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Manipulative clients

Guest elwood

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Guest elwood

While reading the thread regarding rodrigo,it occurred to me... how often are clients manipulative? I know we may tend to believe that most escorts are "hardened" and maybe cynical. But that is obviously not always the case and some of the younger kids may be quite vulnerable. I do not think it is ethical for a client to try and use reviews or anything else really to gain some sort of advantage over an escort.There is a lot of lonliness out there ( in a way, that is what supports the escort industry)but clients should be mature enough to know that you cannot buy or coerce a relationship. There should be no illusions about what is happening in an escort/client contact.That does not mean it has to be cold or impersonal,but it seems to me,there is enough pain around that we do not need to spread any more. This should be for pleasure... a mutual benefit...usually financial for the escort, and some satisfying sex and personal contact for the client and if he's lucky..a little pleasant time with another person. It does not have to be totally phoney. a good escort is something of an actor...but also very much attuned to service and can still let his true self come through a bit. Sorry for these ramblings but this site allows it.... don't know exactly what more I'm thinking on this topic.......

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Elwood, I couldn't agree with you more. As I've said on more than one occassion -- escorts are real people, with real feelings and with real hopes and dreams for the future. They deserve to be treated the same way that you would want to be treated ... in other words as a friend. I've been very lucky, in my very brief stint as a client I've had the pleasure of meeting guys who not only are very good at what they do, but who are also so gosh darn easy to like. Even if we didn't click for some reason, I still would have treated them in the same friendly manner, because no one -- regardless of who they are or what they do for a living -- deserves to be treated in any other way.

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Guest vilage

Hi Elwood


Thank you for bringing up this great point.


I guess you are right that some of us younger escorts are more vulnerable. I do think I've been lucky to meet mostly great guys who hire me, from Maine to California. Although there have been few situations that have troubled me psychologically for sometime, it is great to know there are people like you out there, with a real heart and a mind that can understand the life of another. There is already too much pain in the world. A client-escort relationship should not be another cause for pain.


I have dreams, like everyone, and I see myself as a good person, even being part of numerous volunteer works. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They do revive my spirit to not judge a whole group because of what few have made. I believe there is more good people then bad out there, and I do hope I am right.


Thks you for your kind words


Truly yours



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Guest MattAdams

For the most part escorts are no more hardened than any other person that is self employed or owns a small business. Perhaps this is why so many of them go into real estate when they retire where the most common slogan is "Buyers are liars."


There is a common thread to clients that raise red flags. In fact, generally there are about ten things a client says within the first three sentences of their conversation that will tip an escort off to a less than a desirable client.


One thing I have noticed over the last three years about escorts I track is the number that rarely take new clients. Taking a new client is the riskiest part for an established escort. Nothing has changed with new escorts, they still fall for the same lines.


Matt Adams

Author of Hustlers, Escorts and Porn Stars


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Yes, men can be idiots. (Sorry guys, but you all know it's true.)


I approach each escort as a potential friend and generally end the encounter having made a new friend. Sure, the time we spend together is business but there's no reason it can't be a *friendly* business.


I've heard the horror stories from the escorts themselves. They range from being treated like a slave to being stiffed not only for the fee but for hotel charges as well. I never want to be one of those horror stories.


These are, mostly, very special human beings who share a very special part of their lives with us. It is incumbent upon us to be the very best clients we can be. Sadly, a large portion of our population doesn't seem to understand that. Too many guys view escorts as robots who have buttons conveniently labeled "cum now" or "get hard now".


Treat your guy like a friend and he will likely repay you in the same way.

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-14-01 AT 10:15AM (EST)[p]>I approach each escort as a

>potential friend and generally end

>the encounter having made a

>new friend. Sure, the time

>we spend together is business

>but there's no reason it

>can't be a *friendly* business.


>These are, mostly, very special human

>beings who share a very

>special part of their lives

>with us. It is incumbent

>upon us to be the

>very best clients we can



>Treat your guy like a friend

>and he will likely repay

>you in the same way.


Well said Deej, well said. I couldn't agree with you more.

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Guest Tampa Yankee


>There is a common thread to

>clients that raise red flags.

> In fact, generally there

>are about ten things a

>client says within the first

>three sentences of their conversation

>that will tip an escort

>off to a less than

>a desirable client.



Interestingly, when I read these in your book, as I recall, I felt a number of them seemed to apply to me... (oops!!) I don't recall the details anymore. Fortunately I seem to overcome these faux pas more often than not. :-)

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