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Escorts who require pictures from clients

Guest SD Mike

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Guest SD Mike

Forgive me if this has been covered before, but searching the archives really isn't much fun...


I recently read an escort rebuttal where he made the statement that he ALWAYS requires a picture of the client before agreeing to the date. I know this is not common for the top escorts since they have long since learned to deal with all types, but I'd be interested in hearing from some escorts on the practice.


Just what are you trying to accomplish? I know there are some hot clients that hire for convenience, but I've got to believe that most are of a certain age or out of shape. I freely admit that I am over forty and overweight -- that's why I hire. I still attracted to men who I am no longer able to compete for so I am willing to pay for them instead.


Art there limits such as simply too old or too fat? Is it a subtle way to screen out races you are not comfortable with?


I know that it makes me very uncomfortable. I am always completely honest about my description -- the last thing I want is a guy to show up at my door and have his jaw drop -- but not willing to send a picture out to be judged.

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Guest Matt Adams

Generally when an escort asks for a picture it is a warning sign. There are several things that might be going on:


1. The escort is new.

2. The escort is insecure.

3. It can be a control thing for the escort.

4. All of the above.


The feedback I have gotten from clients is that escorts that ask for pictures tend to be a disappointment.


Other signs to look for are according to the discerning client are faceless pictures, escorts without cell phones, and escorts that are vague about what they are willing to do.


There are a few exceptions to these rules, but if you are on a budget and want to stay on the tried and true road then these are pretty good guidelines.


Matt Adams

Author, Hustlers, Escorts and Porn Stars


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Guest AllAmerEscrt

>Generally when an escort asks for

>a picture it is a

>warning sign>The feedback I have gotten from

>clients is that escorts that

>ask for pictures tend to

>be a disappointment.


I have to disagree, to a certain extent. I generally will ask for a potential cient to describe themselves (stats) and send a pic if they have one. It is not so that I can discriminate against any certain type, but more so I have an idea of what to expect when I show up. I will meet without seeing a pic, but asking does not hurt. I just think that I would be better prepared to satisfy a "6'5" client," if I/we establish that he is a larger guy before being at his door, where he is towering over me, and there is that initial nervousness that we have to warm up through.


>There are a few exceptions to

>these rules, but if you

>are on a budget and

>want to stay on the

>tried and true road then

>these are pretty good guidelines.



I have not read your book, but I have read Aaron's. I would be interested to know how he would respond to your view. I am not in total disagreement with you, but I do think your statement is a little too "sure" sounding for the individuality it heads when being applied.





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>I have to disagree, to a

>certain extent. I generally

>will ask for a potential

>cient to describe themselves (stats)

>and send a pic if

>they have one. It

>is not so that I

>can discriminate against any certain

>type, but more so I

>have an idea of what

>to expect when I show

>up. I will meet

>without seeing a pic, but

>asking does not hurt.

>I just think that I

>would be better prepared to

>satisfy a "6'5" client," if

>I/we establish that he is

>a larger guy before being

>at his door, where he

>is towering over me, and

>there is that initial nervousness

>that we have to warm

>up through.



A friend of mine who escorts only asks for pictures when doing incalls. He says it is for safety's sake. Doesn't sound terribly unreasonable to me

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Guest Merlin

The last thing I want is a judgmental escort. If he wants to limit himself to the young and beautiful, he should simply say so. He may get an ego trip out of rejecting clients from their photos but no one likes rejection.

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Guest Merlin

If you ask for clients photos for safety, ask youself, would you have rejected Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, or Cunan (Sp? the guy who killed Versace)? I doubt it.

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I have been asked to provide a picture on two occasions, but only after the appointment had been set. So in both cases I provided a picture and followed through with the appointment. I agree with Matt Adams on one aspect these encounters proved to be disappointing at best (especially the last one). But then again, on two occasion for very extended appointments, I have volunteered a picture in advance and both times those were great experiences.


I also agree in part with Matt in Tampa that it may help the escort to prepare for a size difference. Since I'm a big guy (6'3" and 300+), I always provide my stats and describe myself in the initial contact so the escort can make a decision then. Better to suffer a little rejection prior to the appointment than waste money on an appointment that's not going to work out.


But if an escort is going to ask for a picture (or stats) as a screening tool and then follow through with the appointment anyway and still be bothered by the clients appearance, well then what was the point. It's makes for a costly uncomfortable encounter. Personally, I'll still continue to provide a personal descrpition of myself but I'll probably never provide a picture again. And if asked I'll probably just move on to someone else.

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Guest Kenny

Totally agree with Merlin's posts. If a pic is needed, you move on to someone else. Matt Adams precautions are in order here.

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Guest sdmuscl4hire

My two cents worth : )


When I decided to take the plunge to get into escorting I knew there would be postives and negatives to the business just as any other job you have. I have never asked for a picture from a future client. I do ask stats when they are looking for me to bottom. Just so I know what the hell is going to be put up there : ). But I dont feel it is our right to ask or prejudge whether we will take a client based on looks/age/weight. That what god made Viagra for......... and He did a great job. lol



Making people SMILE in San Diego




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Guest albinorat

>If you ask for clients photos

>for safety, ask youself, would

>you have rejected Jeffrey Dahmer,

>Ted Bundy, or Cunan (Sp?

>the guy who killed Versace)?

> I doubt it.


Right on as we used to say in the Ice Age. I think Timothy McVeigh was cute and so was Albert de Salvo (good with his hands you have to admit). All the theories about Jack the Ripper suggest he was a charming upper class man, more attractive to those whores than their average johns. I'm sure that made a difference as he was vivisecting them.


The other issue that I often notice with escorts is an astonishing self-centeredness. In other words they are taking a huge risk having me in their places after the usual exchanges of emails (I always describe myself as Jabba the hutt) and at least one phone call (I always insist on one). But when I am inviting one over I'm not taking any risks, for all escorts are angels.


I'll accept that some clients are psychos and more are not so nice, but believe me in thirty some years of hiring I've met

my share of psycho escorts.


I include the "nice dude" from AOL recently who arrived reeking of BO and heaven knows what else, flying in the ether from some substance he must just have cooked up in his sty, with 'tude for miles, nothing like the picture he had sent and with a menacing demeanor.


I had to threaten to hit him upside the head with my phone to get him to leave -- people always ask why I've kept a heavy old fashioned phone --and then had to explain the dust up to my --- thank the dear, former --- landlady, a nosy old drunken cunt. May she meet Mrs. Havisham's fate and SOON.


So yes, the risk is ALWAYS on the escort's side and we clients are all hideous, smelly freaks just living to menace or endanger them.


By the way, for what it's worth, I ALWAYS tell an escort I'm seeing for the first time I allow a ten minute (fully clothed, no sex) period for talk and inspection (of me and my premises as well of him and his where relevant). I'll pay minimum $50 (sometimes more if he's traveled a ways) if the vibes are wrong on either side, and no harm done or hard feelings.


Yet I've had escorts tell me that was a 'BAD SIGN'.


I point out it's to protect them as well as me. If they hate my looks, get a bad feeling from me or my place or just aren't in the mood it lets them off the hook with a lot more than just cab fare. But I give myself the same out -- without their running the risk of our attempting to have whatever passes for sex and THEN my trying to reduce what I'll pay because it was a "disappointment" for me. (If I go forward, I pay even if it is a disappointment).


I support the right of sex workers to define their limits (who wants to pay someone with a limp dick on the brink of hurling?). But sometimes the baggage that goes with it, the defensive posturing usually with an implicit put down of clients surprises and occasionally annoys me.



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Guest ChicagoCorey

Incredibly well said...


Both sides should certainly have an out. This isn't a blind date, people; it's not time to "play polite." If the situation isn't going to work, it's best for either side to say it. I think this applies mostly to clients, however; an escort should be professional enough to handle almost all situations, but that's just my opinion.


Likewise, the "safety" excuse for a picture is a crock. There's nothing "safe" about having someone's picture. A psycho guy's gonna be psycho if you have his picture or not.


As far as the excuse that "an undercover cop wouldn't send his picture", this is also BS. If a situtation seems like a potential bust, then don't go into it -- picture or not. It's that simple. (There are also other tricks to figure out if someone may be a law enforcement official that make a lot more sense.)


Like I've said in previous threads on this topic, if a guy wants to send me his picture, I welcome knowing what I'm getting into. But for an escort to expect one says a lot more about the escort than any response to that picture ever would.



[email protected]

new site and pictures


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This is the first posting of yours I remember seeing.


Welcome to this site. Your one review makes me wish that CT was closer to SD than it is.


Please keep responding. We don't get enough of the escort's point of view.



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Guest Tampa Yankee

I had to threaten to hit him upside the head with

my phone to get him to leave -- people always

ask why I've kept a heavy old fashioned phone --and

then had to explain the dust up to my ---

thank the dear, former --- landlady, a nosy old drunken

cunt. May she meet Mrs. Havisham's fate and SOON.


Al, you are sooooo funny... LOL :-)


BTW I only send a pic when they ask for my rates. :-)

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