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The Rebirth of this Site


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Hey guys, let's turn this around.


What kinds of things would you like to see discussed here? How can we make this site more interesting and valuable to us all?


They're must be some good ideas out there. So, please don't be shy!

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Guest blankman

Here are some games I think would be fun, but I am also worried that others might object or think they would just create friction.


So please don't flame me -- I'm just throwing stuff out for the hell of it.



Contest/vote: which of all the posted reviews of escorts are:


(1) the least believable and outrageous?

(2) the hottest? (as porn narrative) (not exclusive with 1 above)

(3) the most charming/endearing?

(4) greatest "review debut" for an escort?


One proviso would have to be that no review considered could be posted after today (we don't want outrageous fake reviews put up just to be in a contest).


B. ESCORT PICTURES. A consensus statement by leading experts on what to show, and how to show it off, and what not to do (tastes differ, so reaching a consensus may be impossible).


C. BIOGRAPHICAL NARRATIVE. Clients are invited to communicate what their all-time best (or worst) escort experience was, and WHY (no names or revealing information, please). Ditto for escorts (your most enjoyable/most disastrous trick).


D. COSMO-QUIZ: Pick and/or rank out of the following 50 (?) attributes (...to be announced...) the ones you most desire/require in an escort (or, client!)


E. ESCORT NAMES: Best names for escorts. Are some names "twink" names and other names "bear" names? Do tops get/assume different names from bottoms? Is Franck of Paris related to the composer?



To energize things, we need contests with PRIZES (I can certainly imagine some prizes I'd like to win... and I'm not talking about cash). So step right up, escorts who wish to volunteer their services (or any super-wealthy clients who no longer need that third Jaguar).


Fancifully yours,



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Guest regulation

To me, this site is only valuable to the extent that it remains a consumer information site. There are plenty of gay-oriented chat rooms and message boards on the Web where people can post and read adolescent jokes about sex. Is another one really necessary? I think not. This site alone features frank discussions of the quality of particular escorts and of issues like overnights, tipping, negotiating fees and others. I'd like to see the site continue to focus on what makes it unique.

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