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Chad Slater/Kyle Bradoford's real name

Guest ItalianLover

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Guest ItalianLover

Coffee Bean encounter


i wont say this to mean that Tom's personal life is of great interest ( rather annoying that ones could not have some private time) , but since we are in LA , i guess we "should" gossip.


So , there you go.


About 2 months ago is saw Tom Cruise and this beautiful guy togheter at the "Coffee Bean " in Santa Monica , Main St.This was just prior the announcement of the divorce.I would not swear was Kyle , but darn if they look similar.


So Tom ,get over yourself and let's stop playing stupid games , we all know you are queer like the rest of us , nobody cares that much anyway , and i doubt your lesbian wife will have much to argue with the judge ( by the way , suing for 100 million dollar is NOT admitting ? geez , thought with all those money and lawyers youd' know better)


well, there you go

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Well, whoever it was who remarked in an earlier post that Chad Slater sounds more like a porn name than Kyle Bradford was right. According to the Enquirer, his real name (?) is Phil Notaro. I guess Phil Notaro finally sounds like a real name. Notaro's estranged wife claims he kept telling her he was going to meetings with Tom, including ones involving air travel. Assuming he did go to Hawaii to meet him as claimed, there would seem to be some evidence as to whether they got together or not. I mean, either Cruise went to Hawaii at the same time or he didn't. Or are VIP's allowed to board airplanes under assumed names?

And it seems that Notaro's "agent" was the convicted panderer David Forest himself (I do feel bad for Forest's conviction, I would like to add), according to the article. Forest is quoted as saying Notaro used to have his schedule blocked off for a few days at a time due to meetings with Cruise. It's starting to look as if maybe Cruise should have just shut up about the original (French) article...

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Guest loverboy

>I mean, either Cruise went

>to Hawaii at the same

>time or he didn't.

>Or are VIP's allowed to

>board airplanes under assumed names?


I don't know for sure - maybe they are, but Cruise and those in his league usually fly by private plane, either theirs or someone else's, and that probably means that they can use any name they want, if indeed they have to list a name at all.


>It's starting to look as

>if maybe Cruise should have

>just shut up about the

>original (French) article...


That might have been wiser in *any* case.

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Guest regulation

U, what you bring up is interesting but probably not relevant. Statements that Slater (or whatever his name is) made to others can't be admitted in court to prove that the statements are true.


Generally speaking, if there's something about your personal life that you want to hide, the worst thing you can do is to file a lawsuit in which your personal life becomes relevant. I don't know whether Cruise is aware of this, but Bert Fields certainly is.


I'm sure you remember what happened to Oscar Wilde as a result of the suit he brought. A more recent example would be the suit brought by actress Pam Dawber to gain custody of the children of the late singer Ricky Nelson from their mother, who Dawber claimed was unfit.


When Dawber was examined by the mother's attorney, he asked her about her own drug use, which she denied. He then asked whether, if her former "Mork and Mindy" co-star Robin Williams were to testify that the two had used drugs together, he would be lying. He had let it be known that Williams had been subpoenaed to testify. Dawber continued to deny that she had used drugs, but shortly after this round of questioning (and before Williams was called to the stand) she dropped the suit.

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RE: Coffee Bean encounter


>i wont say this to mean

>that Tom's personal life is

>of great interest ( rather

>annoying that ones could not

>have some private time) ,

>but since we are in

>LA , i guess we

>"should" gossip.


>So , there you go.


>About 2 months ago is saw

>Tom Cruise and this beautiful

>guy togheter at the "Coffee

>Bean " in Santa Monica

>, Main St.This was just

>prior the announcement of the

>divorce.I would not swear was

>Kyle , but darn if

>they look similar.


>So Tom ,get over yourself and

> let's stop playing stupid

>games , we all know

>you are queer like the

>rest of us , nobody

>cares that much anyway ,

>and i doubt your lesbian

>wife will have much to

>argue with the judge (

>by the way , suing

>for 100 million dollar is

>NOT admitting ?

>geez , thought with all

>those money and lawyers youd'

>know better)


>well, there you go




The cover of this week's National Enquirer...




I sense another lawsuit coming :o)

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