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Attacking Posts

Guest JustANametoPlay

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Guest JustANametoPlay

You know, I have been around the internet for a long time. However, it never ceases to amaze me when I see posts that are not only negative, they are spiteful and hurtful.


IMHO a way a person acts in a post speaks volumes about them. Very few of us actually know each other in person (although some do I am sure). We don't know what each others motives are for saying one thing or another.


We have all seen posts where someone says "So and So is such an Asshole, etc." As I have said in the past, everything I read on this site, or anywhere online, I read with a a grain of salt. But the fact remains, even if someone posts the complete truth (and who knows but the actual person involved), the more vicious the post, the more I wonder about the poster, and the less I care about the message.


For example, over the past year tehre was an escoprt that was trashed by some folks. However, HIS reply is what made me have a bad opinion of him. On the other hand there is a poster here that appears to have made it his lifes work to destroy a certain escort. now this person has been doing this for almost a year. Now I don't know if the escort is really a scamemr or not. I appreciate the warning that was originally posted. BUT I have to say i also wonder about the person that has made it his lifes work to ruin this guy. He might have the best of intentions, and might be doing this out of the goodness of his heart. On the other hand at some point don't you just have to let it go?


I come to this board for many reasons. I like to read the reviews and get an idea of folks experiences (and have learned to judge credibility of reviews as well). I also like the sense of community that is here for the most part. The first part of the site I come to daily are these boards.


Generally I just let the negative stuff roll off my back, but every so often it really strikes a chord and makes me wonder.


Just some thoughts.

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Guest Charon

Agreed. Like you I've found that while you can't always judge how accurate any particular negative post is, how people respond to negative posts says a very great deal about them.

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Guest Jason Reardone

http://www.Jason Reardone.cjb.net


WOW, WHAT A MOUTHFUL, (NO PUN INTENDED). I find that when your product is second rate some do what they have to to make themselves look that much better. Bashing those that seem to have what it takes, for some, is the first choice.


I find it repulsive when anyone slanders another. Not only is it not necessary but more often then not they end up making themselves look like an ass. There are better ways to handle disputes and we all know how to do it properly. "do unto others" remember that one? When all else fails that's the way to go. And this bantering between escorts is so far from necessary that it's not even worth discussing......OK let's discuss it. If one escort has a problem with another HEY GUESS what, you're here for your clients NOT EACHOTHER! It's like seeing two high school student arguing who's gonna work drive thru at the Burger joint.


One said to the other "you're getting on my nerves" the other said "well you're getting on MY nerves" I leaned in and said "YOU are BOTH getting on my nerves, now where's my burger?"


<signing off with a happy grin, all the way from Japan> -jason

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Guest EvilSwine

I was always taught that if you're selling a product, it's not good practice to bash the competition. It's a poor selling tool.

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Guest elwood

Good point,Jason. But in defense of some posters here.... concerns about honesty and sincerity and morality are often discussed here.....though you are very observant in noticing that when they are ... the traffic is not exactly heavy...but when there is a fight of some kind....it seems there are lots of people ready to jump in... But Jason...thanks for your comments which always seem thoughtful as well as witty. Wish I was out your way so we could meet

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>For example, over the past year

>tehre was an escoprt that

>was trashed by some folks.

> However, HIS reply is

>what made me have a

>bad opinion of him.

>On the other hand there

>is a poster here that

>appears to have made it

>his lifes work to destroy

>a certain escort. now

>this person has been doing

>this for almost a year.

> Now I don't know

>if the escort is really

>a scamemr or not.

>I appreciate the warning that

>was originally posted. BUT I

>have to say i also

>wonder about the person that

>has made it his lifes

>work to ruin this guy.

> He might have the

>best of intentions, and might

>be doing this out of

>the goodness of his heart.

> On the other hand

>at some point don't you

>just have to let it



Not being sure who you are referring to, I might assume that it is me. For the record, I gave up actively warning people about Nick/Peter about 5 months ago. I used to spend some time each day warning people in AOL chatrooms, but as you say, you do have to let it go at some point. Well, lo and behold, several months after I give it up, Peter finally gets a second review totally unsolicited by me, that backs up what I had been warning people about. Go figure. I have retained the name though if for no other reason than this is the name I have used on this board and don't want to change it. It amkes for interesting conversation when people ask who Nick is, but the active part of my "crusade" is long since over.

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered: Doctor.....WHO?????"

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Guest Jason Reardone






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