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How To Ask a Client for a Review?


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to figure out how to politely ask a client for a review. I hate asking clients to write a review about me, not because I am not good. Indeed, all of the reviews written about me are excellent. Yet, I feel strange asking someone to write something like that. Now, I realize that things like escort of the year and such are based upon reviews. Some escorts have no problems asking clients to write reviews, but I feel that this is something more private between the discreet escort and the client. It sort of takes something out of the mystique of the meeting itself.


Any suggestions?



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Guest bottomboykk

LAST EDITED ON May-03-01 AT 08:51PM (EST)[p]Eric, there's a thread going on currently ("Asking for a Review?" started by ChicagoCorey) that covers this topic in depth.

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Guest regulation

>Hi guys,


>I'm trying to figure out how

>to politely ask a client

>for a review.


>Any suggestions?


Yes. Don't do it. Reviews written at the instance of an escort rather than because clients feel motivated to produce them are nothing more than ads and have no place on this website.

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Guest Esc_Tracker



You have made this point before and it is clear we dissagree. However, let me walk you through this to tell you why I think your position is a tad extreme.


The client has either had a good time, or a bad time with the escort.


If he had a good time, he will presumably write a good review. Good Time = Good Review. No problem so far.


If for some reason he had a good time and writes a bad review, the escort loses, but then the escort asked for a review and was willing to take his chances.


If the client had a bad time, and the escort is sufficiently foolish to ask for a review, the client will presumably write a bad one. Bad Time = Bad review. Still no problem.


So there are only two problematic cases. The first is one in which the client had a bad time, but decides to write a good review. Now who in his right mind would do this? The client obviously has no interest in entertaining that particular escort again, so the escort has no hold over him to make him write a good review.


The second problematic case is one in which the client had a good time, but doesn't want to write a review (for some reason) and suspects the escort won't take his money anymore if he doesn't. Does this really strike you as a realistic scenario?


All this aside, however, most clients have never heard of this site. So if the escort asks for a review, he is also advising the client of the existence of the site and implicitly inviting the client to shop around. We benefit from more reviews. The client benefits from finding this site. And the escort gains increased publicity and visibility. In most places this would be called a win-win-win scenario.


So long as the escort does not dictate the review himself or offer a dissatisfied customer money to write a review, what's the problem? I very much doubt Eric was planning to do either.


The main problem with this site is not spurious reviews, but spotty reviewing. Not enough escorts have reviews, and the more of them who get reviewed, the better.



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Guest Topmaul

LAST EDITED ON May-04-01 AT 00:37AM (EST)[p]I beg to disagree. Just ask the client. I have debated writing a favorable review about someone I've seen several times, but I'm very shy and don't know if he'd like it (he has no reviews here now). If he were to ask, I'd gladly do it.


The only "bad" reviews are the ones written by escorts themselves-- of which there are several on this site. You can usually tell by their slavering, self-serving tone. If he sounds too good to be true, he probably is...

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I would bring it up gradually, in "pillow talk." First, spend some extra time with the guy. Assure yourself that he had as good a time as you think he had. Move into the subject about whether he spends any time on the internet and ask him if he saw your reviews here. Then you can ask him if he was thinking about writing a review for you. This will get you a good idea about how the guy feels without pressuring him. If he gives you any kind of hesitation "I'm not sure about that...", then don't pressure him by any means. The last thing you want to read was "He was OK, but then kept talking about my writing about a review for him. He didn't seem like he really cared about our time together--just his review."

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Guest regulation

>The second problematic case is one

>in which the client had

>a good time, but doesn't

>want to write a review

>(for some reason) and suspects

>the escort won't take his

>money anymore if he doesn't.

> Does this really strike

>you as a realistic scenario?



Does the word "privacy" sound familiar? That is the most obvious of several reasons why a client who has enjoyed his experience with an escort may not care to post a summary of that experience for all the world to read. If an escort asks for a review and the client doesn't care to write one, a new element has been introduced into their relationship which makes it even more awkward than it normally is. You can't be a regular reader of these boards without seeing how many clients struggle with all sorts of issues before being able to bring themselves to the point of actually hiring an escort. Does it really seem rational to you to introduce yet another issue into an already difficult situation?


A client who is put in this position by an escort must also consider just how truthful he can be about the experience without upsetting the escort. If there is anything he didn't find satisfactory, can he mention that without creating a problem in future appointments? Suppose the escort simply doesn't think the review is superlative enough? Do clients really want to spend a second session with the escort working out whatever problems the escort may have with the review? I sure don't. When I pay someone to have sex, I want to spend my time with him having sex. I don't want to be drafted to participate in his advertising strategy for his business. I don't want to hear anything about his business. I want the session to be about me, not about him. That's what I pay for. What do you pay for?

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Guest allansmith63

Eric - I'd suggest the direct approach if you're going to ask, just ask when the time's up. Leave it up to the client to say he'd like to, or he doesn't want to. Just reassure him it means nothing to any future appointments, but just that you'd like to get your name out there.


Happy weekend, everyone.



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Guest bottomboykk

Why is this being rehashed all over again, when the other thread has exhausted the issue????

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I have written several reviews and each one was sincere and heartfelt. I was not asked to write them, but did so as a way to express my appreciation to the escorts who treated me with a great deal of respect and with whom I had extraordinary fun.


I have had an escort or two ask me to write a review, but I chose not to do it. It was not that I did not have fun, or that they were bad escorts, it was just that we did not click completely and I would have found myself in a strange situation of writing a reveiw and being less than honest. Whenever I have been with an escort, even on a repeat visit, I have written a review, unless something about the last visit was stressed or less than perfect. I just want the reviews to be good and sincere.


Regarding asking for a review, I would not hesitate if I were an escort. Every type of business involves networking and references. Just make sure your request is not linked to any future appointments and that you would appreciate a review, if and only if the client is comfortable writing one. If they do take the time to write a review send them a quick note or email of appreciation. That demonstrates sincerity and builds customer relations. It is a business.


With the internet and email so abundant, I believe an escort could go a long way in building stronger "customer" relations and increase his number of repeat visits and positive reviews by taking just a moment to send a follow-up note to his favorite clients, expressing thanks and enjoyment. Again, this is a good business practice in everything....especially in one that is so personal. Oddly enough, I have never had an escort take the initiative to say thanks on their own. They have "replied" to my email, but hey, that is not the same.


I say go for it and nurture your relationships with your clients...it is simply good business.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

It would seem you may have a whole lot of personal issues, here. The fact of the matter is that you can always say "no, I would rather not write a review", just like you can say no to any specific sexual acts your escort might suggest to you. Would you feel the same level of discomfort with respect to future encounters with that escort if you had refused to rim him for example?


So you think some clients would prefer not to be asked. I, on the other hand would be pleased if an escort asked me for a review, for a number of reasons:


The escort would be expressing a high degree of trust in me, which I would find flatering. It would also indicate that the escort felt he had done his best with me and didn't try to offer me less than his highest standard of performance. I am not particularly keen on escorts who save it for someone else.


Now you haven't actually said you would be personally bothered by such a request, and it is possible you are just out there to protect the insecure shrinking violets in the client community from having their delicate sensibilities disturbed by a forward suggestion. If so, check the other responses and you will find that these are very few on this list. If the client's relationship with his escort is so fragile that they cannot ask each other for honest favours without either party feeling discomfort or resentment, it probably isn't worth much.


And yes, I hire escorts for more than just sex, which is why I prefer the term "escort" to "male prostitute".



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Guest shadow

Guys, guys, do we need to debate this?


I think it would be interesting to here from escorts and clients who have actually been in this situation. What was their reaction?


Just a suggestion. You don't have to listen to it if you don't want to.

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Guest loverboy

>Hi guys,


>I'm trying to figure out how

>to politely ask a client

>for a review. I

>hate asking clients to write

>a review about me, not

>because I am not good.

> Indeed, all of the

>reviews written about me are

>excellent. Yet, I feel

>strange asking someone to write

>something like that. Now,

>I realize that things like

>escort of the year and

>such are based upon reviews.

> Some escorts have no

>problems asking clients to write

>reviews, but I feel that

>this is something more private

>between the discreet escort and

>the client. It sort

>of takes something out of

>the mystique of the meeting



>Any suggestions?




I agree with your reservations, and I don't think you should ask a client to write a review. No matter how politely you ask, some (many?) clients will still feel that you are putting them in an uncomfortable position, and you won't know in advance which ones they are. However, I think it is fine to ask a client if he knows about this site or to refer him to it and explain what it is about. It isn't necessary to ask for a review directly. Less is more. Discretion is important in this business, and so is subtlety. He will get the idea, and if he wants to write a review he will. If he doesn't want to, he won't anyway even if you ask him to, and all you will be doing is creating an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation. He shouldn't feel pressured to do it, he shouldn't have to explain to you why he doesn't want to do it, he shouldn't have to lie to you and say he will do it but then not do it, and he shouldn't have to feel that he might offend you by saying no or by not doing it.

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Guest regulation

>It would seem you may have

>a whole lot of personal

>issues, here. The fact of

>the matter is that you

>can always say "no, I

>would rather not write a



My only "issue" is the one I described above -- I don't care to be put in that position by someone whom I've hired to do a job. If I'm paying for his time, I want that time spent addressing my needs, not his.


>Now you haven't actually said you

>would be personally bothered by

>such a request, and it

>is possible you are just

>out there to protect the

>insecure shrinking violets in the

>client community from having their

>delicate sensibilities disturbed by a

>forward suggestion. If so,

>check the other responses and

>you will find that these

>are very few on this



And the ten or twelve people who posted in this thread are a truly representative sample, right? Of course they are.


If the client's

>relationship with his escort is

>so fragile that they cannot

>ask each other for honest

>favours without either party feeling

>discomfort or resentment, it probably

>isn't worth much.



It usually isn't. If the reviews and posts I've read here during the past year or so are to be believed, few clients hire an escort for more than an hour at a time, and few see the same escort repeatedly over a long period.


>And yes, I hire escorts for

>more than just sex, which

>is why I prefer the

>term "escort" to "male prostitute".



Personally I've always thought the term "escort" rather silly and affected in this context. I've never hired anyone to "escort" me anywhere. I just hire people to have sex.

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Guest regulation

>>It would seem you may have

>>a whole lot of personal

>>issues, here. The fact of

>>the matter is that you

>>can always say "no, I

>>would rather not write a




Didn't I just read a post from you under the topic "Thread Removal" in the "Deli" section in which you claim that you have some psychological problem that prevents you from expressing or receiving expressions of sexual desire with anyone but a prostitute? If so, you have quite a nerve telling ME that I have "personal issues."




>>is possible you are just

>>out there to protect the

>>insecure shrinking violets in the

>>client community from having their

>>delicate sensibilities disturbed by a

>>forward suggestion.


YOU are calling SOMEONE ELSE "insecure"? Come on!

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Guest Esc_Tracker

I am not claiming I don't have issues (though they are not what you seem to have inferred). I am quite capable of responding to or expressing sexual desire. I am just too shy to approach someone for a sexual ecounter in a situation that I don't entirely control. I also don't think it has anything to do with insecurity. At least I recognize that my hangups are *my* hangups. I would never claim it is inapropriate for others to approach people in bars because it happens to make me feel uncomfortable. :-)


But to get back to the main point here, you are essentially saying that escorts should not ask for reviews because it makes clients uncomfortable. My point is that it would make relatively few clients uncomfortable and for everyone one who might be put off by such a request, another might feel more bonded to the escort from being approached in this way.


There are lots of things an escort could quite innocently do which might or might not distress the odd client. Every client is different. But is the solution to this problem to have the escort act completely passive and zombie-like for fear of offending the odd client? Some would even be put off by that (I certainly would). Of course there are more or less tactful ways to ask for a review and some of them have been described here. But there is nothing inherently wrong in an escort asking for something, just as there is nothing inherently wrong in a client asking for something. If you don't want to do it, "just say no". ;-)



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Guest regulation

>I am not claiming I don't

>have issues (though they are

>not what you seem to

>have inferred). I am

>quite capable of responding to

>or expressing sexual desire.

>I am just too shy

>to approach someone for a

>sexual ecounter in a situation

>that I don't entirely control.

> I also don't think

>it has anything to do

>with insecurity. At least I

>recognize that my hangups are

>*my* hangups.


You also said that you find being approached by others so stressful that you become paralyzed when it happens. But at the same time you feel free to disparage others as you did above because they might have "hangups" that are different from yours. As I said, you have quite a nerve.


>But to get back to the

>main point here, you are

>essentially saying that escorts should

>not ask for reviews because

>it makes clients uncomfortable.

>My point is that it

>would make relatively few clients

>uncomfortable and for everyone one

>who might be put off

>by such a request, another

>might feel more bonded to

>the escort from being approached

>in this way.



And you base that on what, a Gallup poll? Or just on your own feelings? Someone with your "issues" probably shouldn't be using himself as a standard by which to judge the likely reactions of others.


I suppose if one has to rely on prostitutes for both physical and emotional gratification, it might become difficult to refuse them anything. Fortunately, I've never had that problem. I simply find it a trifle annoying when they try to introduce other matters into what should be a simple business arrangement.

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Guest Esc_Tracker



As you are aware, you have a reputation for being quick on the draw, reading insults where none are intended and slinging back with what you think is equal fury. You are certainly living up to this reputation here. Read my previous posts carefully, and quote an offensive observation aimed at you word for word if you can find one. If you can, I will humbly apologise. If you cannot, learn to post nice. Life is too short.


You seem to have completely missed my point. I do not think *I* am representative. I don't think *you* are representative. If I am in a stripper bar, I don't like to be approached by a performer. I have the good sense, however, to realize that some clients do like getting approached. As such I would never dream of arguing on this site that performers should never approach clients in stripper bars. You on the other hand, appear to be quite comfortable insisting that because *some* clients might not like being asked to write a review, such a request should *never* be made (correct me if I am misrepresenting your position). If anyone is attempting to extrapolate how others should behave from a limited sampling (or possibly from his own personal issues), it's you, not me.


A more appropriate position that would legitimately reflect your concerns, has already been made here twice, i.e. that the invitation to write a review should be made tactfully if at all with a full assurance that the suggestion is no more than an invitation. This concession apparently does not satisfy you. Obviously, you are not interested in the preferences of those who like to know what kind of non-manetary favours they can do for an escort they like.


Only one escort has ever asked me to write a review, and that was one year after our meeting. I told him I had not written a review because I had not felt he had been at his best with me, and that I didn't like writing "so so" reviews which can unfortunately be even more damaging than negative ones. He saw my point, and actually thanked me for *not* writing the review.


Will I see this escort again if I get the chance? Yes, because I think he is hot and that he can do better for me. If he performs as well as I think he can, will I then write a review? You bet ya, and I will get a warm feeling from being able to reward him in a non-tangible and non-materialistic fashion and in a way I know he will appreciate.


So my answer to Eric remains the same, there is nothing wrong in asking for a review from a client so long as you do it tactfully, do not pressure him or offer him any inducements, and accept with good grace a refusal or if he writes a less than glowing review.


And, getting back to my personal issues, to those guys in pick up bars: yes there are guys like me you might freak out. You can just carry on though, as there aren't too many of us out there (at least in pick-up bars) and most of the others would be flattered by your attentions. ;-)



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