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What websites do y'all have memberships at? Which ones have the best webcams? I do enjoy those webcams on those evenings when fortune or schedule prevent more intimate companionship.


I *used* to have a membership at badpuppy, bedfellow, and Live & Raw. I dropped them when I realized I was spending 90% of my webcam time at keywestdudes. (That, and a little debacle with credit card fraud that caused their monthly charges to get rejected. ;-))


Just curious.

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Guest miketx



I currently have a bedfellow membership and have been searching for a better webcam site. I enjoy the variety of the different webcams, but replies to issues in their "Noise forum" are not very forthcoming & usually blame the user. They also add new sites that are very buggy & get a little upset if anyone complains. The webcams are the only content I view on the site & they do carry the Live & Raw feed. Did you join the Live & Raw site beause it had additional content? Bedfellow also carries the feed from a site called monsterbig. The premise is that they make actual porn movies & you can watch them being filmed. That can be a hoot to watch, since the guys that work there usually get it on at quitting time.


What I enjoy are the more voyeristic type sites & they haven't been easy to find. I looked at thugcam.com when it was first launched, but since it was only one site, I couldn't justify the membership price, I figured I'd get bored looking at the same people all the time. The streetlife site was reasonably priced & offered a webcam a couple of nights a week (this was probably two years ago) it wasn't a bad site, the only reason I dropped it was to join bedfellow for the live feeds.


Gaytv is a site I've thought about joining, they seem to carry alot of different content, but again, I couldn't justify the membership cost($40 a month). I am seriously considering the ahmen? site because they carry most of the same stuff as bedfellow, but for less bucks. The only reason I haven't is that my wallet isn't near the computer & I'm too lazy to go upstairs & get it (I respond well to advertising, so I keep the credit cards far from the pc).


The guy tanboy was advertising on his site about carrying some feeds from an adult book store. You need to join Cyberage or Sexkey to access his site. I was able to locate a Cyberage password & checked out his site but couldn't find the cams. Also the cyberage protected sites were as uninteresting as the ones on adultcheck and ugas.


As far as your Badpuppy membership went, was it worth the money? They seem to have alot of original content & extensive webcam sites. They also seem to prefer younger men & I prefer an older crowd (up to and including 40). LOL


Also SwingingRichards has been advertising (again) on their site that they soon will be carrying live feeds. Satyresite (I hope I spelled that right) carries some taped feeds from the weekend shows from Man's Country, I haven't seen them, since watching something taped kind of spoils it for me. Now if wetjeans.com every offers a webcam I'm there.



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>Did you join the Live & Raw site beause it

>had additional content?


Yes. Most of the Bedfellow feeds are "slimmed down" or "sample" versions of the real site. For L&R, there's a second channel that continually runs replays and there used to be talk of "replay on demand" on that second channel. Last time I looked, Bedfellow members didn't have access to that second channel.


BadPuppy wasn't "bad" but suffers from constant makeover. Every few weeks there's a new look (but little or no new content) and on every makeover there are broken links all over the place for several days. It gets annoying after a while.


>What I enjoy are the more

>voyeristic type sites & they

>haven't been easy to find.


That's one of the things I've come to like about keywestdudes.com. They do regularly scheduled "shows" but for the most part it's a voyeur site. I've actually sorta become "friends" with most of the guys in the house through the chat room.


I once signed up for a 3-day membership at satyrsite and it wasn't a good experience. I spent 2 days fighting broken links or pages that wouldn't load. When I complained, I got a lengthy and scathing message from the sight operator basically calling me stupid. (Honey, I've run websites -- it's what I do for a living -- don't call ME stupid when YOUR site doesn't work :-))


DirectLiveSex.com is another site I've dabbled with. It's a startup in Toronto with guys that got fed up with the guy that runs VideoSecrets. Last time I looked, they were still working out kinks but they were WAY friendly whenever I had a complaint or a comment.


It's a pretty scary landscape out there. They're all really "bleeding edge" technology-wise so you have to expect a few glitches here and there. Just wondering what others are viewing/experiencing.


Thanks for your feedback!

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I happened onto http://uspyonme.com/ about a year ago. The membership I have gets me into dudedorm and quite a few other sites, so I don't feel locked in to one site. Dudedorm is pretty hot, couple of gay guys, and a couple that say they're straight, and chat also. Most finish up their chat with a show (jack off), they take requests as to position, where to let it go, etc. Its the best I have seen and I think its very well worth the $16.95 a month. Some unreal hot men! Sheez... sorry, I don't mean to sound like a commercial for them...:)

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>Deej, on bedfellow, look in the

>vid archives under fetish I

>think, for "andrews dildo party"

>see if you recognize anyone:


>Matt(secret past)




That's almost enough to get me to sign up for bedfellow again. I *knew* you looked familiar for some reason! LOL

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