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Need advice.....never hired an escort before....:P

Guest peterlau

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Guest peterlau

Hi everyone,


After looking at reviews at this web site, I am very

excited and want to hire an escort.


But this would be my first time hiring an escort, and

worse is it would be my first time trying gay sex in

my whole life.


I am worried about

- what need to pay attention to when negotiating services (things that can be done),

- when to use condom (eg do blowjobs need condome to prevent STD), etc...?

- And even kissing - any thing that I need to do to minimize risk?


Please , please help me with these!


Thanks a million



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Guest Esc_Tracker

Welcome to the crowd, Pete. Here is my advice for what it's worth.


>I am worried about

>- what need to pay attention

>to when negotiating services (things

>that can be done),


BEFORE meeting the escort, ask him by e-mail or phone how much he charges for how long. Also ask him if he is prepared to perform the acts you are interested in before hiring him. If you still want to try him after he has defined his limits, accept them.


>- when to use condom (eg

>do blowjobs need condome to

>prevent STD), etc...?


Unless you or your escort has serious gum disease, mouth sores, or obvious warts or lesions on his genitals or anus, you are *probably* in the clear. While not non existent, the risk of serious STD without a condom for oral sex is very low. Your risks of catching a cold or a flue, on the other hand, are quite high, which is why some escorts won't kiss.


On the other hand, some (though relativley few) escorts will insist on using a condom for oral sex. Ask beforehand, and if you decide to proceed anyway, accept his limits.


NEVER have anal sex without a condom unless you are suicidal.


>- And even kissing - any

>thing that I need to

>do to minimize risk?


The only completely safe form of sexual activity is abstinance.


>Thanks a million


You're welcome.



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Guest peterlau

thanks for the advice.


another qustion...does anyone inspect an escort before engaging in any physical contact.


I was just reading on herpes, hepititas, syphillis, etc... all seem to be transmissible simply by body contact, even without any exchange of bodily fuild.


also....I would very much love wet kissing....how risky is this?



thanks again!

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Guest Esc_Tracker

>thanks for the advice.


>another qustion...does anyone inspect an escort

>before engaging in any physical



Well, obviously open sores and skin discolorations should be signs for caution, but most escorts are clean and are going to resent intrusive cavity searches unless you have paid up front. :-)



>I was just reading on herpes,

>hepititas, syphillis, etc... all seem

>to be transmissible simply by

>body contact, even without any

>exchange of bodily fuild.


You should perhaps check with your doctor. I believe hepatitis requires the exchange of blood or semen. Herpes *normally* requires open sores or a rash, and syphilis is easily treated with antibiotics.



>also....I would very much love wet

>kissing....how risky is this?


Have you ever heard of a kissing booth where women sometimes kiss all comers for a dollar for charity? That should give you an idea of how *un*risky wet kissing is.


But if you are this worried you should check with a doctor at a community clinic. Or if you are too shy to ask, there will probably be STD pamflets available to read in the waiting room.



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Guest Monopolizer

I would recommend you receive the Hepatitis vaccinations if you haven't already. One of the series requires a couple of injections over a six month period. Talk to your doctor about it.

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Pete, welcome to the wonderful world of gay escorting. It has brought me, and most of the posters on this site, great pleasure.


I have two pieces of advice:


Use this site to pick the escort. Read the reviews carefully to find the fit with your expectations of the session. Do you want someone to take charge? Do you want someone who is truly versatile? Do you want a twink, a daddy, a bear, a muscleboy?

Be alert ot cue words to describe someone who is aloof or too passive, etc.


Then, make the contact by phone and tell the guy that you are a first timer for both gay sex and escorting (I guess the second part is obvious, given the first). Discuss how important it is that you have a good time and what you want.


With the right choice of escort, your first time could be a very HOT memory for you and a good time for him.


Let us know how it works out, please.



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Guest peterlau

thanks everyone for your valuable advice!


I am determined to have my first time this coming tuesday! Last night, I just called an escort agent which I found from this web site.


and after I called last night...I could not sleep at all!


I just cannot keep images of muscular hunky men out of my mind!

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