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Escort's Replys

Guest Nice Guy

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Guest Nice Guy

I wish, just for once, an Escort would admit to having an off night and not try and make excuses. I was reading Scott Matthews latest review and response and after all... a man with 40 some reviews can't be all bad and is shirley entitled to an off night. My point, DON'T make excuses.. simply admit it and move on. OH, and REFUND the fee.

Escorts seem to forget that just because they show up they are some how entitled to their fee. SORRY!!!! doesn't work that way boys!!!!(or it shouldn't).

For Scott to admit that he had another client that evening and didn't want his hair messed up... is really quite funny... not to mention embarrasing. When the "escort of the year" can't "read" his client something is wrong. THe fees charged should reflect more mental capasity for understanding a client then the physical equipment that accompanies the escort.

I had a discussion with Matt/Vancouver one time regarding a client who was not happy about the way the evening was going. Matt tried to tell me the Client should have said something.... well talk about romance out the window!!!!!

When I was seeing Brett Silvers on a very regular basis, we both had off nights... and just relaxed by the fire or watched a movie.

I have had numerious emails with Scott and I fully intend to see him when I get to NYC. I am sure I will find him every bit as charming as the bulk of his reviews. I look forward to the same with Rick Munroe. I really want to meet these gentlemen. But I would hope that it is on a good night for all. That is again, why I don't like hour sessions... it is just to hurried and no one can relax or get aquainted.

THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ME.... you will be major bucks ahead if you use your head and reschedule, or cancel and by all means refund, for services NOT rendered. I personally would book a gent for a solid week.. if he had that much honesty!!!!

Nice Guy

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Perfectly said!


Scott Matthew's reply was not satifactory. (Aside from that hair/head bullshit).


One off night out of 20 good reviews IS a good record for him. On the other hand, it was one off night out of one for Elwood, not to mention $600 out of his pocket .


We have to put up with con artists who take off with our money after a bad experience. But, someone of Scott's calibre should be concerned enough about his own reputation to offer a refund (total or partial) for a less-than-expected session.


With a top of the line escort, the motto should be "satisfaction guaranteed" not "caveat emptor."

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>I look

>forward to the same with

>Rick Munroe. I really

>want to meet these gentlemen.

> But I would hope

>that it is on a

>good night for all.



Getting together with Rick is always time well spent. :9 You also owe it to yourself to spend some time with his boyfriend Derek Ross. (Rick suggested that Derek and I get together and I'm very glad that I took his advice.) He's just as nice as Rick and equally good at what he does! I like them both so much, that I'm now seeing both of them (separately) on a fairly regular basis. }> :9

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LAST EDITED ON May-12-01 AT 09:42AM (EST)[p]>Perfectly said!


>Scott Matthew's reply was not satifactory.

> (Aside from that hair/head



>One off night out of 20

>good reviews IS a good

>record for him. On

>the other hand, it was

>one off night out of

>one for Elwood, not to

>mention $600 out of his

>pocket .


>We have to put up with

>con artists who take off

>with our money after a

>bad experience. But, someone

>of Scott's calibre should be

>concerned enough about his own

>reputation to offer a refund

>(total or partial) for a

>less-than-expected session.


>With a top of the line

>escort, the motto should be

>"satisfaction guaranteed" not

>"caveat emptor."



You BOTH said it better much than I could have. I couldn't agree with you more!

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Guest Tampa Yankee

It would be VERY refreshing and really repay BIG DIVIDENDS in the long run through very positive PR and 'word of mouth'. Unfortunately, very few take the long view preferring immediate remuneration to the longer term investment gains -- 'Wall Street myopia'. As I mentioned in a post last year, the prevalent attitude seems to be more that of an access fee in contrast to a service fee.


Part of the escort's assessment should include -- what is the potential loss of number of contacts resulting from a negative review (taken over time as the reviews hang around indefinitely) versus the potential gain in contacts resulting from a positive response from the escort or reviewer indicating how well the escort stood behind his services, making up for an off night. The net swing is likely to be very significant resulting in added business that makes the single fee refund or a complimentary make-up date 'business expense' insignificant. Alas, myopia is a widespread affliction.


Of course, this analysis falls down if off nights are the rule rather than the exception. :-(

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Since one of the things that an escort is selling you is discretion, it is very understandable IMHO that part of their fee should be an "access" fee. (Only part and not the major part.) You have penetrated his "firewall". You know many things about him which are only given out on a need to know basis. The more people who know those things, the less security he has. Yes, it may have been written about on this site, but for the majority of us it is hearsay. We could hardly testify against them in court, even if we were vice cops. I think that they should sell their security not just give it away. Their turnaway fee for just walking in the door should be about 20% of the agreed fee. Going up to 50% if you send them away after they have taken their clothes off. And somewhere in between if you talk about specific sex acts and fees in person before the scene. That kind of talk is quite enough to get them arrested.

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>turnaway fee for just walking

>in the door should be

>about 20% of the agreed

>fee. Going up to 50%

>if you send them away

>after they have taken their

>clothes off. And somewhere in

>between if you talk about

>specific sex acts and fees

>in person before the scene.

>That kind of talk is

>quite enough to get them



I would agree with a turnaway fee, unless the escort clearly misrepresents himself. I have twice refused to pay the escort one cent. In one case, the escort advertized as 28 and was at least in his mid-30s (this was a while ago before I decided to only hire escorts whose picture I've seen). I just said "Sorry, you're not nearly 28" and left. In the other case the guy described himself as "muscular" and was skin and bones when I saw him. I haven't had the experience yet for the escort whose pictures are clearly years old, but I'm ready for it.

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Guest Tampa Yankee



I agree with your view if we are talking about client expectations -- it seems fair and reasonable.


However, I wasn't referring to client expectations, rather escort business practices. There is no rule that those practices can not exceed client expectations. In fact my point is that for unusual occasions such as the rare off night, a practice that exceeds expectations can pay big divdends in the long run.

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Guest TantraGuy

Any escort, even if he is as highly regarded as Scott Matthews, is ripping a client off, if he does not do a 100% job. So what if his business was slow and he booked too many appointments? Elwood still got ripped off!!

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON May-12-01 AT 04:21PM (EST)[p]Pardon my constipation, but the log jam seems to have given way :-)

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

It's been said here many times before but it can never be repeated enough: you can tell more about an escort's personality from his response to a bad review than from anything else. I don't care if an escort has 43,000 fabulous reviews, if he gets one bad one and then replies like an asshole, guess what? He's an asshole with 43,000 fabulous reviews.


Even if I had never had a bad hook-up with Scott Matthews, after reading his response I would have come away thinking he was an idiot. And not just because he doesn't want his hair messed with - but rather because he's so stupid as to actually think his hair issue was a perfectly reasonable excuse for his behavior. <ring ring> "Hello, Clue Phone. Scott it's for you!"


I don't care how "hot" someone is or how big a cock they have, if a guy is a jerk, I don't want anything to do with him.


Last year, Marco in Boston got a bad review from a guy. On the face of it, Marco came off really bad. BUT, when he replied, he wasn't some pissy queen who was on the rag. He rationally explained the situation and came off intelligent and sympathetic. The bad review did zero damage to him.


Then of course, there is the now famous Jason Coxx response to his bad review. I think it's safe to say that his response generated more business for him than that wack-job bad review might have taken from him.

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>I had a discussion with Matt/Vancouver

>one time regarding a client

>who was not happy about

>the way the evening was

>going. Matt tried to

>tell me the Client should

>have said something.... well talk

>about romance out the window!!!!!




NG, I love ya to bits, but c'mon... we are not mind readers, and everyone gives off different indicators, beit body language, or a vocalization. But if there is nothing to go on, no 'signs' that something isn't right, how can an escort be faulted for not altering thier behaviour?

You have to understand that not everyone that hires escorts is as comfortable in these situations as you are. I have had several clients for whom I'm their first man to man encounter. This can cause nervousness, anxiety and fear. Sometimes those little 'signals' aren't present. How can we, as escorts, and regular non psychic, human beings, know if things are what the client wants, unless we are told?

Most good escorts are pretty intuitive, but there are times when even the best of us, just don't have anything to go on.

matt(I loves ya babee, and you are right in saying it's a romance killer, but isn't not enjoying your time together just as much a romance killer?)

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I agree with the above comment that an escort's response is more informative than ten good reviews. Scott's answer by emial to the client did show some concern, but was that because he feared a bad review on this site. If times were slow, an escort might overbook. In this case, Scott should have offered a session for half price or a 50% refund. For those of us that read the escort's response carefully that would have gotten our attention.

In fact, I have never booked Scott. If he had done the above,

I would think about emailing him for an appointment.

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Guest Nice Guy

well Matt, romance killer.... either way... it seems

I guess it is a tough call. I DO understand your point. But I have been lucky or tolerant I guess. If it is lust I am after I don't think I would have any problem is speaking up. If it was Roamance I wanted for the night I would be hard pressed to speak my mind... hopeing YOU could read it.

See you soon,


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