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Montreal @ online escort sites,Taboo

Guest meteor

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Guest meteor

Hi guys,I will soon be visiting Montreal and I am wondering has anyone had any experence with Taboo's,the best nights,the age and types of men there ? Also does anyone know of any Montreal based escort sites,Thanks Meteor.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

There are five nude dancer bars in Montreal, four reasonably close to each other in

the gay village.


The Campus, 1111 St Catherine east (514) 526-3616 is the most famous. It has

two shifts: 15:00-21:00 with a modest complement of normally slimmer guys, and

21:00-03:00 with more muscular guys (steroided often). Personally I find it a bit

seedy and depressing. But if you want muscle, this is the first place to look.


The Stock 1278 St André (514) 842-1336 is in my opinion the best, both in terms

of selection and layout. It is open from 20:00-03:00, and the selection of guys is

quite stunning, tending towards muscular (but not BB) but also including a number of

equally handsome willowy types. I was there this Friday and saw one slim 20

year-old brunette ("Shawn") who was an awesome Latin dancer.


Adonis 1681 St Catherine (514) 421-1355 is more mixed but tends towards

twinks. It also has two shifts (15:00-03:00). I find the patron space very narrow and constrained.


Taboo 1950 de Maisonneuve east (514) 597-0010 is chicken-city. Open 20:00-03:00.

This place is really scary. Some of the guys are reputedly only 16. I've never had

the nerve to go there.


The West Side 1071 Beaver Hall Hill (514) 866-4963 is the only bar outside of the

village, near the Victoria subway station. Open 16:00-03:00 on weekdays and

19:00-03:00 on weekends. Its market is smaller and it has difficulty holding on to

its dancers. So it's more of a place for new dancers to break into the business.


The protocol at all the bars is essentially the same. There is no cover charge, but

you are expected to have a drink in hand at all times, though you can nurse it for as

long as you like. The guys are not paid by the bars and make their money essentially

from table dancing in secluded booths where for ten dollars a song your chosen guy

will let you pet and grope him while he undresses, slow-dances and rubs against

you. Be warned, there are strict rules against touching genitals and they will all

become offended if you try. If you are nice and respectful, the guy might let you kiss

him (especially if you are a regular).


Many, but by no means all, dancers will accompany you to your hotel room with you

after their shift is over (normally between 02:30 and 03:00) for a "private" dance. As

a minimum they will let you suck them off. Some will reciprocate, some will kiss,

some will even top you, if that is what you are into. A smaller number will even

bottom for you (especially the twink or younger types).


I know this is going to sound corny but the best way to approach them for a

"private" is to kind of "seduce" them while they are offering you a table dance. Keep

them dancing (remember $10 Cdn or about $6.50 US a song) for a while, talk them

up, shower them with praise, cuddle, and then appear overwhelmed by their charms

(after the third song or so) and ask them if they do "private" dances. I they say "yes"

or "perhaps", then you can ask their rates (normally by the hour) and indicate

specifically what you are interested in.


If you are having a good time with the table dancing, it is probably not a good idea to

introduce the "private" dance thing until you are through. A lack of agreement can

have a chilling effect on what is often a very erotic experience in and of itself.


As to online escort sites - there aren't any except for individual escorts. The most

expensive (but he is worth it) is Niko#3 reviewed on this site under Montreal and

NYC (he occasionally dances at the Gaiety). He is a beautiful, well-muscled, short,

dark-blond, versatile bottom with very sensitive and well developed pecs, defined

abs, and one of the best butts in the business beneath a 29 inch waist. He normally

does not do calls in Montreal, but if you ask him out for the evening ($500 US

minimum) and offer to take him to dinner and an Expos game, your chances are

good. His English is very basic so he might appear a bit shy when you meet him. He

is the best-reviewed escort in Canada bar none (except possibly Matt in

Vancouver), and is very accommodating in bed. A word of warning though, he

shoots very quickly when being topped, so you might want to leave that as a finale.


The Montreal escort (more of an ex-escort) I find most exciting is a 5'7" 157#

Southeast Asian hottie who used to dance at the Stock. He is strictly a top but an

enthusiastic one who kisses deeply, loves to be deep-throated (reciprocating to

some degree), and likes to be rimmed. He has shoulder length glossy black hair,

beautiful cinnamon coloured skin and the most perfect muscular proportions I have

ever groped on a guy. (Did I say that? :-)) I am trying to find him work as a model.

The problem is that he has a real part-time job and has essentially retired from

escorting. If you are interested, however, I will ask him whether I can give you his

pager number, and if so will send it privately to you through HooBoy. If he is willing,

he will probably charge something like $150 US an hour.


The last Montreal area escort I can recommend actually lives in Ottawa. You can

see him at http://www.dannyjock.com. He is very friendly and English speaking. Don't be

put off by the fetish aspect of his site. He is actually quite open to most scenes and

may come down to Montreal to see you if you make it worth his while. He's been

my "regular" for a year and a half and I never do any of the kinky stuff with him. His

rates are posted on his page.


Have fun.



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I would give a much higher rating to Taboo. A few of the dancers LOOK young/16, but every time I talked with one for a length of time or did a private dance or asked another guy, they turned out to be 22-26. Some guys look very young, and Taboo hires them. But all the dancers are definitely cute, smooth, friendly, and looking for tips.


The ambience is very relaxed and fun, with lots of space and good light. The dancers walk around frequently and chat with you, and many are very interesting - college students, trade school students, aspiring actors and dancers, new immigrants, or working elsewhere during the day. The private dances can be a lot of fun, but it will depend on how well the dancer knows you. I think they are just afraid of funny stuff. I don't go all that often, but several of the guys know me, and when I stop by, they always come up and greet me with a kiss on the lips, talk with me, and then of course ask if I would like a private.


And of course I would at some point in the evening. At $10/$6.50 apiece, it is a very inexpensive pleasure. Two or three songs is quite enough; you don't have to stay for hours. They appreciate your consideration, enjoy giving you pleasure, and they pick up some money. As for privates later or the next day, you have to ask. Sometimes the dancers have asked/invited me; sometimes I have asked them. I am always respectful and not peremptory, and neither I nor any dancer has gotten angry if the dancer declined. How much fun at hotel? Varies. Couple of guys (one from Campus and one from Taboo) were two of my most enjoyable sesssions in a Montreal bed ever and fantastic sex. Other times the guys won't go beyond a kiss on the cheek and letting themselves be sucked. In general, you will get more action if you hire an escort than if you bring a dancer home. There are several very good agencies in Montreal, listed in Fugues magazine. I have always been extremely happy with the escorts they have sent, and who have always performed.


Best nights at Taboo are Friday and Saturday, when they have the most dancers and the best; often 24 dancers each night and somewhat different each night. Some of my favorite dancers have been there several years and only dance once a week or twice at most. Other dancers are there almost every night.


I think Taboo is one of the most enjoyable, fun, sensual, non-threatening bars I have ever found. If you like young, smooth, toally nude dancers who actually dance, this is the best in the world. If you like older, more muscular guys, Stock is the place to go. Frankly, I don't think any of the dancers is under 19, although a few look younger.

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Guest meteor

Much thanks to Esc-Tracker and Kar.G for your help, will be in Montreal for a long weekend at Grand Prix time,what could be better,fast cars and fast boys. Meteor.

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Esc-Tracker's assessment of the Montreal sense is bang on. There is no other city in all of North America where there are so many strip bars and willing dancers to take home with you. His pick up advise is accurate and it works. Most dancers will charge as low as $150 Can, but $200 is common, and will go as high as you will pay!!!


For my money, Campus and Stock are the best as I like muscle studs. Taboo is an attractive club but caters to much younger swimmer type guys, but not as streetwise as Adonis.


There are also ads in Fugues, the gay bar magazine, for escorts but not as many as NYC, but still a good cross section. I have used a few of them and I only once had a major disappointment, but thats the odds!!!


For Americans, Montreal is a not only a big bargain with the low Canadian peso, but is so much hotter than all US cities put together.



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Guest Esc_Tracker

RE: Esc_Tracker


Hmm, I received your message and responded. I assume you have checked your inbox....


Don't know. Was having mailing problems a while ago. I still have your message in by box. Let me try again with a test response. If that does not work I will take it up with HooBoy.


BTW, except for his place of employment, I think you could have posted your message on the list. :-)





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RE: Esc_Tracker


Hi Mr Esc:


I check my mail daily, even hourly. Sorry no post cards from you. Must be a problem on your end. I noticed that your private email buttons are turned off when I try to use them on this site. Anyway, just email me privately as per above and we can compare notes on our Brandon.



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Guest Esc_Tracker

RE: Esc_Tracker


Ah! I see what the problem was. I was playing with my profile and ticked the disable e-mail button by mistake. I guess that works both ways, coming and going, so you never got my response. I will send a new one as soon as you confirm the mail link is working now.



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Guest Esc_Tracker

RE: Esc_Tracker


I don't get it. My self-tests seem to be working. I have just sent you yet another private message titled "test5". It should be in your inbox now. If it is, just send a confirmation to my inbox. If it isn't there, send a non-confirming message so I can see if I am at least still receiving messages. Thanks for your patience. We will solve this yet.




P.S. Has anyone else been trying to send me private messages?

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Guest Esc_Tracker

RE: Esc_Tracker


Hmm, I am beginning to think the problem is at your end. I am not sending the messages to your home email account but to your inbox on this message board. I hate to sound like I am teaching you to suck eggs since I am new to this, but you can find the "inbox" among the icons above the list of conferences on the first page of the message center. If I am right, when you click on it you should find my original response and a number of test messages.


Each time I send you a test the message board acknowledges that it has been sent to you. So if you have been checking your inbox on this site, this is clearly a problem for Daddy in Training. If all else fails I will use your hotmail account, but I would rather not.



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