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No More Pics please

Guest jsekamore

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Guest jsekamore

Please don't post any more pics with your messages. It takes soooo long for those to load. Unlike some of you, I can't get DSL in my area and I can never get a good dialup baud rate. Please be considerate to us who use dialups. I would rather spend my time productively reading the posts.

Thank you

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There is another solution: Turn off the automatic loading of graphics in your browser. Then, when you have a fast connection and want to see pictures, you can turn it back on. (If you're using Netscape, go to Edit, then Preferences, then double click on Advanced. You will then see various options, one of which is about loading graphics automatically.)


I hope you don't take offense, but asking everyone else from refraining from posting pictures is sort of missing the point of the Internet for many of us. If we were all satisfied with pure text, the Internet would have never taken off the way it did.

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>I hope you don't take offense,

>but asking everyone else from

>refraining from posting pictures is

>sort of missing the point

>of the Internet for many

>of us. If we

>were all satisfied with pure

>text, the Internet would have

>never taken off the way

>it did.


Yes. But there's also a middle ground where everyone compromises a little. Most Web sites choose the pics they post judiciously, knowing that there are a lot of people on slow dial-up lines.


I use an extremely fast line at home. On the road it's different and this week, M4M has been so slow, I have walked away from it in sheer annoyance. Pressing the button for the Lounge and waiting for the list of threads in the Lounge to load can take two to three minutes. At this rate, I'm going to stop coming here unless I'm someplace with a fast line.


Jizz HAS been posting a lot of pics and although I like hot guys as must as the next guy, a lot of the pics are pics that really, truly have nothing whatsoever to do with anything going on in the thread. And simply putting PIC in the subject heading doesn't solve the problem because for any thread longer than a few messages, I just normally hit 'View All'. (Going one-by-one on a slow modem is so slow I won't even consider it as an option.) So any pics in a thread have to load and it does slow things down a lot.


So I'd appreciate it, too, if Jizz would post fewer pics. As it stands right now, he's hit almost every thread.


And, Jizz, this isn't a complaint or anything personal: I enjoy your posts very much and look forward to many more. Just please realize the pics you are posting are making it more difficult and time-consuming for others to use the Message Center. If you can post fewer, it won't slow down the modem users as much.


I have a feeling that you just aren't aware of how slow and frustrating it can be.





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I also travel a lot and find it more than tedious to wait for some things to download when I'm in a hotel that doesn't have a DSL.


However, there are times when seeing some of the pics that Jizz has posted was more than worth the wait!

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Guest Esc_Tracker

What if Jizz just posted html links instead of the actual pics themsleves, which is what I normally do? That way those with past modems could look at the pics and those using slugware steer clear of them. Mind you, if Jizz is uploading his pics form his personal library, that won't work.


Jizz, do you have a web site where you could post your pics for others to access from the message board?



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Guest jizzdepapi

Ever wonder why it knows when to stop growing?


On a recent pic hunt, I ran into this exchange from some message board. Thought it was kind of cute, though weird, and wished exchanges like this could replace some of our message center spats:


POSTER 1: It's interesting that you say this. I have wanted to complain to my boyfriend for the longest time that I'm sick of going to the bathroom after sex and finding his pubic hair on the toilet paper.

POSTER 2: It's rather disgusting.

POSTER 1: Hahaha, thats funny. But yet disgusting.. true.. Guys tend to loose pubic hair ever so naturally.

POSTER 2: Ever wonder why it knows when to stop growing? Very interesting.

POSTER 1: I say go for it! It's hard to take care of (lotion is your friend!) but the rewards are wonderful. If a girl acts weird about it, point out that it's easier on you AND her!


Now, would u rather read conversations similar to this or exchanges between our own flamers?

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