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Fin Fang Foom is back and BOY is he pissed!!!

Guest Fin Fang Foom

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

Just kidding boys and girls. I did that to get your attention. However, I do have a (non)controversial question...........


I'm sure there's one out there, but I can't think of a single review where the guy says "He asked for the money up front and everything went swimmingly." Anytime I've read where the guy asked for the money up front, the encounter was a trainwreck.


I have never been asked for money up front and if a guy requested it, I would say: "Thank you for coming over, but this obviously isn't going to work - here's $10 for cab fare." Even if he backed down on it at that point, it would still be over for me.


I don't get why these guys give the money up front. As I sit here, the only thing I can think of where you put up your money first is gambling.


It seems that the guys who ask for it upfront tend to be strippers and "second tier" escorts.


Have any of you paid first (and why?!?) and still had the encounter work out fine?



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I've had successful encounters when paying up front.


I posted on another thread that one of last year's top-four on this site asked for payment in advance. He was very sheepish about it but he explained that he's been stiffed by new clients in the past.


It was an *asoundingly* great encounter. The next time I see him, I'll hand over the cash when I come through the door and not even bring up the subject. If getting the "business" part out of the way lets him concentrate more on me than on whether I'll pay him, I'll go with it.


Of course, that's with an "A" list escort (which is just about all I hire these days). With a "B" list escort, who has no reputation (either good or bad), it might raise red flags in my head.


I suspect one reason you don't see good reviews mentioning payment up front is because it doesn't really matter in a good encounter. In a bad encounter, it is generally a contributor to making the encounter bad and will be mentioned.

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Gambling isn't the only time when you pay up front.


It's not that unusual nowadays for doctors to get (at least

part of) their money first.


I once saw a lawyer who asked for his fee before a half

hour or so of consultation. I asked why, and he said

"sometimes people forget their checkbooks". I took my

checkbook out and put it on the table (roughly analogous

to putting an escort's $$$ on the dresser) but that

didn't satisfy him. I told him to go fly a kite.


I once had a decent time with an escort who asked for money

first. But every other time I was disappointed (or worse);

my personal rule now is to not pay escorts first.

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>I've had successful encounters when paying

>up front.


Me, too.


>I suspect one reason you don't

>see good reviews mentioning payment

>up front is because it

>doesn't really matter in a

>good encounter. In a bad

>encounter, it is generally a

>contributor to making the encounter

>bad and will be mentioned.


I agree. I have had a very few cases where they did ask for it and the the session went very well and it wasn't worth mentioning in the review.

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Guest DCescortBOY

i'm often OFFERED the money first. some clients aren't sure how things should go.

i always just say that we can deal with that part afterwards.

i've NEVER asked for money up-front and i will never do so.

just not my style. i'd rather be stiffed on the fee than be gauche.

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>Have any of you paid first

>(and why?!?) and still had

>the encounter work out fine?


I've told this story so many times that I'm sure many of that you are bored with it. My very first encounter with an escort was with an escort who used to work for Maximum Escorts. I used their fantasy service to act out a very detailed fantasy. The fantasy was so specific that I even specified the kind of socks and underwear that I wanted him to wear. Everything was spelled out in a very detailed e-mail. Maximum used to do incalls and I took advantage of that. Their incall location was in an apartment that was located west of Times Square.


The apartment didn't have a buzzer so the escort had to come downstairs to let me in and I immediately liked what I saw. (Since this was my first time you can imagine how nervous I was and the kind of thoughts that were racing through my head.) When we got upstairs, we chatted for a minute or two and then the escort said something to the effect of "We need to take care of business first. You know what the rate is." Since this was my first time I had no idea what to do. I took the money out of my wallet, counted it and tried to hand it to him. It was his turn to be nervous, because he refused to take it and practically shouted "Leave it on the table!" and I did what he asked.


Things went down hill for a few very painful minutes, because his next comment was "I read you e-mail, but I need to hear in your own words exactly what you want us to do together." (Like I already said my e-mail was very detailed.) I felt that that sequence -- i.e., money followed by "what do you want to do" -- was so dangerously close to solicitation that I almost bolted. I was convinced that I had somehow managed to get caught up in an undercover sting operation. To this day, I don't know HOW I was able to answer his question. Fortunately, he was a real escort.


Things got better after that. He really got into the fantasy. (At the beginning, I was so nervous that he was more into it than I was!) It worked out great and I would use Maximum again.

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Guest jizzdepapi

good question. fyi: burger king and macdonalds get their money up front.


i always offer a portion of the fee up front. i usually hire for overnite, so offer 1/3 of the fee (which might be from 200-300 upfront). i like to offer a significant amount of money up front so that there is no question in the escort's mind that i intend to pay. i offer a significant enough portion that i know i am at risk of an escort leaving and not coming back (which hasn't happened yet) but 2/3 of the fee is still enough for them to stick around and collect.


i do this with my regulars as well, not just the first date. i'm comfortable with it. before i started doing this, i was asked for payment up front only once, by a well-known escort on this site and offered 1/3. he lived with that and was very happy with the rest of his payment and a significant tip after a really great session.




p.s.: i would never leave all of the payment in plain sight for an escort. assuming the worst case, that he was a ripoff artist, why wouldn't he take it and split without performing? i'm not a big, musuclar guy and am sure that most escorts i engage could overtake me.

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