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Kel Gleason


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Guest poppedrice

Saw the Miss Universe...


Kel's 15 minutes of fame are up...good riddance! ;^)


Did somebody say Miss Universe? ;^)


The pageant was Miss Puerto Rico's to lose - she was finishing on top in all categories. She could have lost it in the final answer, though, IMHO, because she didn't answer it as eloquently as Miss Venezuela.


I was very surprised that Miss Venezuela ended up 3rd runner up. I think Greece should have been third instead of first runner up. And I think Venezuela should have won over Puerto Rico because of her eloquence.


I agree w/ the 5 finalists the judges chose, but what's up with some of their choices of the other 5 that made the top 10 - Miss France, I think, got the sympathy vote, because of all the hoopla about her being a transgendered female during the pageant (she wasn't - but boy, was her walk and stance very mannish, to put it mildly - she didn't deserve to be in the top 10). Miss Israel garnered attention when there was talk that her gown was going to be made of bullet proof material, and I think that's what got her into the judges' attention. Miss Russia was way off my radar - she never even got in my top 12 picks.


I agree with their choice of Nigeria and Spain in the top 10. They were in my list as well!


;^) And back to your regularly schedule programming!

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Kel Gleason is a major hottie.

I thought it was just me. Whenever I see him on T.V. I get an instant hardon.

The guy is pumped. I stopped watching after he was booted. By the way Colby looks good in snug jeans. ie..Rosies Show

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Guest LAPrada

My friends and I watched the Miss Universe pageant (while laughing and getting drunk!).


Ricky Martin was GREAT, but is he getting more "nelly" in his preformances? I cannot believe straight people haven't gotten the clue about him and Desmond! He's more "girly" than Scott Matthews!


Who was that OTHER gay act? "Bad Lay" or whatever they were called. That band actually won a Grammy? For what... Best AWFUL hip-swinging imitation of Ricky Martin? That lead singer MUST be gay!


Kel Gleason looked good last night... he ranked Greece as his top delegate...


Miss Greece or Miss Venezuela should have won. The judges were so biased... if ever there was a FIXED pageant, this was it. Miss Puerto Rico had bigger hips than a hippo. Beautiful face, but dumb as a post (although NOT as dumb as Elle and Naomi... "You have 35 Questions to answer").


Miss India was terrible... she looked like a dress up doll... she used way too much oil on her skin. She tried way too much and looked like a midget amongst the top five.


Miss USA looked better on Friday, but she tripped four times in preliminaries... how she made it that far is beyond me.


Miss Russia... that gown was beyond ugly... but not as ugly as...


Miss France... give me a break. She was only there 'cause of the shemale controversy. No, she's not a guy... just an unattractive girl that can't walk with a spinal injury that makes her not move her right arm. This was a total sympathy vote.


Miss Israel... another controvery girl... but she didn't even wear the bullet proof vest she said she would wear in evening gown.


Miss Nigeria... one of the most beautiful, but had no body. Toothpick galore.


Miss Colombia, South Africa, Korea or Philippines should have been in Top Ten over some of those girls.


Puerto Rico... what an awful venue. The people were obnoxious... one news column said if Miss Puerto Rico didn't win, there would be riots. I believe it! The press ONLY focused on Latin delegates... totally a crock. And having all those biased Puerto Rican judges... whatever.


LOL... okay, enough venting. I'm a former judge in the Miss USA system, so I like my pageants, but this year was totally rigged from the outgo... sad thing is, Puerto Rico is hosting next year's pageant as well. We may as well just keep Miss USA at home and mail the crown to the next Puerto Rican.


OK, going back to Kel Gleason. :>


Speaking of Survivor 2... did anyone see VH1's Rock-N-Roll Jeopardy. They had Colby, Elizabeth and Jeff (the nelly cheerleader) as contestants. Did you love how Jeff was the only one who knew the answers to the "Disco" questions. When Jeff missed the Alicia Bridges "I Love The Nightlife" question, he said "My friends will kill me for not knowing that".


Gee, I wonder what kind of friends Jeff has?! :> So gay... gotta love it!

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