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Video parties


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Would like to hear from those that have logged on to some of the orgies organized by such sites as Rentboy's Thugcam as was held Saturday March 31. Apparently they have dozens of camera's in an apt in Harlem with a number of Rentboys and other guests. Is this HOT or is it a rip off? Are there other sites?

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cruisingforsex.com hosted an orgy at keywestdudes.com on Dec. 30. The turnout wasn't what anyone expected and their servers were flat-out overloaded. What you could see was entertaining, but the cams went dark due to the overload too often.


But one of the orgy attendees ended up spending the weekend with the house regulars and some of the follow-on shows were hot hot hot.


The orgy wasn't worth the effort, but the rest of the weekend sure was!

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I tried to watch the orgy at keywestdudes.com on Dec. 30 and kept getting bumped. I sent an e-mail to cruisingforsex.com explaining what happened. I received a response on Jan.2 notifying me that a refund had been issued and apologizing for the problems.

I have posted only a few questions on this site, so there is no reason for any of you to trust my opinion. However, I feel that I was treated very well, with professionalism and courtesy. I will have no problems about watching another orgy produced by cruisingforsex.com.

Just for the record, I am not connected with that site in any way.

Thank you.

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-01 AT 11:15AM (EST)[p]>I received a response on Jan.2

>notifying me that a refund

>had been issued and apologizing

>for the problems.


I'm a member of keywestdudes so there was no extra charge. I continued trying to watch the orgy, mostly out of curiosity over whether they could handle the bandwidth. (I've run web servers myself in the past so details like that interest me.)


For a first effort, it was handled quite well. Their provider just wasn't ready with a wide enough pipe.


When it comes to online entertainment, there's a wealth of it available on the net and there's something for every taste. But it's all "bleeding edge" technology, so there will be glitches no matter who's running it.

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>I have posted only a few

>questions on this site, so

>there is no reason for

>any of you to trust

>my opinion. However, I

>feel that I was treated

>very well, with professionalism and

>courtesy. I will have

>no problems about watching another

>orgy produced by cruisingforsex.com.

>Just for the record, I am

>not connected with that site

>in any way.

>Thank you.


Dan, I read a high level of defensiveness in this post. We all started here once. My experience reading the many threads is that everyone is taken as honest and upfront unless there is some hint to the contrary.

We appreciate an informed and thoughtful response, even from a tenderfoot.

Welcome aboard.


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