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LAST EDITED ON Apr-26-01 AT 10:06PM (EST)[p]I'm watching the TV show Survivor.


They're down to the final 4.


Cutie-pie Colby won a car that turns into a tent and gets to spend a night in relative luxury along with his first hot shower and hot meal in a month.


While he's patting down the pillows, I'm thinking, Great, a night alone from those other barf bags. Then, they surprise him with his MOTHER and she spends the night with him!


All I can think is he finally gets a night alone to jack off and who shows up in his car-tent but his MOM!


And Momma's boy has only been gone a month. It's not like he was on the a Titanic door waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to pop out of the ocean...





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Guest BeercanThick

Actually, Jeff is the host and Colby won the car, but you were right, they were totally melodramatic.

I loved the lingering shots of him in the shower, then the shot of his "big" feet...subtle imagery anyone?


Plus, why is Jeff all up in his grill? He follows Colby around like they were brothers!

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Guest curious2000

RE: Survivor Queer as Folk


Yeah, I thought that was a little strange having Colby and his Mom sharing the tent,Not to mention why he didn't take the hot shower BEFORE he stunk up his new car and offended his Mother with what had to be very ripe b.o. ( although I know some guys on the board would not mind how Colby smells ;-) including me when I am in the mood for a little raunch). They could have had his Mom surprise him for breakfast in the morning to give him some needed privacy that night before in his new Aztec...and yes, my "gaydar" does go off some for both Colby and Jeff and noticed he likes hanging out with Colby a little too much.


On the subject of t.v. shows-did anyone see the newest 'Queer as Folk" segment. The scene in the baths was very hot! After the first few lame episodes, the overall writing and plot has gotten a lot better and the characters react to situations much more realistically.I am really into it now.

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

I think that is incredible that they united mother and son, I only hope that the other tribal members don't vote him off because of the threat he poses in winning. because he is the obvious choice to be "Survivor". I want that sexy stud to win...

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I agree with you that he is a sexy stud and I would like to see him win - mainly because I dislike the remaining 3 and he has proven to be formidable competitor.


However, as for the production value (from a TV standpoint) the Mother thing when he should have been pounding his pudding and the past week with them all weeping over getting a satellite connection on the internet - gimme a break. These people were only separated from their family for a FRIGGIN' MONTH! This is not the Vietnam jungle!


All of these people are wussies, not Aussies.


As far as Americans representing the USA - they are all the Weakest Link - goodbye! :-)



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Guest AllAmerEscrt

>I agree with you that he

>is a sexy stud and

>I would like to see

>him win - mainly because

>I dislike the remaining 3

>and he has proven to

>be formidable competitor.


>However, as for the production value

>(from a TV standpoint) the

>Mother thing



I guess I am so in tune because I own a Hallmark store, but they are trying to hit on the emotions of anyone who is away from or thinking of their Mother because of May 13th. How fitting that he would be reunited with her just about 2 weeks before the Holiday.


Hope all is well Hoo,


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Okay Matt,


Since you have an in with the Hallmark Card people, see if they'l do this one for Colby:


I love you Mom and I'm glad to see you here

I just won a car and it's stocked with pillows and beer.

So while I'm in the Aussie outback

In the rear of my new Pontiac hatchback

Let me be alone with my Stanley Powertool

Since everyone I'm stranded with is a fool. :-)



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Guest AllAmerEscrt

>Okay Matt,


>Since you have an in with

>the Hallmark Card people, see

>if they'l do this one

>for Colby:


>I love you Mom and I'm

>glad to see you here


>I just won a car and

>it's stocked with pillows and


>So while I'm in the Aussie


>In the rear of my new

>Pontiac hatchback

>Let me be alone with my

>Stanley Powertool

>Since everyone I'm stranded with is

>a fool. :-)



>Email: [email protected]



I don't have a very big "in", but try to use my position in the Hallmark family to take advantage of any opportuities for the promotion of acceptance. I am still working on getting them to print a greeting card for a gay marriage, and it might happen soon. Anyway, I also have suggested that they come out with a small selection of "gay" related cards, and who knows we might have them someday too.

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Well, I think Colby is totally brilliant in addition to being handsome as crazy, although I was really totally in love with Kel. I still am. Maybe there's room in my heart for two. Anyways, his strategy has been to pit himself in the final round with the least likeable guy, namely that stupid cook, whatever his name is. He kicks off the most likeable people like Elizabeth, because he needs to win the jury votes. Very cunning.


And I totally agree with all this melodrama being staged over the supposed "long absence" which isn't. For God's sake, they've only been separated from their families for 18 days. Didn't these guys go to summer camp for 3 or 4 weeks when they were kids? Or how about going to college? Or taking a 2-week Mediterranean cruise? Or do they just pick the teary-eyed Mama's boys for these Survivor shows?


And I wonder whatever happened to Kel? Anybody know? I could definitely be his love slave! :9 Colby's nice, but I think he's too much of a closeted Texan who's too deep in his little Bible belt...

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Guest Jocoluver

I've enjoyed this show until the last 2 episodes with all this lovey-dovey stuff. And how I hated that cunt Jerri; part of continuing to watch was waiting for her to get booted.


I thought this would be dog-eat-dog, every-man-for-himself, winning-is-the-only-thing show, completely devoid of any altruism (Rodger's sacrifice for Elizabeth). (I never watched a single episode last year.)


Colby has been my choice from beginning but he won't win because producers/CBS can't have 2 male winners back-to-back. So Tina will beat Colby as a bone for the female audience (and she's got a family - another plus for the demographics).


Will they reveal how each member of the "Jury" votes? Will Jerri vote for Colby cause she wants him to bone her? Or against Colby as revenge because he didn't give her a lay on the coral beach episode? My gaydar has been vibrating that Colby is one of us, but fear this may be just wishful thinking. (CBS wouldn't dare have 2 gay winners in a row. CBS would face the wrath of the religious right!)


When Colby's mom showed up and they bedded down in the car, my first and continuing thought was INCEST! This IS reality TV, right?

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There is time and there is time. These people are in horrible circumstances. If it were only that and their attention could be on it all the time, I'm sure they wouldn't miss anybody as much as they seem to. But they are bored out of their skulls. They made a big point about that on the talk to home via our computer sponsor episode. (It's the product placements that might eventually do this show in.) "Bored to tears." Think about it. Also,I always cry a lot more over happy endings, and they are getting awfully close to theirs.


And would somebody explain to me why noone had along as their splurge item an Australian version of the Boy Scout Handbook? Would that have been illegal or something?

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Yes, their splurge item has to be an item

that cannot be used for "survival", i would think

Boy Scout handbook would probably be one, as per

the show's self-imposed rules.

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>For God's sake,

>they've only been separated from

>their families for 18 days.


Actually, it had been 39 days at that point (the whole thing lasts 7 weeks), but still... get a grip, kids...


> Or do they just

>pick the teary-eyed Mama's boys

>for these Survivor shows?


I think the contestants do whatever they can to be part of the final edit and get on the air. They are well-aware of the cameras pointing at them all the time...



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>Tina's gonna win.


Well, the one thing we can feel confident about is that it won't be Colby vs Tina. Whoever wins the final immunity challenge will go against that stupid cook guy (is it Keith?). And whoever goes against him will win, be it Colby or Tina. Of course, CBS tries to manipulate the outcome as best they can. If they can devise an immunity challenge the 90-pound Tina can win, she surely will win. If they can't, Colby's gonna get the million.


As for Keith (if I'm recalling his name correctly), he might as well not participate in the last immunity challenge, since he'll be picked for the face-off either way. In the first Survivor, Richard knew he was the least likeable guy, which is why he din't even try in the last immunity challenge. The secret to Survivor, especially in the last half, is to vote off the nicest people, not the people you like least. Richard, Tina, and Colby have all understood this. Everybody in Survivor II seemed to love Elizabeth and Rodger, but knew they'd loose in the final jury vote...

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Guest texguy51

>And I wonder whatever happened to

>Kel? Anybody know?

>I could definitely be his

>love slave! :9 Colby's

>nice, but I think he's

>too much of a closeted

>Texan who's too deep in

>his little Bible belt...



Kel will be one of the judges on the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. It's sometime in the next few weeks on CBS.

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Guest LAPrada

I think Miss Universe is May 11th. Kel is short, but very cute.


As far as Colby, he screams HETEROsexual. He was a Phi Delt at Texas Tech and was almost kicked out of his fraternity for sleeping with one of his frat buddy's girlfriend. Supposedly he slept with a different girl every weekend.


The only person from Survivor 2 who I think is gay is cast member, Jeff (not the host). The host, Jeff Probst, is happily married with a couple kids. Of course that doesn't mean he's completely str8, but I think he is. The cast member though, Jeff, is a screaming queen.... former cheerleader from NC.... nelly as can be.... complained about how Michael would walk around shirtless bearing his huge muscles. If this guy is str8, Bill Clinton is innocent of everything.

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

The host, Jeff, is actually getting a divorce.


The funniest thing I read about this show was when they thought Kel was eating the beef jerky. The girls went off to find him and they cameras followed them but when they sneaked up on Kel they caught him jerking off. Obviously, this never made it on the show. I had read this in the paper here in NYC - it was a small mention in the larger story about the beef jerky. Needless to say, masturbation is not a topic for ET yet so it wasn't widely reported.

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>The funniest thing I read about

>this show was when they

>thought Kel was eating the

>beef jerky. The girls went

>off to find him and

>they cameras followed them but

>when they sneaked up on

>Kel they caught him jerking



So what was up with that? The girls didn't know the difference between beef jerky and jerking the beef?

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>Supposedly he

>slept with a different girl

>every weekend.


Wouldn't it be something to be so good-looking that you could sleep with anyone you wanted to? Life's rough for some people. Brains, brawn, and athletic ability...


>The only person from Survivor 2

>who I think is gay

>is cast member, Jeff (not

>the host)


Actually, I kinda thought Kel was, too. He'd have to be pretty closeted in the service, though. How can someone that handsome still be single at 31? I just don't see it.

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Guest trekker

>As far as Colby, he screams >HETEROsexual. He was a

>Phi Delt at Texas Tech >and was almost kicked out

>of his fraternity for sleeping >with one of his frat

>buddy's girlfriend. Supposedly he

>slept with a different girl >every weekend.




>The only person from Survivor 2 >who I think is gay

>is cast member, Jeff (not >the host).

> ...

> The >cast member though, Jeff, is

>a screaming queen.... former cheerleader

>from NC.... nelly as can >be.... complained about how Michael

>would walk around shirtless bearing >his huge muscles. If

>this guy is str8, Bill >Clinton is innocent of everything.


I'm surprised nobody mentioned him earlier in this thread in all the drooling.

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Guest george

Let me stir things up a bit here: I find the much hated, at least on this board, Keith, far sexier than Colby.


I think both are hot, but there's something about Keith and that hairy man's body that does it for me. Colby's OK.

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