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Ewan McGregor


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I was doing a little channel surfing this evening and came across a movie on IFC entitled "The Pillow Book". I watched it a little and one of the scenes showed two men in bed having sex, one of which was Ewan McGregor! In a later scene, there were deveral sequences where we got full frontal nudity of McGregor, and I must say i was impressed: nice body and a nice cock! It wasn't hard, but soft it appeared to be about three of four inches and it was THICK!! That's what I love about this channel, you never know what you'll see!

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered: Doctor.....WHO?????"

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Guest bottomboykk

First of all, what is IFC? I'm not familiar with that channel.


Second, yes, isn't that a wonderful cock? I love uncut, and that's a beautiful specimen!!!

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Guest Gentle Dude

Ewan was also nude (full frontal) in "Velvet Goldmine", minus all the tattoos in "The Pillow Book." Now if only "Moulin Rouge" had similar scenes, it might have done a lot better in the box office. :)

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>Ewan was also nude (full frontal)

>in "Velvet Goldmine", minus all

>the tattoos in "The Pillow

>Book." Now if only "Moulin

>Rouge" had similar scenes, it

>might have done a lot

>better in the box office.




Yes, I'm sure Mrs. Cruise would have enjoyed that as well after her long period of going without :o). In the sequences I was referring to, Ewan did not have the writing on his chest, so I was able to savor everything!!!!

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered: Doctor.....WHO?????"

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Bravo USED to feature full frontal male nudity, but it changed policies drastically a few years back. Not only do they run commercials (used to be commercial-free), but they started doing this funky cutting. I saw MAURICE on Bravo, and I was surprised that the scenes with Rupert Graves were altered. Instead, at a critical moment, the aspect would suddenly change, and you'd see the whole scene in a closeup which eliminated anything between the thighs and the top of the pubes.


I dropped Bravo, so I don't know if they still do this, but for a channel which started out as a gay haven, they certainly disappointed their most loyal customers/viewers.

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>Bravo USED to feature full frontal

>male nudity, but it changed

>policies drastically a few years

>back. Not only do they

>run commercials (used to be

>commercial-free), but they started doing

>this funky cutting. I saw

>MAURICE on Bravo, and I

>was surprised that the scenes

>with Rupert Graves were altered.

>Instead, at a critical moment,

>the aspect would suddenly change,

>and you'd see the whole

>scene in a closeup which

>eliminated anything between the thighs

>and the top of the



>I dropped Bravo, so I don't

>know if they still do

>this, but for a channel

>which started out as a

>gay haven, they certainly disappointed

>their most loyal customers/viewers.




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While I can't say if Bravo will or will not currently show frontal nudity, I don't think they have abandoned their gay audience. In Celebration of Pride week they are featuring the "Out of the Closet Fesival" from 6/18-6/23. I've copied an article from Planet Out which talks about a new series on Bravo.



by Christine Champagne

June 15, 2001


If you've ever fantasized about "The Real World" having an entirely gay and lesbian cast, tune into Bravo's "Gay Riviera." The reality series, which debuts Monday, June 18 at 10 p.m. EST and airs the following four nights at the same time, offers an enlightening look into the lives of a diverse group of gays and lesbians living in New York City and Miami.


Among the fascinating folks you'll meet are Chloe, a vivacious 24-year-old lipstick lesbian who dreams of becoming a pop star. Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Chloe's relations with most of her family members are strained: They simply can't accept her homosexuality.


Then there is Dion, another New York City resident. The 22-year-old, an avid wrestler, clubgoer and regular church attendee, rooms with a much older man he sees as a father figure. Dion tends to go out with older men, but he is hoping to meet someone closer to his own age.


In Miami, the cast includes Sabrina, a 37-year-old fashion stylist who allows two of her gay male friends, Gregory and Jamie, to share her small apartment with her. It isn't long before all hell breaks loose.


Sabrina's best friend is Reesa, a 37-year-old bartender whose childhood found her bouncing around from foster home to foster home.


It's impossible not to be intrigued by the lives of Chloe and the others. Image Group Entertainment's Randy Levinson, who executive-produced the program along with Bill Dalessandro Jr., admits that he and his crew became attached to their subjects. "You get very protective, and you're rooting for them," he says.


Case in point: "When Chloe gets her first singing gig in front of a live audience, you're really hoping she does great," he says, "and you're nervous when she's nervous."


Levinson and his team found Chloe and the rest of the participants through word of mouth. They were looking for people who were willing not just to talk about their lives but to truly expose them. As to why these people were eager to reveal their innermost thoughts and personal experiences, Levinson says, "I think a lot of them felt like there aren't enough gay and lesbian people being portrayed on reality television."


Actually, that is what drew Levinson, who is gay, to this project. "I'm not sure I would have done this if it weren't about gay and lesbian people," he says.


"Gay Riviera" was shot over the course of about three months. Among the most memorable moments in Levinson's mind is one in which Dion went back to his old Brooklyn neighborhood to get his hair braided at a hair salon. "In that salon, he had to confront homophobia, and we got that on camera," Levinson says. (The incident is featured during the episode airing Wednesday, June 20.)


While Levinson finds that scene unforgettable, he notes that it wasn't easy to edit this series. The producers had more than 600 hours of footage to sort through. "The real challenge was: 'How can you tell this person's life story in this amount of time?' In the end, we boiled it down to what seems to be the essence of this person at this time in their life," he says.


After this eight-part series ends, might we see more of these people or perhaps a new crew of uninhibited gay and lesbian subjects? "We're talking about that, and we're hoping that Bravo will order more," Levinson says.


By the way, in addition to checking out "Gay Riviera," you'll want to tune into Bravo all this week as the network presents its annual "Out of the Closet Festival." From Monday, June 18 through Saturday, June 23, Bravo will air gay-themed programming, including the films "The Opposite of Sex" and "Wilde" (based on the life of writer Oscar Wilde) and the documentary "The Celluloid Closet." For more info, check out the Queer TV listings.

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Guest Bitchboy

RE: Bravo (was Ewan McGregor)


Bravo is a well-intentioned cable station, but I pulled my plug on it a few years ago when it was still a pay channel. Even then, while there were no commercials, nudity and vulgar language were snipped out of films. Later, they dropped the premium status and made no pretention of competing with the other pay channels. At the time, I paid the same price for Bravo as for HBO, Cinemax or any of the other premiums. While their films always appealed to me the censorship didn't.

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Guest bottomboykk

He's the Scottish actor who's been in tons of movies ("Trainspotting," "The Pillow Book," and most notably the "Star Wars" prequel as Obi-wan Kenobi) in recent years. He's notable in part for constantly exposing his penis, something for which many of us here thank him!


You can see him nude at: http://www.redlighthost.com/celebrities/vchip/Ewan.html

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Guest Gentle Dude

>Who is Ewan McGregor?


He's the leading man of Nicole Kidman in Moulan Rouge, currently showing in the movie theaters. Not only does he have a nice dick, he also has a nice singing voice. :)

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>He's a very good actor who

>likes to show off his

>really nice dick. Isn't that

>enough? :9


uhh... good point.

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