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Adult IDs

Guest Jpaul

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Guest Jpaul

Many adult web sites now require some kind of adult ID. For some discretion is essential. Is there a way to pay for one without using your real name? or is that illegal? Thanks!

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Guest bluboy

Yes there is a way. Go to http://www.webcertificates.com and buy your fake self a gift certificate which operates like a mastercard on anysite on the web: make sure you give yourself both a fake name and fake address but keep track. I once lost my fake address and I was unable to get the cash that I had bought- stupid me. You will also need a new email address - sicne you have to "send your self the gift certificate- so just open up a free one on any of the many options outthere. you can keep adding to the certificate as you wish so your privacy and credit card is always protectecd. I have found this to be very useful as I always keep "$100" on my certificate at anytime to buy all sorts of adult things that I would never buy on my real name or with my real card! You can also use this to buy "paypal" with your fake name and email escorts cash if you need to.


Hope this was clear! Blu

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Guest jsekamore

That's quite interesting. However, I do have a question. How do you deposit money into that account? Don't you have to have a credit card in order to send someone a gift? Then won't you be able to be identified someway?

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Guest Jocoluver

I think that all privacy is abandoned if you use the internet. With cookies and god knows what else, "they" instantly know your IP address and with that your name and address is a piece of cake to find out - I think it is delivered instantly to John Aschroft's office (Attorney-General of US and thence FBI). Thanks to Republican party and the 5 right-wing Justices of the Supreme Court of the US. So forget about your privacy. It is long gone as soon as you subscribed to your ISP and logged on to the net.

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Guest Tall Texn

>Yes there is a way. Go

>to http://www.webcertificates.com and buy your

>fake self a gift certificate

>which operates like a mastercard

>on anysite on the web:

>make sure you give yourself

>both a fake name and

>fake address but keep track.

>I once lost my fake

>address and I was unable

>to get the cash that

>I had bought- stupid me.

>You will also need a

>new email address - sicne

>you have to "send your

>self the gift certificate- so

>just open up a free

>one on any of the

>many options outthere. you can

>keep adding to the certificate

>as you wish so your

>privacy and credit card is

>always protectecd. I have found

>this to be very useful

>as I always keep "$100"

>on my certificate at anytime

>to buy all sorts of

>adult things that I would

>never buy on my real

>name or with my real

>card! You can also use

>this to buy "paypal" with

>your fake name and email

>escorts cash if you need



>Hope this was clear! Blu


Maybe I'm not persistent in looking...but I tried to find some place on that page to buy a gift certificate! I couldn't!

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