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Little Bitty Pissant Country Place....


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Not to be a total showtune queen but...I thought these words of wisdom had a funny ring of truth here...boys get out your notebooks...many a bad review could be avoid with this simple advice....


Miss Mona's No-No rules:


No drinkin' allowed...

Keep your language clean....

Keep your bedrooms neat....

Don't hang around the town cafe and say "hi" on the street...

Mind your P's & Q's and manners and you don't need no other tools...

Beds are not to be wallowed in...and it don't make money...

No tying up my telephone with other people's business...

No tatoos...brands belong on cattle...and that ain't what we're sellin'...

Any bad habits you come in with get rid of right now...

Chewin' gum...it looks just like a cow...

Anyone takin' sick leave better be real sure their sick...

Keep your mind on your work responsiblities....

Don't let your mouth overload you capabilities...


And for Hooboy...

"Any questions you might have about the way I run this place...don't gripe and whine behind my back...just tell me face to face...I'm openminded...say it all...then go upstairs and pack...the doors that-a-way!"

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

>Not to be a total showtune

>queen but...I thought these words

>of wisdom had a funny

>ring of truth here...boys get

>out your notebooks...many a bad

>review could be avoid with

>this simple advice....


>Miss Mona's No-No rules:


I think it is quite ironic that this thread went up just after I found out that when I go to DC this coming Thursday thru Saturday, I am being treated to Orchestra section seats at the National Theater to see Ann Margaret as "Miss Mona" in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I am soooooo excited. And now that this thread precedes my trip, it kind of gives me this "field trip experience" feeling. But seriously, I am really looking forward to the trip. Ciao 4 now,




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Guest ChicagoCorey

Enjoy the show -- it just left Chicago. An old friend of mine is in it and is having a blast touring again. He got me comps but I wasn't able to make it (damn business and need for $$) but my friends who saw it had a great time.


I don't know about in DC -- but in Chicago, it also starred Mr. Gary Sandy (aka Randy Travis of WKRP in Cincinatti fame) -- unfortunately, he's not exactly ready to wear the tight jeans he was showing us in the early 80s.



[email protected]

woo-hoo new website


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Guest trekker

>I think his name was ANDY

>Travis; Randy Travis is a

>country singer. However, I

>can't comment about whether either

>of them are "randy."


Yes, it was Andy. And it seems the Gary behind the Andy is/was "randy", but that he bats for the other team. He apparently had a hot affair with co-star Loni Anderson during the run of the show (confirmed by both of them).

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