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Client Reviews - How about the Clients that don't come through?


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It has come to my realiziation that perhaps there should be another major topic hosted by hooboy - Client Reviews. There is no such web site as a client review website. Now, I am not referring to talk about individual clients, because we must all be discreet, but rather to relate some important information. Let me relay a situation that occurred only yesterday, that I feel that both clients and escorts can be aware of. Perhaps this is an example of bad client etiquette.


A perspective client emailed me two weeks ago to meet last Friday. After it was planned, he never got back to me to reconfirm, so the event never took place. With that said, a few days after that Friday, an unapologetic perspective client (same guy) called to reschedule for this coming Friday. He asked me if I could arrange another escort as well. I explained to him that I was not an agency and would not recommend anyone because I cannot take responsibility for anyone but myself, yet on the same token, I could suggest a few people that he could look at for himself and decide (a regular practice that I have followed through with for as long as I have escorted).


Let me just say that the reason I don't recommend another escort (although there are very few exceptions)is that when I plan a meeting, I show up and have a good repuation about me. I cannot be assured that the other escort will always show up. Now, I have arrange a few meetings with a few other escorts who never even showed up or were just not very good. I have arranged others that were very good. So, you can never tell.


So let me go on..... The perspective client called me up to reconfirm on Wednesday and after going through my web page, he still asked if I would take a credit card. I explained that it is legally risky for me to take credit cards, and that is why I do not do this. It's a cash only business. Although I know other escorts who do take credit cards or checks, I don't feel that it is completely safe, tax-wise or for other reasons). The client complained that he would not be able to get that sort of money for two escorts for 3 hours by Friday (two days later). I told him that if he'd like to make it for less hours, we can do that. In the meanwhile, I would reconfirm with the other guy who was scheduled (I had two possible escorts for him as well). He would get back to me, but suggested that the amount of money charged would be okay. Fifteen minutes later, he called me again to cancel Friday saying that I did not have my act together. Not only did I arrange two possible guys for him, but I was even able to suggest that he could lessen the hours for us as well as the cost, after he already reconfirmed us for 3 hours each. I challenged him by asking if it was a money situation. He denied that and said he'd reschedule with me for another time. I politely told him that that would not be possible after two cancellations (the first one in which he never actaully reconfirmed although asked in a strong manner for me to be available for that Friday - him being such an honest individual). I had to then apologize to the other two escorts because of his delinquency in this matter.


I believe that real-life situations such as this would be useful for escorts to explain about some of their clients or perspective clients who play these sort of games. My reputation is extremely well. Thus far, I have only had positive reviews. Yet, sometimes, an escort will get a lousy client. I'd like to hear more stories from other escorts on such topics in a similar way by not mentioning the client's name or other details that could pinpoint him. It's also a positive way of explaining to the message board readers of what not to do. I hope that this has been helpful in many ways.


I am not an escort who complains, but one who feels that a valuable topic would be quite useful for escorts as well as other clients. Thank you.




Eric Magyar


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Somewhere on the net, there was a mailing list or discussion area for escorts only (I came across it once, but I can't recall where). If it's still active, I'd imagine there'd be a fair amount of discussion about difficult clients there.


Also, I have a question. One reason you say you don't want to take credit cards or checks is because it's not completely safe "tax-wise". I can see the other risks--bad checks, credit card chargebacks--but if you're paying your share of income tax, what's unsafe "tax-wise" about taking credit cards?

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Guest allansmith63

Having been an absolutely exemplary client myself, I can sympathize and understand your position, Eric. As a business professional, my word must be good - I can't do "no shows" when people have set aside their time, and count on my presence for my business. Escorting is a business - same ethics ought to apply.


Unfortunately, as with escorts, a client is able to use any name, location, age, etc., etc., and for an escort to know a "dud" client's name and warn other escorts off is virtually useless. A good idea, but with the net, we can all be so incredibly anonymous. Only accentuates caveat vendor and caveat emptor, unfortunately.


Cheers to all, and have a great day.



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It would be great if there was an "escorts only" web site that would allow escorts to make their colleagues aware of problematic clients. The only problems that I forsee with such a site is that clients -- just like escorts -- can use more than one screen name or e-mail address. Also, there has been more that a few instances where a clients have deliberately trashed an escort for no reason. I'm sure that the reverse could also happen from time to time. But other than that, I think that your suggestion is a great idea.


As far as the tax issue is concerned, let's just say that there are some fairly serious penalties for income tax evasion so I hope that you're reporting a significant portion of your escort related income. (Also, although Social Security, as we know it, may not be around when you retire its still a good idea to contribute to it so that you can collect whatever benefits may be available at that time.)

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>A perspective client emailed me two

>weeks ago


>a few days after that Friday,

>an unapologetic perspective client (same

>guy) called


>The perspective client called me

>up to reconfirm on Wednesday


>some of their clients or

>perspective clients who play these

>sort of games


Eric, if you're going to use it so often, you might want to know that the word you are thinking of is "prospective." Let's not perpetuate the myth that escorts are uneducated.

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First..I apologize about the perspective remark....it should have been prospective. It was perhaps a typing error.


Nevertheless, when I meant tax-wise, I was not referring to myself because I do pay taxes. Rather if a person is taxed with many different problems, those being bad checks, credit card chargebacks, etc, these can be other reasons not to acccept anything in this business except for cash. Again, I actually do report my income and pay my taxes. I have boytoyvideos.com on the side and I do report taxes for all my income.





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>I explained

>that it is legally risky

>for me to take credit

>cards, and that is why

>I do not do this.

> It's a cash only

>business. Although I know

>other escorts who do take

>credit cards or checks, I

>don't feel that it is

>completely safe, tax-wise




>Nevertheless, when I meant tax-wise, I

>was not referring to myself

>because I do pay taxes.

> Rather if a person

>is taxed with many different

>problems, those being bad checks,

>credit card chargebacks, etc, >


OH MY GOD, ERIC. You're not serious, are you? That has to be the worst attempt at backing out of a recriminating statement that I have ever seen (not to mention, the funniest post I have read on here in a long time!) Bad save, bud.

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As a tax attorney, gosh darn it, if I'm not always harping on Talvin to report more than 50% of his escort income. He just won't do it. And Tom Chase, please, not more than 30%....35% tops. Only Luke 2 reports all of his escort income, but that's probably because he works for an agency and they withhold income taxes from his fees.


Earth to Justice, earth to Justice, is your orbit still stable up there?



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Guest bluboy

Any escort who was so indiscrete as to tell a clients name on a web site would never get my business. I am always wary of escorts who take revenge on clients by spreading the clients real name. Except if the client is psycho and crazed but imagine an escort site which said: oh yeah, he is really flabby...the worst blow jobs ever..he really smells...his home is really disgusting..which is what such a site would degenerate into...this would not be a good thing for escorts over the long term. The best escorts will protect the privacy of their clients even if their clients treat them badly, they will just move on rather than be indiscrete. Almost like a doctor who will not reveal that you are diseased for revenge if you do not pay your bills. he just will not serve you again. blu

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Hey Bluboy,


I agree with you completely. The number one rule of being an escort is to be discreet, except as you said if a client can be a danger to an escort. In that case, an escort has a responsibility to protect others in his field.


Yet, I wrote this post to get other stories from other escorts.....so where are they guys? Remember...no names.



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Guest albinorat


>Yet, I wrote this post to

>get other stories from other

>escorts.....so where are they guys?

> Remember...no names.




Well, I have nothing to do so I'll weigh in (mind those scales!). I understand where you're coming from, as they say in colloquial speech, Eric, but is it just a little -- well -- provocative? Isn't it possible that unintentionally you're promoting an "us against them" mentality? I know that many clients can be utter assholes, or flakes, or skinflints, or just people who aren't likeable. I have probably seemed that way to some escorts myself, not intending to, but there it was.


But exactly the same can be said of escorts. I have met some who I readily believe were terrific --- WITH SOMEONE ELSE. With me --"get out, fast!" was the quickest and easiest response.


There is a very odd reality in gay life, which is not true for heterosexuals. Beauty, youth, cock size and generally agreed upon desirability define a very high status. The escort has those things. Money (which the client has) confers status in life perhaps, but in a sexual situation it is usually the escort who has the power on his side. To have a terrific looking 22 year old tell you you're an old troll, or ask you the last time you've seen your dick, is very tough for a client. And I think telling that escort to go X himself and not paying probably is less hurtful for him than his remarks to the client.


In the heterosexual world it's the reverse -- rich men have power. Age and weight are no barrier to a man's seeming very attractive (enough to get it on with at least) and if that man is charming and accomplished he may not even have to be all that rich or have to pay. I've seen too much evidence of inexplicable but successful relationships between young female beauties and what some Chelsea guys would call "old trolls", not all of who were rich and famous. Beautiful women can be castrating too -- but most are not (at least not to the man's face).


Every occupation (full or part time) has its hazards. Dealing with people (in any respect) has more hazards than anything else. But some of the escort complaining here seems self-dramatizing to me (maybe because most escorts must be actors to be successful). A client who stands you up or promises to meet but fails to confirm should be given a wide berth. If he calls back wanting a complicated arrangement, pass on him or suggest he call someone else. Why bother with him?


Maybe let him know why you're suspicious (sometimes when I've had trouble with an escort, I had to ask -- "why didn't you tell me this or that was making you uncomfortable?"). He and others like him may need a reminder you are not an ATM sex machine -- where he can stick his card halfway in then change his mind. He might have apologized and reformed. Or he might have been a waste of time.


And although I suspect you are a terrific escort and a sincere professional, I can't imagine that NEVER have you disappointed a client. That's this business, and those of us in it, to one degree or another, have to accept that risk (that we may be "mistreated" or may end up being perceived as "mistreating").


Just meandering on.



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LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 06:14PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 06:12 PM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 06:12 PM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 06:07 PM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 06:05 PM (EST)


Let's play dueling professions. I'm a tax accountant (I've been a CPA since 1982) and the advice that I gave to Eric is the advice that I feel PROFESSIONALLY OBLIGATED to give to ANYONE who operates a cash business. They don't have to take my advice, but that's what everyone hears from me. Income tax evasion and money laundering were among thing things that Heidi Fleiss (a.k.a. "The Hollywood Madam") went to prison for. (Albeit as a result of a plea bargin.) Income tax evasion and money laundering are among the charges faced by the alleged madam of a straight escort service that was recently raided by Guiliani's thugs in New York. The US attorney is involved in a nasty local/Federal dispute stemming from the recent raid of an alleged brothel and in New Jersey and from what I've read in the local press, I wouldn't be at all surprised if tax evasion and money laundering charges are added to the prostitution and drug charges that have already been filed. Obviously, escort services and brothels produce significantly more revenue than an escort who is working alone. Eric probably has very little to worry about. However, he brought up the tax issue. I didn't.


You may disagree with my advice, but there was no reason for the personal attack. I assume that the stress of tax season has gotten to you. I suggest that you relieve said tension by seeing your favorite escort. (I'm practicing what I preach, I'm taking a couple hours off so that I can see one of my favorite escorts. ;-))

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 11:17PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 11:00 PM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Apr-12-01 AT 10:57 PM (EST)


One last point and then I'll let the issue die. I just participated in a case (on behalf of the State) that resulted in the siezure of a (legitimate) local business as a result of the non-payment of sales taxes. Federal and State income tax evasion charges are pending against both the corporation and against the owners. (They allegedly did not report income on their personal returns.) So I know just how serious tax evasion is.


Eric's post implied that he didn't report his escorting income. My point was that he should report it. (He shouldn't admit that he's an escort. He can call himself a professional juggler for all I care.) He should also legally shelter as much of his income as he possibly can and he should pay the required Federal, State and Local taxes on the balance. (He should seek the advice of a competent tax professional on to how to legally shelter his income.) You and I BOTH know that people who operate cash business don't always report all of their income. Hence my use of the word "significant". I'm not condoning the under reporting of income. That COULD result in tax evasion charges. We're not in a court counsellor, so please take a chill pill.

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Guest Traveler

>Eric, if you're going to use

>it so often, you might

>want to know that the

>word you are thinking of

>is "prospective." Let's not

>perpetuate the myth that escorts

>are uneducated.


Cut this guy some slack. His first language is Hungarian. I don't even know if English is his second or third language (Hungarians used to have to learn Russian or German second, I believe). I'm quite impressed at his command of English, actually.

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Guest Traveler

>Any escort who was so indiscrete

>as to tell a clients

>name on a web site

>would never get my business.

>I am always wary of

>escorts who take revenge on

>clients by spreading the clients

>real name. Except if the

>client is psycho and crazed... The best

>escorts will protect the privacy

>of their clients even if

>their clients treat them badly,

>they will just move on

>rather than be indiscrete. Almost

>like a doctor who will

>not reveal that you are

>diseased for revenge if you

>do not pay your bills.

>he just will not serve

>you again. blu


I couldn't have said it better. It brings to mind a previous thread in which Talvin Demachio not only revealed my first name on this Message Center, but said he was going to publish my name and phone number on a "client warning" web site. Why? Because I gave him a "Very good" rather than an "Excellent" rating in a review over a year ago when he neither topped me nor kissed me as I had specifically hired him to do (and he freely admitted as such). And despite his non-performance, I paid him full price and gave him a pretty decent review. Not very professional of him, to say the least.

The other issue with this is that I doubt most escorts would rely heavily on this type of a website. An experienced escort probably can tell more about a client by talking with him. If the postings (by the escorts) were anonymous, they would be entirely unreliable. If the escort who complains about a specific client were to reveal his name, the escort would come off to prospective clients as being indiscreet and manipulative.

The final problem would be who would have access to the site. Although it could purportedly be only for escorts, ultimately anybody can either fake being an escort, or gain access from an escort he's befriended. If it were made very difficult to gain access, few escorts would bother. If it were easy, well, other problems would ensue.


Of course, a doctor who violates confidentiality loses his license, even if the patient doesn't pay his bills (or smells bad!).

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-01 AT 08:23AM (EST)[p]Let's get back to a basic rule that seems to have been forgotten on this site. Sex = FUN. I hire escorts to have FUN, not to make friends or discuss the current stand-off in Nagorno-Karabakh. Some escorts become friends. Most are strictly sex (which recall, equals FUN). I hire someone more than once if they are FUN. I tell them war stories, and they tell me war stories. We do not shrink each other. That's what therapists are for. Many people on this site seem equate sex with SERIOUSNESS. More power to them. They undoubtedly voted for Adlai Stevenson. For now, I'm having FUN.




PS. And Justice, don't take the world so seriously, you'll live longer.


PPS. Thank God for Evelyn Wood with some of these threads, although most times I wish I was Helen Keller.

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Guest Fin Fang Foom



>>I explained

>>that it is legally risky

>>for me to take credit

>>cards, and that is why

>>I do not do this.

>> It's a cash only

>>business. Although I know

>>other escorts who do take

>>credit cards or checks, I

>>don't feel that it is

>>completely safe, tax-wise




>>Nevertheless, when I meant tax-wise, I

>>was not referring to myself

>>because I do pay taxes.

>> Rather if a person

>>is taxed with many different

>>problems, those being bad checks,

>>credit card chargebacks, etc, >


>OH MY GOD, ERIC. You're

>not serious, are you?

>That has to be the

>worst attempt at backing out

>of a recriminating statement that

>I have ever seen (not

>to mention, the funniest post

>I have read on here

>in a long time!)

>Bad save, bud.


It appears that our ex-president's legacy of verbal pretzelling has infected cashboys. I guess it all comes down to the what the meaning of "tax-wise" is.

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-01 AT 06:07PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-01 AT 06:02 PM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-01 AT 05:58 PM (EST)


There you go again twisting my words around again to fit them to the way you want them to be. I said that you lied about our encounter. If you would have been honest about the encounter that would be another thing. But of course you only look at it from your perspective. And here we are again. Over an over this. Yes your review of me was fair if it were TRUE. That is the problem I am having. No kissing. Try not biting the person first. And the dick not being hard ect...


You also forget too that I have a public image. People know me by face. For you "traveler" no one even knows what you look like. So when I post your first name no one is even going to know who you are unless you tell them. When you post mine like you did a little over a week ago. Everyone knows. I cannot hide like you can "traveler".


And secondly I said that this would be my own personal black list for no shows no call back and for clients like yourself who lie about an encounter. It would have the clients first name ONLY and phone number minus the last 4 digits and the city. I will not be posting last names or addresses or anything of that nature. I will not allow other escorts to post to my personal list. Everyone will have access to my site as they always have been able to.



Talvin DeMachio

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For Gods Sake STOP IT!


We are sick of your beef with Talvin.


I know Talvin personally and he is a good guy. He is a professional and he doesn't need your shit.




Or I'm just going to pull this entire MESSAGE CENTER.


I'm sick of reading this stuff.





Email: [email protected]

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-01 AT 00:39AM (EST)[p]HooBoy


I don't envy you for having to put up with all of us. I also know that it takes an awful lot of time and effort to keep this site up and running. I'm sure that the extra burden brought on by the whole Danny Damon debacle has only added to strain.


The message center is one of the most useful features of this site. It lets us know something about the personalites of the escorts who contribute to it and it let's us know if an escort who catches our eye is into a certain type of scene. Please don't let strain of the last few weeks destroy this valuable tool.




Take care,




P.S. You might seriously consider taking a few days away from the site. I think that taking a break would be very beneficial after the last few weeks.

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Guest shadow

>Somewhat ironic that a guy with

>the screename Traveler spelt with

>only one 'L' should complain

>about an Eastern European's grammer

>and spelling ability. In any

>ENGLISH dictionary Traveller is spelt

>with 2 LL's. American English

>and spelling is not ENGLISH.

>Now where is my colour



hey American english is my language and you see how many typos are in my posts.

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