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Volunteer Moderators Wanted


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LAST EDITED ON May-12-01 AT 07:54PM (EST)[p]Hey gentlemen,


Because a former escort posted personal and private information about people (other escorts) and has threatened to post even more about other people, I have elected to make this a moderated site for the time being.


Either the posts will all go up in the evening when I have a chance to screen them or I can recruit a few volunteers who have proven themselve here to be upstanding individuals and people who subscribe to my philosophy, in general.(Well, that knocks out several people that I can think of!)


These volunteers would have the ability to throughout the day go in and check posts in the queue and determine their validity and unlock them. If the posts are questionable, the volunteers would leave the posts in the queue for me to make a final determination.


This is very important: The only posts that will NOT go up are those that are libelous, slanderous or create a problem for people who wish to remain anonymous. Asshole or disagreeable posts will still be allowed, but as always, will be frowned upon and sneered at in polite company. :-)


Yes, I want this to be a kinder, gentler place, but that does not mean that the free exchange of information, philosophy or opnion will be altered.

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