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Escort Agency A Business Question

Guest TheOriginalMessage

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Guest TheOriginalMessage

Is anybody truly aware of an agency in the States that has shown stability, ethics and profit for a duration of at least 3 years? I ask because there seem to be so many "fly by night" agency's and so many escorts who I call "one offs" who do it for a few months and move on to something else. I find it absurd that anyone can offer a legit service through an agency for any reasonable duration. In all honesty the one that I am aware of that might come close is Premiere in PA. They seem to have reasonable rates (in fact so low not sure how they make money) nice looking guys and have been around at least a year from what I am aware of. Plus they seem to have the same core escorts. yet they are the only one I can think of.

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>Is anybody truly aware of an

>agency in the States that

>has shown stability, ethics and

>profit for a duration of

>at least 3 years?


Why 3 years? Why is that arbitrarily important? I can't speak to profits, as only the owners could.


Campus was in business when I lived in the NYC area 5 years ago. (I may be wrong about this. Mike?) I suspect Premier has been there as long in Philly. I've been seeing the same ads for Chicago agencies the whole five years I've lived here.


Agencies *can* last. Sadly, BAD agencies can last too.


The good ones, though, let themselves be known.


What are you really asking?

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Guest TheOriginalMessage


>Why 3 years? Why is that

>arbitrarily important? I can't speak

>to profits, as only the

>owners could.

Most businesses that last 3 years are usually going to be a success.


>What are you really asking?



LOL, I am not really sure. I guess I am just a realist who beleives it would be extraordinarly hard to make it in this business. Even if the agency was well run and very "legit" you still haev a major problem in my eyes, the guys. it is hard to find talent and I would think it is VERY difficult to keep it.


The escort pays the agency or the other way a flat fee in most cases. For example if an agency charges 225. per hour the escort will typically receive only 25 maybe 30 of that. You need to keep a lot of guys working to make any money that way.


And what about the escorts? Why do they even need an agency. There doesn't seem to be a major benefit. So they tend to move on pretty quickly fromwhat I've seen.


I hope this clarifies my first post a bit.

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>>And what about the escorts? Why

>do they even need an

>agency. There doesn't seem to

>be a major benefit. So

>they tend to move on

>pretty quickly fromwhat I've seen.


Working for an agency is not for everyone, but it can be a win-win situation for a lot of guys and I can think of a lot of reasons why someone would want to go the agency route -- especially if he only intends to escort for only a brief amount of time. When an escort works for an agency, he doesn't have to advertise, answer the phone, return phone calls, respond to e-mails, maintain a web site, or pre-screen clients. All of that is taken care of by the agency. The agency checks for his availability and works out the final details. Working for an agency means that short timers don't have to worry about canceling ads and it's also a good way for a guy to check if he's really going to enjoy working as an escort. (I'm sure that it's easier said than done.) (There are also some guys who both free-lance and work for an agency. Some may argue that this lets them have the best of both worlds }>)

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>The escort pays the agency or

>the other way a flat

>fee in most cases. For

>example if an agency charges

>225. per hour the escort

>will typically receive only 25

>maybe 30 of that. You

>need to keep a lot

>of guys working to make

>any money that way.


While I don't know this for fact, I think that most escorts make a good percentage of the money collected by an agency. I have heard anywhere from 50 percent (which I'd say is low) to 75% or even higher. You're right, for 25-30 (I assume you meant percent, not dollars), it would hardly be worth it for something less than 70 dollars. I think that agencies afford the escort a degree of freedom they might not have otherwise. They screen clients, set up appointments without the escort having to play the games of back and forth and provide a lot of other benefits. I think there are upsides and downsides to an escort working through an agency. The newer guys probably do well to start with an agency, just to get comfortable, then go out on their own or split time (if that's allowed).

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Are you saying that the agency would receive $200 while the escort would receive $25?! Perhaps you meant percentage, with the agency getting about $170 and the escort $55? Even this I find hard to believe. It seems like it would be EASY to stay in business as an AGENCY under these terms, but what escort would stay in business getting that fee?


If you meant the other way around (that the agency would get 25%), then I still don't see much getting in the way of a successful business. Overhead is low, mostly consisting of phone costs, internet and other advertising fees, and credit card merchant fees. This seems like a business that could easily be run out of someone's home, so I don't see that an office space would be required. There isn't a lot of paperwork so one doesn't need office support staff. I assume the escorts are paid as independent contractors, so one doesn't have particularly difficult accounting. It seems to me that even hiring out a few guys for a couple of hours per day would provide a single person with a comfortable enough living for not that difficult a job. It seems to me that the biggest drawback is the constant, potential legal threat.

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Guest kamikaze483

Just a couple of thoughts here:


First, it is true that the escort service does take a significantly smaller percentage of the service fee than does the escort. It stands to reason that this is the case, as the escort provides a little more of an intimate service than merely scheduling appointments and answering the telephone.


It would also stand to reason that if the percentage received by the agency, per call, is relatively low, then, in order to remain afloat, the service would need to concentrate more on increasing the volume of calls scheduled each day- that even more importantly than enlisting a multitude of models. It has been my experience that it is far more profitable to retain a few honest, responsible, and dependable young men who take pride in their work and strive to better represent their agency, then it would be to have a great number of available guys and few that would actually show up at the correct time and properly render the services that have been contracted between the client and the agency. That seems logical to me, anyway.


Also, as an "agency escort," I can speak of the benefits afforded to each of us by opting to list with an escort/modeling agency:


1. While an escort's hourly rate seems pretentiouly high in comparison with the pay scale for other industrys that employ young college age people, the independent escort is, additionally, burdened with the task of soliciting and arranging his own clientelle and appointments. Having tried working independently, I spent nearly 8 hours each day on the computer and the telephone, and then another 2-3 hours with my clients in the evening. Dividing the hourly rate for those 2-3 hours for which I was paid by the actual number of hours spent working, the hourly rate seems significantly less impressive.


The escort service allows me to work when I wish, within reason, and is quite flexible with the number of calls I wish to take each day. I have the opportunity to see more clients each day, (or less if I so choose), since my schedule is more permeable. And, if you consider the above explained equasion of income divided by hours worked, I make a great deal more money per hour working with the service, since all of my working time is spent in session with clients.


For example: If I were an independant escort charging $200/hour, and spending a minimum of 7 hours a day scheduling calls, and, consequently, servicing 3 clients per day, I might gross something like $780 for that day. That figure is allowing for a generous 30% gratuity from each client. Having worked a total of 10 hours that day, my hourly rate would only have been $78.


In contrast, as an agency escort: considering the same rate, and working only 5 hours out of the day; and if the agency fee is 30% (as seems to be somewhat standard), the gratuity alone would cover your dues to the agency, and your take home for that day would be around $1,000. You would have spent only one-half the amount of time working that the independent escort spent that same day.


More money (by just under a third), and only half the hours. Bottom line on this point: Would you choose to work 10 hours a day and make $780, or might it sound more attractive to work 5 hours for the same day, and bring home $1,000?


2. Not only does working for an escort agency put more money in my pocket, and less time on the docket, they also provide a degree of protection.


My agency, and most other respectable escort services nationwide, require that their escorts contact them upon connecting with each client, and then upon their departure. These days there are a lot of frigtening things that could happen to a pretty little call-boy who is all by himself. His contacting the service lets the service know, inherently, whether or not the escort was timely, and it also alerts someone else that he is, quite possibly, in a risky situation.


That person can await notification that all is well and the escort is out and safe, and with money in hand; and if he should not call, then the agency can follow up by sending someone to locate the missing model.


This may sound like slight overkill, but knowing that someone knows your whereabouts as you engage in, what some might call "less-than-legal" activities, makes a huge difference in the level of confidence and comfort in a naturally "nervous" situation. This is one of the main reasons that I enlisted with the service for which I work. They charge me a minimal percentage of my profits, but they cause my profits to be larger, as well as providing protection for me against the possibility of entering, or being a part of a scary situation.


Also, the chances of being scammed or ripped off by a client is diminished by my association with an agency. Even if a problem arose where a client either refused to pay or skipped out on me- neglecting to pay, the service will take reciprocating action towards collecting on that person's debt.


3. The escort/model agency is just that- an agency. Many provide representation for their models not only as escorts, but also in the parallel fields of adult videos, photo-shoots, and other such opportunities. They can negotiate with producers, photographers, and other interested parties, quite likely, with more effectiveness and efficiency than could be displayed by we young models.


Ten, twenty, or thirty percent of my total income seems a small price to pay, given the fact that all of my administrative responsibilities are delgated with no concern of my own as to whether or not they will be addressed, and monetary, contractual, and all other negotiations are handled by someone more qualified than myself. These are agents who have the capability of landing bigger deals and larger contracts than I could have captured on my own. These agencies have marvelous connections in the photo and film industries that, inclusively, would warrant their fee.


4. Finally, there are many, many more perks of working for a service. There are too many to discuss in this- what has turned into a- lengthy dissertation, but I will briefly descrble a couple more, in case you haven't seen any benefit, still: Working for someone else, a company, rather than for yourself procludes you from having to deal with things like initiating and paying monthly for health insurance.


They handle tracking your tax ledger's (as it applies to them) so that you don't have to keep track of it yourself. It is much nicer to get a bill for what you owe Uncle Sam, than to have to turn heaven and earth to piece your tax papers together so that you can turn them in and have the IRS tell you how much to pay. Most times, you are going to err in your calculations and very rarely is the error in your favor. At least that was my experience with working for myself. Independant escorts essentially operate their own small business, and are consequently responsible for all of these little, nit-picky details that do nothing but erode their hourly rate by racking up more working time.


Also, it is tremendously easier to start out as an agency 'scort than as an independent one. I started the other way around and I had to provide my own phone- business line separate from home phone, mind you. I had to also provide my own computer (which is vitally necessary for escorts in this industry these days), and pay the service provider their monthly fee.


I had to organize and finance my own advertising initiative in order to let potential clients know of my existance, and advertisements don't come cheap. If they are cheap, they offer very little exposure and send to you few, if any, simple price inquiries. To provide the services of offering in-calls, I had to separate from my roomates to obtain my own personal living space, and with that I separated myself from the financial break afforded by having roomates.


My start in escorting was not an easy one. And my subsequent "stardom" in the adult video industry was, in fact, due to my own hard work, long hours, and diligence and not due to the connections afforded by a service such as the one I am currently working with. But, to be quite frank, it would have taken a lot less time, money, and effort on my part had I had intelligently considered these benefits ahead of time. I would have dived into the agency model pool with both feet if I had done the research.


At the risk of omitting some obvious and spectacular benefit to working as an "agency escort," I end this excessively long, drawn out, and hopelessly repetitive novel without so much as a spell check. This is due to the absence of a spell check feature on this site and I think it would take a ridiculously long time to check the dictionary on every word in question. And I make that statement as a suggestion for the continued improvement on your site which is an invaluable resource to both agency and escort, and not at all meant to criticize.


Anyway, maybe this obnoxiously over-analyzed, massively wordy, not-for-a-grade thesis provided a little insight as to why one might choose the route of working for an agency. And one final thought: speaking from a different position, having an integral role in the development of the agency for which I work, before we hired models or sought out clients, we discussed the issue of the high turn-over rate that has become common among agencys all over. This seemed to be one of the common issues that has forced many agencies out of business. We determined that the money was in the "twinks," and, therefore, in order to succeed we had to cater to them (or to us, as again, I am only 19 myself) and offer them more than merely a "quick money" job.


We have chosen our models carefully. Interviewed and then hired probationally, all of our models were trained as to the proper way to conduct buisiness in this industry. Safety and Escort etiquitte were the most important aspects of association with our company, respectively. We also have taken time with each of these boys individually to find out what they needed. Catering to these young men and to their physical, mental, and emotional health; and providing unyielding protection for them on and off call. They know that if someone gets out of line and screws over one of our boys, the management of our service will ensure that the situation is peacefully, yet completely rectified immidiately.


They know that they have friends, and mentors, and they know that people care about them. This has proven to be quite a unique, unprecedented, and, we feel somewhat of a creative approach, that has as of now worked wonderfully. Our turnover is relatively low, and the few that do leave, leave because they have found something else, or somewhere else where they can be happier. We encourage our guys to escort as long as they want to escort. When they feel like they are ready to move on and establish a more practical, or move laterally to a lower risk career, we back them 100% as long as they are pursuing their own happiness and self satisfaction. We have determined that the only logical solution to deal with the "flightyness" and the spontanaity, and the developing maturity of young gay men is to cloak them with protection from harm and befriend them individually while they determine what it is that is going to make them happy.


A good agency is more of a family than a group of models. This is an approach that may not work in all parts of the country- that I don't know. But, for us, it has allowed our business to soar from nothingness to a full-fledged model referral service with a strong and undyingly loyal employee base. We are getting enough inquiries and phone calls each day to keep forever busy a staff of three full time administrative personell, and 15 of the greatest boys 4 hire in the country. So our view is that turnover comes with the territory, but we have developed a bond with these guys that has kept our turnover really low. But turnover, to us, isn't even a bad thing. We know that people move on and move up, and stagnancy is detrimental to personal wellbeing. If they go, "Best of Luck," cause there is someone in the wings that can be just as good with a little time and training.


Way too long of a posting, and I am utterly embarrassed to post it- but it should more than adequately provide some thoughts- and maybe just a few of them apply to your questions. Anyone who has read this damn far- "Thank you, I am embarrassed, yet honored." And I will try to condense any future dissertations I might compose into a seriously abridged format for your reading benefit and my time management.




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Guest ChicagoCorey



Thanks for this incredibly detailed and well-structure post. I've only ever heard about amd considered the "cons" of working for an agency, and your post offers a very balanced list of the postive aspects. I appreciate the effort -- it helps both escorts and clients to know more about the inner-workings of either side of the industry




[email protected]


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Guest TheOriginalMessage

>Just a couple of thoughts here:







WOW Scott a few thoughts indeed. Thank you for the detailed insight that I was seeking.


Also, thanks to the others who replied. While I still find it hard to see how the agecny can make enough money to survive I do now clearly see the benefits to the escort... though I believe most are not as business savy as Scott. Therefore, not taking advantage of the srevices an agency can provide.

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Guest Red Dragon Escorts

I know of several good ones on the east coast. They have been around for many years and offer a good selection of guys working with them.


On the west coast, I can seapk of the oldest one around, Red Dragon Escorts. I have owned it since 1977. We have offered some of the best guys at a fare reat. We have only raised of fees 3 times since 1977.


I hope that when your looking to work with a angency, you ask lots of questions, including how long they have been around and what there fee covers. There are several companies that charge a fee just to show up and then the boys take it from there.


Find out what the gency policy is on "what if" the guy shows up and dosen't look like what you were told. We were the first agency to have a web site, so that our clients could see what they guyus were really like.


As for the fee's the guys pay the agency, it is a small percent of the total fee. The guys make most of the money.


I hope this answers your questions.




Frank Dragon

Red Dragon Escorts

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Guest kamikaze483

Thank you so much for those kind remarks.


Our service is located in Atlanta, GA. Having promised myself I would assure the separation of my own opinions from reflecting on the image of this business in any way, and speak only for myself and my own thoughts; I have broken that promise before and I will, without much surprise or hesitation, slightly bend it a little this time since my posting was so incredibly geared toward the agency and the ideas that truly are the basis by which we work and the same ones by which the company was established.


It was not my intention to advertise in the Message Center, I assure you, but without blatantly listing the name of the service or the name under which my reviews are listed, and conciensiously attempting to avoid providing any real traceable information to guard against those who might find this response or approach to be lacking in tact, I will venture to the edge of the limb and provide a phone number not associated in any way with the agency. Honestly, I don't know whether this would be deemed appropriate or not, but I'm sure if it isn't someone will let me know that quite promptly, and I will alter my approach, trying yet again, next time I have the chance. :-)


I will provide my personal cell phone number and I'll shut the hell up. :-)


404-798-3825, or you may email me at [email protected]


If you are interested in visiting Atlanta, I would certainly be more than honored to meet you and show you around, or whatever, or provide you with whichever of our young men you might find more suitable.


Give me a call, my friend! I would love to talk to ya!


Thanks again for your flattering comments,


"Carpe Diem"

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Guest kamikaze483



I am taking lessons in the art of brevity. This is certainly a prime example of getting right to the point and mowing over the bush I tend beat around. Certainly unlike my epistle from earlier! LOL :-)



"Carpe Diem"

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Guest ManToManEscorts

Hey Guys!


Dave from Man To Man Escorts in San Diego here. I was FINALLY going to reply to the intelligent question posed in this thread, and then I read Kamikaze (Scott's) reply, and realized that he covered everything!


Thanks for your insight, Scott -- I even learned a few things myself! I actually printed out your post and have it hanging in my office, to refer to when I am asked this very question!


You make all of us Agency Owners look good. Thanks, Buddy, and best of luck!




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Guest albinorat

Just to be hostile and an asshole because it comes easily to me, and long winded because I am so full of myself as well, I don't buy any of the bs of the agency owners.


I've been paying for more than a quarter century and have done it all. Since I like to tie guys up and am good and safe at it, I even worked for a dominatrix to make some extra coin!!! (Look, I'm free-lance myself, things can get THIN though I'm not!)


I have NEVER encountered an agency that replaced personal vibes as an indication of whether I'd have a good time or not. I have found it is ALWAYS better to meet the escort first. Best was in the bar days here in New York (Rounds! Rounds! Where art thou?) or even better -- (sob) Cowboys!! In the 70's, 53'd and and third, and even 42 st/Port Authority could yield up good guys.


Now it's harder period, but still the 'net makes it possible to have some contact before you get close to somebody and any client needs to have at least a good phone conversation before meeting WITH THE ACTUAL ESCORT!


Do I mean that all agency people are liars? No, but words betray us when it comes to sex. What someone hears you wanting in a "model" and for sex may not be what YOU meant to say, or want. Many (I don't say all) agencies play tricks -- they take your request and then call around like mad to see who's available within hailing distance of what you asked for -- trying the local sex ads once in a while too.


EVERY agency I've ever known of has (to one degree or another) COUNTED on the client being too shy, scared, drunk or stoned to send the escort away. I have known too many agencies that did not tell the escort what to expect -- either in terms of the client's looks or tastes -- leaving both to improvise at a high cost to the client.


My reality (in my world that is, I'm not sure which world the agency owners live in)is that agency boys are often jaded and apt to be nasty. They have not made a personal comittment to the client for an hour or whatever and don't care if the client has a good time. (Sure, call and complain and post on here and the agency will give you a break next time, though you'll still pay. But agencies usually count on client's being too scared or ashamed or nervous to do that. And many clients are in town on business and don't want to take the time to make a fuss or have left town right away).


I have tended to find agencies over priced and the escorts rigid and even uptight.


Exceptions? Sure. Campus guys has a phone operator (Mike?) who is cooperative and friendly. But we were never able to make a deal. I'd give him A for effort but can't assess how dead on honest he was ("Oh yes," agency operators will say, "X is butch, 6'1, 19 and very American" when X is a flaming arrow -- that is a native american sissy no taller than 5'3 in heels, which he wears and won't remove, and a chub) or what a given escort experience through him would have been like.


In some countries or cities (Prague, Munich, Zurich) an agency is the most efficient way to go, though you can street and train station cruise, and there are ads. But agencies can take care of language problems, solve a hotel problem (that is get the escort into your hotel, or provide a safe clean place for you). Even in America you may have no recourse on a business trip but to use a local agency and hope for the best -- though I recomend hoo boy as the best source of local escorts.


I used to go to LA a lot and every agency was a rip off (sorry didn't get to Red Dragon). My best contact there was a bartender at one of the West Hollywood bars; he knew who was available, safe and up for my scene and taste, and all he wanted was a tip.


By the way, the agency owner (escort?) above was talking tips? What is that? Agencies are almost always if not absolutely always more expensive than "one on one" escorts. Sure, I've tipped agency workers when they were great since I knew they'd have to share some of what they earned with the agency (but frankly in America I can count the great agency experiences on the fingers of a maimed hand).


I am talking here about bread and butter agencies. Not those who cater to a special clientele (celebrities, very rich people and so on). I also am not talking about "madams". I knew one in NY years ago, and one in London, both were great. But I had a lot of money then and they cost, believe me. But you only got to them through a complicated circle of contacts.


Finally for the "john" agencies are a risk; they get raided and prosecuted. Many (not all) keep detailed records of clients, demand real names and the vice then knows who you are, what you're into and how much and how often you paid. If someone was under legal age (though no agency will tell you an escort's real age and all will claim escorts are 18 or even 21+), if someone dealt you drugs or the agency was selling drugs as well as sex (and many do), or one of the "boys" claims to have been a sex slave (it happens), you're in deep shit. And believe me I have known husbands who paid agencies with credit cards, which wifie used as proof of all kinds of things in the divorce (= higher alimony, and some threat of criminal charges). Ditto with gay couples (palimony and in one case a national scandal). Let's be frank, many of the guys who pay are closeted for a good reason (like a pay check?). Even if the worst that happens is your name in the paper, you lose (and indeed I have known over the years quite a few men who were quietly fired when an agency they were using went down.)


You run risks with free lance escorts too, of course. Though I've had worse experiences with agency guys (I am of the "sorry you're not what I asked for, here's cab fare, 'bye now" school followed quickly by: "get the fuck out and give me that twenty back" and yes I have been threatined by agency guys with whom I did not have any sexual or physical contact and asked to leave on sight, and by their pimps).


I can't speak for escorts -- but I will at least disagree with the self- promoter above (though I am more long winded and spell just as badly). The escorts I've known have tended not to enjoy agency work, and most have free lanced on the side, and gone independant if they developed a client base and good word of mouth.


(Moreover there's nothing to stop an agency owner from calling the guys with reviews and pictures here to see if they are available for some appointments. But since that's often the case why not cut out the middle man as they say?)


One trend here is self promotion both by escorts and by agency owners. Nothing wrong with that so long as a reader sees it for what it is. Plenty of buisness people of all kinds advertise only their best experiences, even if that ends up being 40% or less of what really transpires.



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Guest FirstPlace

>I have tended to find agencies

>over priced


I found part of one sentence that I can not only agree with and recently experienced :( I had hired a young guy named Miguel from a agency. The experience with the agency was not a problem. The rate I paid did seem somewhat high. Yet, I liked the way Miguel looked and was put to me by the man at the agency so I hired him. Though I do not write reviews I can say the boy lived up to all my expectations :)


Well, looking at Monday's reviews I noticed one for Miguel, this is same guy. He has a direct contact email and the rate the reviewer paid was considerably less than what I paid. I since have done some researched and noticed at least three other guys on the agency's web site, have been reviewed here, all with direct contact info and 50. to 100. less!!! I wish I had done a bit more homework prior to using the agency. I would have had a few more dollars in my pocket and I believe the same good time with Miguel!

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Did I read correctly? You are only 19 years old? If everything

you say about your agency is true and you even close to 19, I

must give you a lot of credit. You certain made a very strong case for the value of escort agencies. I live in Philadelphia

where Premier is located. The agency deserves it's great rep.,

but it does have faults. But, You make Michael and Nick at Premier look like newbies.

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Guest ManToManEscorts

Forgive my ranting guys, but i am about to SOUND OFF!


The question was posed as to why there were so few agencies that have any track record of longevity. Let me put forth a perfect example of what agencies face -- an example evidenced in this very thread:


Our dear friend "First Place" aka "Motorway" aka Ric from RP contacted me awhile back looking for someone that could work with an extremely overwieght older man (approx 400 lbs). I responded in the most professional manner I knew how, said I would be happy to work with him, and that I would find someone with whom he would be compatable -- no easy task -- and I went out of my way to make sure that this client had a good experience.


A sweet new guy I'd recently interviewed. Miguel, seemed to fit the bill, and I arranged for him to visit Ric. By all accounts, things went very well.


What did I get for my efforts?


1) Ric (First Place) encourages Miguel to not work thru my agency, but to work independently.


2) Ric (First Place) agrees to help Miguel in this venture by ACTUALLY BUILDING his website for him!


3) Ric (First Place) who claims he NEVER writes reviews, posts a review under a fake name (Motorway -- my ass!)saying he found Miguel on his own website and not thru this agency (not true).


4) Ric (First Place) then posts a message on this thread encouraging all to NOT go thru my agency, but to hire guys independently -- thanks alot, Ric-- glad you appreciated the good service I offered you!


5) Ric (First Place) then has the BALLS to contact me asking if he could see yet another of my Escorts!


So in answer to the question posed on this thread, ONE of the reasons that honest agencies have a hard time of it financially is the client that uses the agency's resources to make a connection, then tries to snake around behind the agency's back to save a few dollars.


I know that Ric (First Place) will be working overtime to deny these charges, but I spoke to Miguel who spilled the beans. You're busted, Ric! And you sounded like such a sincere and nice guy on the phone too. Shame on you!




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Guest FirstPlace

>Forgive my ranting guys, but i

>am about to SOUND OFF!




>I know that Ric (First Place)

>will be working overtime to

>deny these charges, but I

>spoke to Miguel who spilled

>the beans. You're busted,

>Ric! And you sounded

>like such a sincere and

>nice guy on the phone

>too. Shame on you!



Huh? No idea what you are talking about. I do know that your post broke every rule of this board (Libel or personal information will be deleted........... ATTACK THE ISSUES, NOT THE PEOPLE!! ) Personal information, apparent name, city and weight? Attacked a person not the issue? So much for moderating, oh wait when you spend money to place all those banners does that mean you are exempt from being moderated? In any event I am not working overtime, will not respond further to feed your fantasy. You got the wrong person.

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Guest pickwick

Dave, I sympathize with your situation but I should note that clients aren't always to blame for this sort of thing. I seldom deal with agencies these days, in my opinion they are mostly for those too timid or inexperienced to deal with an escort directly, but back in the days when I did about half of the guys sent to me by an agency would propose that I contact them directly for any future appointments.


By the way, when a client does bypass your agency and deal directly with an escort as you allege Ric did, is it your policy to retaliate by publishing information about him?

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>Huh? No idea what you are

>talking about. I do know

>that your post broke every

>rule of this board (Libel

>or personal information will be

>deleted........... ATTACK THE ISSUES, NOT

>THE PEOPLE!! ) Personal information,

>apparent name, city and weight?

>Attacked a person not the



I thought both Deej and I had addressed this with you back on the "Special Olympics" thread but maybe we weren't clear. Our charge in moderating the boards is very clear and very narrow. What exactly do you see as libelous in the post you are responding to. As far as personal information....some screen names, a first name which certainly gives me no clue who the person is. An alleged weight. We look for full names, phone numbers, addresses, places of employment or other clear information that could lead to an identity.


Now as for "ATTACK THE ISSUES, NOT THE PEOPLE!!"....that is not a critereon for holding or deleting a post. That is a good manners guideline to members of the board and not something we moderate for. It would be way too subjective. Personally I didn't care much for Dave's post and believe he attacked both the issue and a person in this case. That violated no rule of moderation.


>So much for moderating,

>oh wait when you spend

>money to place all those

>banners does that mean you

>are exempt from being moderated?


The moderators are members of this board and community who are volunteers. HooBoy does not tell us to protect or cut anyone slack. There is one set of rules and we follow them to the best of our ability. I, for one would not continue to do this under the circumstances you infer.


Look at it this way FirstPlace. If what you stated were true, we would be fools to let this post out of the queue. But ATTACKING us does not violate the rules of moderation so you are quite free to continue if you'd like.

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Guest kamikaze483

Hi there, Alan!!


Thank you so much for the compliments, and yes, I am 19 years old. Those comments were posted over a month ago, and I still fully stand behind their validity.


I regret, however, that there may have been some vital additions to my posting that I neglected to include. Along with the absolute benefits of the agency connection, there is also an equally absolute downside that I had never considered at the point that those postings were current.


That downside has to do with the the fact that a high profile agency with advertisements in national magazines, gay publications, huge internet publicity, and such as that make themselves known as readily to law enforcement as they do to their clients. Working for an agency makes the chance of sting operations and undercover shit a much more likely possibility than would be the case for that busy little independant escort.


Also, it might have been appropriate not to leave this thread without discussing the benefits and disadvantages FOR CLIENTS, between independants and the established agencies.


Who knows. I'm still learning here! :-)


Anyway, thanks for your comments!!


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