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Report on Tommy, Taboo, and Montreal


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Tommy celebrated his 23rd birthday at Taboo on Friday, June 1, and everyone sang "Happy Birthday." His dazzling smile never stopped. Tommy is more charming and handsomer than ever. During his slow nude dance, his body reminded me of Hermes on the column in the Temple of Diana - beautiful pecs, abs, legs, but his own wonderful smile. Tommy is currently taking one course, in math, a prerequisite. In September he will go to university full time and no longer dance.


Lucas and Brendan celebrated their 7th anniversary (months) on Sunday the 3rd. They leave on Wednesday for a three week honeymoon in France. Lucas is from Paris and intends to show Brendan (from New Brunswick) the best of the city. One night they will have a sunset dinner at one of the restaurants in the Eiffel Tower, and another evening he has the dinner cruise on a bateau mouche planned. (If you don't know these two dancers, they are two of the cutest and nicest early-20s dancers around. Both have very nice bodies, somewhat muscular, and their asses are delectable. They are also both very bright.)


Cutest Young Twink is Joey, who has been at Taboo for a week now. He has a round, sweet face, a nice torso (not thin at all) and the cutest bubble butt in the house, which he enjoys having petted. He actually purred with pleasure as I stroked him.


Hottest Hunk is Bruce! Wow! He looks like a young Lex Barker, even has the lock of jet black hair falling over his forehead. He is at the upper limit of the body-type for Taboo; he is very well muscled with beautiful pecs, a solid 6 pac, a tapered waist, and wonderful round ass. He is in no way a massive guy but beautifully proportioned. And with a great smile. The whole back room steams up when he is there, so get on his dance card early.


The Ogre-at-the-Door was there as usually, but seemed quite mellow. The boys were very willing and cooperative and I had a great time.


For some variety, I went down to STOCK. Nary a twink in sight. Two of the dancers were Hulk Hogan types, but the other 16 were great - all guys who worked out regularly, had great bodies with lots of definition, and enjoyed showing off. There was little action in the back room, and one of the dancers told me it is still pre-tourist season and most of the customers were regulars, who don't tip. WELL!. I took advantage. The dancers were eager to make some money, and so, very cooperative. It was very enjoyable, and quite different from Taboo.


Montreal has something/someone for everyone.

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