the escort needs to make $1000/week to stay in business: the formula says he only needs one client a day and takes the weekend off--very civilized. However, he may not get any offers all week, and get five calls from guys who want to meet him on the weekend. If he turns down three of them, he trashes his budget, and may not be in a very good mood for the two that he does meet. Escorting is pretty unpredictable, except that some days and seasons are generally slow and others hot, and he has to take advantage when he can. Luckily, money is often a great aphrodisiac, so he might still be pretty much up for the third or even the fourth guy, though I suspect there are few escorts over 21 who are really good for more than that. Personally, I would prefer someone who limits himself to one or two clients per day, but it may not be fair to demand that of him.

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Guest andreas

No more than one a day. I also like to space out clients during the week so I limit myself to no more than 4-5 clients per week.


Although these limitations may limit my income, I'd rather ensure a good time than have the reputation of a greedy escort that can't perform.


Plus, I've been told it's that last inch that hits the spot. I'd hate not to be able to give that last inch because I was worn out.


-Andreas Mikeals



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ONE a day.

When I started in this line of work, I would see as many as would call, but soon realized I wasn't enjoying myself anymore, it quickly became work.

For my own sanity, and a certain level of service, I chose only to see one client/day, yeah my income is not what it could be potentially, but if I was going to have any longevity, and not have to resort to viagra, I had to cut it down.

Sure there have been times when I've broken my own rule,(rarely) but that is only under extreme circumstances, IE if the client has been trying to set up something for a long time and I tell them that I'm already scheduled that day, and they insist that it's ok, then occasionaly I will see two. But that is where the line is officailly drawn for me.

matt(fresh daily)


[email protected]

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Guest kamikaze483

Hi, again!


Quickly this time, I will make a couple of points.


1. While I limit my schedule to 2 or 3 clients per day, I could do more if it were necessary, and I think that I could pull a 4th and 5th client on the same day and the latter two clients would never have any reason to suspect that they were anything other than the one and only. Part of the skill that good escorts possess is the ability to make their client feel like the most important person in the entire world for that hour. Quite honestly, though excercise and sweating is often involved, and I shower well before each client, a 4 or 5 hour workload could hardly be considered exhaustion overtime. It would seem to me that the maximum number of clients a particular escort would see on a given day would be up to that escort and his erectile, and ejaculation abilities.


2. No matter how many clients the escort sees in a day, he still should pay very close attention to the escort etiquitte criteria. Abiding by the etiquitte standards is required by our service all the time. The standards we utilize are the same ones that I printed off of this sight, and we have progressively added quite a few extra rules that we think make for a more cleancut and professional appearance and manner of conduct. An escort hired by any client should never take a call if he is too worn out to cum, for whatever reason. Whether you are number 1 and only for the day, or if you are number 7, that escort should be able to provide the services that he agreed to provide and you should not feel as though you are "winding" him down for the day. I would insist, if I were to hire, that the escort at least appear like he is not fatigued, drugged out, worn out, or drained of ejaculate. None of those things are acceptable no matter what client number you might be. At least that's how we feel down here in Atlanta. :-)



"Carpe Diem"

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Premier in Philadelphia has been praised a lot on this site. And for good reason. The agency has great looking escorts and very low prices. The downside is the number of clients an escort has to see to earn any decent money. The constant complaint about Premier is that their escorts are almost always late. Why?

Because the escort is seeing another client.

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Guest Theron

Hiya, Jeff :-)


Escorting is also my full time job.


I almost always limit myself to one client a day. This is because I am also an artist, and so it is important to me to have time to express myself though my work, and I almost always have a couple of charitable projects I am involved in for one not-for-profit or another -- I believe in giving back, and helping others.





Based Out of Chicago


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3-4 clients per day, huh. You mention a nap between appointments. And you mention a 1/2 hour "recovery" time between appointments. But you don't mention a shower between appointments. Please tell me that was just an oversight.

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Guest jeffOH



>3-4 clients per day, huh.>You mention a nap between

>appointments. And you mention

>a 1/2 hour "recovery" time

>between appointments. But you

>don't mention a shower between

>appointments. Please tell me

>that was just an oversight.


Aim, of course I always take a shower between clients. I thought

that was a given. Also my apartment is immaculate and I'm constantly doing laundry.


Three or four clients a day is a BUSY day for me, one or two is

the norm. I use Viagra so I can concentrate more on my fucking

technique than on trying to maintain an erection.


This is a full-time job for me...not a hobby. I take it very

seriously. If it was just about the money, I wouldn't have lasted

10 years. I often think of myself as a "sexual artist". I feel

incredibly alive during sex and I'm quite intuitive as to what

my clients will enjoy, even with first-time clients. I can

totally let go and ride the wave. That's the best way for me to

describe it. I don't hold anything back.


In her later years, when Judy Garland had become quite frail, but

was still performing. She would often be brought to the venue

in a wheelchair. But, as she was being introduced, she would be

backstage stamping her feet, literally puffing herself up,

yelling fuck'em, fuck'em and go out on that stage and give the

most fabulous energy-filled performance. I've had a headache,

been really not in the mood to have sex, but somehow I can turn

it on and give my clients their money's worth and then some.


I know my limits and if I've "totally shot my wad" so to speak

and a client calls, I'll tell them the truth. I'm fortunate to

have some very understanding clients. I NEVER want to put out

bad product.


My personal life is pretty much devoid of sex. If I want fucked,

there's another escort I call up. 99% of the sex I have involves money. This job can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining, but it is also incredibly rewarding.


[email protected]

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Guest jeffOH

>Hiya, Jeff :-)


>Escorting is also my full time



>I almost always limit myself to

>one client a day.

>This is because I am

>also an artist, and so

>it is important to me

>to have time to express

>myself though my work, and

>I almost always have a

>couple of charitable projects I

>am involved in for one

>not-for-profit or another -- I

>believe in giving back, and

>helping others.






I also believe in giving back and helping others. Not qualities

most people would associate with escorts/prostitutes, huh? So

many of my clients are married or are gay men with extremely

low self-esteem. They often need someone just to listen to them...to help them understand that they aren't alone in what

they are feeling. Particularly married men who may not have any

gay friends with whom they can discuss their feelings. With some

of these guys it may be 15mins. of sex and 45mins. therapy. It's

rewarding to me to see how much it seems to help them. Long after

I've retired from this business, I'm sure what I'll remember the

most will be the stories all these men have shared with me and

knowing that in many instances I've had a positive impact upon

their lives.


[email protected]

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Guest Jayinla

When i first started doing this, I was told to always appear busy. However, I always thought that making it sound like i was just comming out of an appointment and going to another one was a bit too ...... well just not my style. I prefer not to discuss who or how many i see. I, if I agree to meet anyone, make sure that we have the best time. It is not the customer's fault if i am tired or bored with it. Therefore, I only see people when I know we are BOTH going to have fun. As you can see on my reviews in LOS ANGELES... i do try to please. hehehe..and some of you bad boys know it first hand.

see you soon.



<mailto:[email protected]>

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Guest Theron

Hello, Jeff :-)


Yes, I've noticed you do seem to have a sweet spirit.


I wrote a couple of things I would like to share:




Each step is shared

before it's made,

christened link

from birth inlaid.

So, give pure self as joy unveils

journeys in where life prevails.

Release fear embedded faults, and

lift your hears as open vaults.

Know hard and easy comes and goes, yet,

every moment beauty flows.

Embrace the many parts of you,

all the lives enfolding you.

There is no dream

that dreams alone

for all of love is

inner grown.


--Theron Beugin




Search within your soul,

sing the songs the echo there.

Follow dreams away,

let your spirit share.

Listen to your voice,

music filling every space.

See your dance begin,

sending hope and grace to the world.


Everyone is magical.

Each precious life a miracle.

Each moment, each moment, is love.


Try to understand,

everyone's misunderstood.

Remember that each life is innocent and good.

Imaginations blend,

growing seeds of happiness,

turning pain to joy

to strengthen faith,

and bless all the world.


Everyone is magical.

Each precious life a miracle.

Each moment, each moment, is love.


We're only beginning to know our journeys meaning,

and who we are inside becomes the gift we bring to the world.


Everyone is magical.

Each precious life a miracle.

Each moment,

Each day,

Each one of us is love.


--Theron Beugin

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Guest sdmuscl4hire

Escorting is a full time job for me as well,


Been doing it off and on for 5 years. Off and on being I was in a relationship and CHOSE to stop and continue in my regular field of work (Executive Assistant) I double majored in Business and Marketing and still find I enjoy escorting more than anything.


I am so inspired when I read of other escorts that think on the same level as I, Making gentlemen wether they be married, single, have low self esteem, just want a thrill and on and on fantasies and dreams a reality. No I am not all that and never claim to be, but I do know how to give passion and sincerety to each individual I see. I dont agree with seeing too many clients for the same reason most expressed. I want to give 100% to you when you visit my little space of life. I want you to walk away feeling better than when you first showed up versus feeling dirty and sorrowfull for spending your hard earned money on a 4-5 second orgasim.


Just a side note but I am afraid most of the bitterness I see is such individuals that feel guilty or dirty afterwards and like to take it out on other escorts. We all dont treat you like another number or dollar, we all dont just lay there hoping it will end soon. Some of us do enjoy our work and to be honest could be doing other things besides this. I have a tendacy to ramble so I will end.



Still Making People Smile In San Diego.

Michael Johnson


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Guest cp8036

<Just a side note but I am afraid most of the bitterness I see is such individuals that feel guilty or dirty afterwards and like to take it out on other escorts. We all dont treat you like another number or dollar, we all dont just lay there hoping it will end soon. Some of us do enjoy our work and to be honest could be doing other things besides this. I have a tendacy to ramble so I will end.>


I wish more in the industry were like you. What percentage of escorts out there (in papers, ads, agencies, websites) operate with a such high level of integrity? Some are very good, some very bad, and lots in the middle.


Some guys may be pleasant, but not sure if they really enjoy the work. I know if was put myself in such a position I would not be able to have a good time, and not able to provide a good service. I wouldn't mind the money though.


I am sure the money is a primary reason most get into this business.


I cannot help but think someone that takes 3-4-5 clients a day thinks of the client as a number or dollar. They make think the 5th client in no way would be able to tell he is anything but the one and only client that day, but I have doubts. Prospect of an extra $200-400-600 can have some affect on our perceptions.

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