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Long-term Escort/Client Relationships

Guest jeffOH

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Guest jeffOH

I have several clients who I have been seeing for 5 or more

years. I've often wondered what keeps them coming back year after

year. Some of these gentlemen have expressed (unsolicited)why they continue to see me after all this time. I've found some

of their reasons to be quite interesting, often not what I'd

expected to hear.


Upon occasion, I've been getting ready to see a client who I've

seen maybe a few hundred times and wondered how I can continue

to keep this experience fresh and interesting for the both of us.

I'd like to hear from both escorts and clients on this topic.



[ [email protected] ]

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Guest jeffOH

Thanks Rick, I always appreciate the occasional chuckle we can

get from this site. But really, I have a client that I've been

seeing for 8 years now. It started out to be a couple of times a

months and now I see him every week, if not every 4 or 5 days.

I guess we've developed a relationship of sorts, but I was

wondering what clients are thinking about these long-term relationships. Is it an emotional bond? How will they feel when

the escort with whom they have had a long-term relationship


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Since you are posting your questions here, I am assuming that you do not have this kind of dialog with your clients. I honestly believe that that is the only place you can get your questions answered accurately.


I could speculate that your long term client is in love with you and would be devastated if you stopped seeing him. I could also speculate that he finds you incredibly sexy and enjoys having sex with you...period; if you leave, he has the burden of finding a new sex partner to replace you, but he's not emotionally connected so it doesn't bother him much beyond the inconvenience involved. The truth likely is somewhere in between.

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Guest WetDream

Ever thought about discussing these issues with your client? I am sure he has thought about your relationship as well.

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Guest jeffOH

>Ever thought about discussing these issues

>with your client? I

>am sure he has thought

>about your relationship as well.


I have discussed this with a couple of my clients, but I was

hoping to get some feedback from clients and other escorts who

have been similar situations. I suppose I'd really like

greater insight as to what clients are feeling about the escorts

in these long-term relationships and how others have dealt with

such issues. Thanks!

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As for me, if I ever found myself seeing the same escort for as long as you indicate and as often as well, I would long ago have stopped considering him to be just an escort (even if I was still continuing to pay for each visit). I would believe that we had achieved an intimacy and knowledge of each other that was way beyond a customer/escort relationship. I would consider the escort my best friend, my lover even. How could I not feel so after such an extended relationship? If you do not feel this way, Jeff, than I think you owe it to your customer to be honest with him as soon as possible. No one sees one person for so long without building up a lot of emotional attachments.

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I have been seeing my "regular" escort for almost 4 years, approximately once a month, for the last 2. Do I consider him a friend? Yes. Does he consider me a friend? I think so. Do we know a lot about each other? Yes. Do I consider him a bestbud, boyfriend or lover? No. Will I be devastated when he retires? I will certainly miss him and be sad, but devastated not. Why do I keep going back. We suit each other, are compatable both inside and outside the bedroom, and he fullfills my needs. I'm usually not comfortable on my first meeting with an escort, so once I find something I like, I keep going back.

I'm sure any client escort relationship that has continued for 8 years works on many levels, not just the sexual. I would think you would have a very strong idea of where your client is coming from, even without specifically discussing it. And I would think you could discuss these issues pretty freely, unless you know deep down that he is "in love" with you and will be devastated.

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Thanks, Rick; I got a good laugh out of your comment. Seeing one

escort that often for so many years is unusual. But, I'd be very

interested to know if the encounters are just about sex or sex and a lot of conversation. Also, how do the escorts feel about the clients? Is there an element of friendship there? Do the

clients know the details of your personal lives and vice versa?

This is an interesting subject, but you didn't give us many details.

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Jeff, I've had continuing contact with a few escort for up to three years. It is never an exclusive because I value variety in my sex life.


I keep seeing these guys because they are a sure thing: consistently good times. They always find some way to vary the experience so it is always even better than the last time.


One of them pulled a no-show one evening and that was my last contact. I was pretty upset by it and almost became a stalker as I tried to find out what happened. I was more upset about losing a friend who regularly pleased me and less of a jilted lover.


As a recap: it is consistently good times and a touch of variety that keeps me bringing a guy back.



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Guest jeffOH

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond to this

thread. I've been able to tell for some time now that this client

REALLY likes me. I've had clients tell me that they were in love

with me, but I talked to them about it and they seem to be keep-

ing our relationship in the proper perspective. This client will

upon occasion in the midst of sex tell me he loves me. The most

I EVER say is, "That's really sweet of you," or simply "You're

so sweet." I've been very careful not to lead him on in any way

because I make a point not to play upon a client's emotions as

I know some escorts do.


It's not just about the sex...there is some conversation. We do

have some mutual interests. We've never gone out to dinner and

we've only done the overnight thing 3 or 4 times. I almost feel

like James Caan's character in MISERY and he's Kathy Bates. I

guess he's my #1 fan. More than an hour is exhausting with him.

I like him, but I hesitate to call him a good friend...he's

what I'd call a circumstantial friend. Once the circumstances

change so will the relationship.


I've tried to lay the groundwork for my impending retirement

and a potential move, but the expression on his face just

devastates me. I just want to handle this in the best possible

manner and I appreciate all the feedback I can get on this topic.


http://[email protected]

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Guest ibimusbtms

I hired an escort in LA about 4 years ago. Had a great time with him. Turned out, after the next time I hired him that he and I had similiar interests and friends! Ultimately, I ended up sharing an apartment in LA with the guy. We are best friends, the sex has long stopped, but I'm happy with the relationship we now have.

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Guest squaddie

I met a certain escort who made me feel so good (its difficult to describe) that he was the only one I visited for 15 years. I really looked forward to out next encounter. Eventually he gave up because he considered himself 'too old', but I have never been able to repeat the wonderful times I had with him with any other escort.

I paid him because it was his living, however, there were times when he would stay with me all night without the extra fee. He worked for an agency where the owner was paranoid about his boys making contact outside his establishment so in general it was through him I made contact. It became difficult to give him a tip as he would try to refuse it. There were times when he met me without the owner knowing but it always made me jittery because I knew he would be finished if the agency owner found out.

I know he was an escort but as far as I'm concerned he was the nicest sexual partner I've had. I am still in the closet and when he gave up escorting I let him slip by. I've regretted it ever since.

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Guest JustANametoPlay

This is one of those everyone is diferent issues. If you find a place to dine that you really enjoy, don't you keep going back?

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Guest jizzdepapi



because of the money this guy has invested in you over the years, have you thought about treating him to an overnite (on the house) in a luxury hotel? what a treat that would be for him!


maybe i'm obnoxious to suggest this and maybe it would be harmful if you need to start distancing yourself from him before you retire, but it sure would be a classy thing to do and, i would think, totally thrill him!


once in a while my papi (i actually have two main papis) brings along one of his friends that he knows i dig and i get to service him--as a big treat. i like that kind of treatment!



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Guest graymit

This is such an interesting topic. As a regular client of a number of wonderful escorts, I can tell you that friendships can develop and it is best to confront a client on how to make the experience for both more fun.


I have been seeing a spectacular escort in London (I travel a lot for work so for now I do get to see him quite often)and I know we have developed a friendship that has gone beyond the regular client/escort relationship. But he is very professional and knows how to maintain a professional distance when we are not together. That makes me pretty sad, but it also makes me realize thathe has a life without me and also makes me put into perspective our relationship. I know if he was not passionately in love with another man that he has been with for over a dozen years, I would be praying that we fell in love with each other.


But to get to the point, for me the client, I just love touching, caressing, holding, kissing, licking, laughing, playing, massaging and experiencing life with this fabulous man. That's enough for me and I think its enough for him as well. I always do try a little something different each time I am with him and actually wish he were a little more experimental with me.


He has told me he will retire someday and I told him I could give up the sex with him begrudgingly, but I would not give up the friendship without a fight. And truthfully, I don't think he would either. Bottom line is don't make this issue a bigger deal than it is. We are all adults and if loosing an escort to retirement is the worst experience in ones life, than that person has been a pretty lucky guy.

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