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Brett Silvers (vents)

Guest swiftone

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Guest swiftone

Just read Brett Silvers post in tonights reviews and just wanted to say to Brett, thanks, you make some very valid points. As a client who has only been hiring escorts for the last year I would like to say that an escort has the right to set their rates as they see fit. As a client I can either agree to the fee or not. I thank God for Hooboy's site, I have only hired escorts who have good reviews here and I have not been disappointed, I have hired a couple of porn stars and they were just great and I did not object to their rates because they fulfilled everything they promised, and I was more than satisfied. I have also hired other escorts who are not porn stars and whose rates were very reasonable and were just as fulfilling and the experience was just as great. I have not had the pleasure of hiring Brett, but he is certainly high on my list, if I ever get to LA. I am in my late 50s a total bottom and I like to get everything sorted out before hand, then there will be no surprises. If after the date I do not feel that the encounter was worth the fee, then chalk it up to experience, write a reveiw and don't hire that escort again. Thanks Brett, I agree with what you are saying here, from the escorts I have hired the best experience has been with those who love what they are doing and who love sex as much as I do. Keep up the good work, there are many of us who will want to hire you even if you up the price.

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I read and found myself very unimpressed by Brett's remarks. In fact, there have been a group of escorts recently posting like comments. It does not matter if you make 12.50hr, 25.hr, 250.hr or 2,500.hr work is work and if you don't like it find a different career. From the kid who works at Burger King to the CEO of a large company we all have issues with our work. Brett's are no more or no less important than anyone elses. We are all people and the rest of that goes... from different ethnic backgrounds, with different needs, different problems, different dreams, different hopes, different views... so what is the problem Brett? If you worked behind the counter at my lcoal gas station I would expect the same good service as I would had I ever hired you as an escort. YOU selected to be self employed in a business where you must deal with all types of people on a very personal level. I nor did anyone else force you into that business. Do you think you are the only one who has slept in his car... PLEASE take a vacation and get over yourself.

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Come on, HQ. Brett (whom I do not know personally) was not saying his job is more important or more difficult than anyone else's. He was merely presenting his view of his career...isn't part of the concept of this message center that we can all see each others' points of view? I've learned quite a few things about the client perspective on this site, and I'm sure the same can be said for you guys finding out how we feel. Yes, other jobs have their own stress & "issues"...but this website is devoted to escorting. I applaud Brett's honesty and integrity. I'd also bend over for him anytime.

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HooBoy includes the following disclaimer on the home page of this site:


"Stats/Fees listed may be the opinion of the reviewer and may not be accurate




I think that says it all. Escorts have different rates for different clients and different situations. Most have incall and out call rates. Established clients may be charged one rate, new clients another, and I've seen web sites that specify rates for specific types of scenes -- i.e., a "dominant" rate and a "vanilla" rate. (So much for the time only argument.) I know of at least one escort who gives a discount to college students. IMHO, no escort should be forced to negotiate his rate for a standard session. If a prospective client doesn't like the rate that he is being quoted, then he should hire someone else. The only time that negotiations should enter into the picture is if the escort is being hired for several days.

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Guest LAbuyer

I thought Bretts comments were really interesting. He has the same complaints that we all have about our jobs. I think he sounded very reasonable.


I've just moved to Los Angeles and have only hired one escort so far, but he definitely sounds like someone I'd like to be with! Good luck Brett.

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Brett says:


"I recently set a date with a client. A new client whom I've not seen before. I quoted him a fee of 250hr. He said in his response that 200 was what he expected the fee to be since he read all of my reviews and most read 200."


It sounds to me like the two of them were in the process of setting a date, since the fee had not been agreed upon. If they don't agree on the fee, then they BOTH move on. Neither one needs to make an issue of it. I can't imagine that Brett felt "forced" to negotiate his fee....

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I agree, Rick. The real value of this website is the input from both sides (client and escort). I was glad to see that Brett feels good enough about this site to share his thoughts so openly. It says a lot about the site.


Your remarks say a lot about you, as well. You're the only one in this year's "top four" I haven't "met" yet. I gotta plan me a trip to NY. ;-)

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Guest pickwick

I have a hard time understanding why an escort would think there's anything improper about negotiating his fee with a client. I know that lawyers and accountants at some of the nation's most prestigious firms negotiate fee arrangements with clients all the time. Even physicians who work for HMOs negotiate per-patient fees. The only service providers I know who are required by law to provide their services at pre-arranged fees without negotiation are New York City cab drivers.

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>Your remarks say a lot about

>you, as well. You're the

>only one in this year's

>"top four" I haven't "met"

>yet. I gotta plan me

>a trip to NY. ;-)



As one of Rick's many satisfied clients/friends, I say get to NY ASAP. In addition to being a hell of a nice guy, he's very good at what he does! }> :9 (His partner Derek Ross is also worth a trip to NY. :9) (Did someone say threesome? ;-) }>)

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Brett raises some good points. No one would suggest that any one (including escorts) in the U.S. should not be permitted to charge whatever one believes one’s services are worth. However, escorts are not immune from the law of supply and demand. Escorts should keep in mind that most of us who use escorts do not necessarily earn fabulous salaries and we have limits as to what we feel we can afford in purchasing what is fundamentally a luxury service. If I were an escort, rather than raising fees beyond a certain point, I think that being more selective in scheduling repeat clients would be a more logical way to improve the escorting experience. There was a recent thread about how expensive, porn stars tend to perform poorly. This might reflect the mindset of an escort who is only interested in charging the maximum that the market will bare.

A case in point: The last time I traveled to L.A., I contacted a well-known escort to make an appointment. He informed me that he had raised his fee above that quoted in his reviews. I do not negotiate fees, but I informed him of the maximum rate that I felt that I could justify paying. He did not seem insulted and accepted the appointment. I think that he was very happy that he did. The next time I visit L.A., I suspect that for many reasons he will make time for me. In return, I (also for many reasons) intend to pay him his higher rate. If he had initially insisted on his higher rate, we would have both lost a great experience.

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Guest Traveler

>Brett raises some good points.

>No one would suggest that

>any one (including escorts) in

>the U.S. should not be

>permitted to charge whatever one

>believes one’s services are worth.

> However, escorts are not

>immune from the law of

>supply and demand. Escorts

>should keep in mind that

>most of us who use

>escorts do not necessarily earn

>fabulous salaries and we have

>limits as to what we

>feel we can afford in

>purchasing what is fundamentally a

>luxury service. If I

>were an escort, rather than

>raising fees beyond a certain

>point, I think that being

>more selective in scheduling repeat

>clients would be a more

>logical way to improve the

>escorting experience.


I certainly agree that the law of supply and demand applies. An escort who's very popular can raise his rates and see his income go up. Any escort who charges over $200 either has to do an exceptional job, or perhaps be a popular porn star that many people might want to try at least once. Otherwise, no one's going to be willing to hire them. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

In addition, I would say that a popular escort who charges the big bucks should probably keep his old rates with established clients. There's one (admitedly outstanding) escort whose rates have substantially increased since I first hired him. His popularity has been fueled in large part by this site, however, and in particular by his first review written by yours truly (I do have a sense that I put him on the map, although I suppose that eventually someone else would have posted a great review for him).

When I last tried to hire him, he insisted on his new fee, although he knew who I was. I felt I deserved some consideration considering our history, and therefore wouldn't rehire him. I suppose he's become popular enough that he doesn't need his original supporters. I do think that most escorts will do stick to their original rates for their loyal customers (at least in my experience). Can we have an escort poll, here?

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Guest squaddie

I believe an escort can ask whatever fee he feels he is entitled to. On the other hand I don't have to accept it.

I do not like to negotiate a lower fee as I believe this sets me at a disadvantage on a first meeting. As a result of the first meeting, if satisfied, I am more than willing to give a suitable tip. To negotiate a lower fee , IMHO, demeans me and the escort.

If the fee quoted is too high for my budget I just move on. As someone else said, 'It's supply and demand', and there is at the moment a good supply.

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HQ, I think you're being unfair. Everyone in every job "vents" about their job or the customers/clients that they must serve. Why should this be any different? And I think he made some really good points and actually did so without being mean or hateful to the client community. I think it's great that he posted what he did -- and I'm sure he is far from being the only escort who feels the way he does.


And I think this forum (message board) leans too heavily towards the client base anyway. I think we should try to encourage more escorts to express their opinions and feelings on this board more often. And attacking one when he does does is not going to do it.


Only when escorts can better understand where clients are coming from AND when clients can better understand where escorts are coming from, can they both hope to have more positive experiences.


Is it possible that maybe you saw a little of yourself in what he was saying?

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

>We are all people and

>the rest of that goes...

>from different ethnic backgrounds, with

>different needs, different problems, different

>dreams, different hopes, different views...


Ok, I am actually excited to respond to this one!!!

I will start by saying that the above statement, although pretty obvious since we all learned this concept in grade school, does give the writer a hint of credibility. But...


>so what is the problem

>Brett? If you worked behind

>the counter at my lcoal

>gas station I would expect

>the same good service as

>I would had I ever

>hired you as an escort.


Now really... This rediculous comment just shredded that glimpse of credibility I felt you had to pieces. If you honestly expect the same service from Mc Donalds as a Five Star Restraunt then you have your priorities way out line!!!! As a manager/ owner of a high profile brand name small business, I can say that customers shop in my store because of the service and selection we offer versus our competitor who sometimes offers close to the same product for less $. It is how the merchandise is displayed and presented that makes its sales performance. That's just a little "Retail selling 101" for you!!! And last but not least...



>YOU selected to be self

>employed in a business where

>you must deal with all

>types of people on a

>very personal level. I nor

>did anyone else force you

>into that business. Do you

>think you are the only

>one who has slept in

>his car... PLEASE take a

>vacation and get over yourself.



I really hope you are the one who gets over yourself. Being "self employed", I can also tell you from my management job that we have the right to refuse service to anyone. I would hope that through exchanging emails if not definitely from any phone conversation you and I were to have, I would be able to judge your obviously discerning character and let you know I would not be the right person for the job. Since I don't think I will be on your priority list of "to hire escorts", let me offer you this piece of advice:


You encounter all types of people in life, some you get along great with, some you can tolerate being around and some you have to walk away from just because you dont "click." The reason I offer this "elementary" advice, other than the fact that I think it is basic enough for you to understand, is that if Brett's statesment bothered you then you had every right to write a response, but he never once took a personal attack at any specific client or escort, so you telling him to "get over himself" was out of line and rude in my opinion. I realize that I am lowering myself to make a somewhat personal attack, but for myself and any other escort who could relate to what Brett said, you stepped on my (our) toes too!!!!!

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Guest Brett Silvers

I just felt the need to respond to Sir HQ.

If you were to read my posting carefully, I simply stated that I don't care to barter my fees. Never said that I'm unhappy in the self employed career that I've chosen for myself. Infact, on the contrary. I believe I said that I do enjoy what I do. I was simply speaking from my heart. Just speaking out so that maybe some clients would see things they've not noticed or understood in the past with hiring escorts. Things I chose to say were not "take offs" from other escorts comments... but my own true feelings about certain issues. I feel you are entitled to your own feelings in that you disagree with EVERYTHING I had to say... however, your closing comment for me to take a vacation was uncalled for and a bit rude. Clearly, you may have flipped burgers at Burger King in your day, but you've never worked as an escort. Thanks however for your input, it was heard and noted. :)

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Guest Brett Silvers

Raising MY rates


Okay, now I feel the need to clear something up here.

In telling EVERYONE out there about a particular client

that brought up a good point about "advertised on M4M at 200.00" why is it now 250? I started by saying that this issue about me raising my rates has been in limbo for some time now. Just didn't know if it was fair of me at first to raise my rates at all from 8 years ago. In addition, about this particular client who questioned me, I did NOT feel "forced to negotiate," but he put me in a "hmmmm...what do I do now?" position. I did in fact agree to 200.... in case anyone was wondering.

And in response to the person that said regular clients should continue paying their initial fee when we first met. I have clients that are still paying 150. I think that's fair... don't you? :) Thanks to all of you out there that see my original posting for what it was.

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

Well said and notably defended. I think you know that most of us support what you meant. Hope everything is going well and maybe we can meet sometime when I come to LA?



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Guest elwood

RE: Raising MY rates


Brett, You do not have to justify anything regarding your rates. As had been said before,rates reflect to some extent supply and demand and to another extent the satisfaction which the escort provides. Based on your reviews here,Brett, there seems to be no question about your quality of service. Negotiation is for the streets. It is why sites like this are so valuable and why there is a difference between escorting and hustling. If you are too expensive..then the person will just have to save up for you :-)

As for charging your "regulars" at a previous rate..that is your decision and also shows professionalism and loyalty...but is in no way your obligation. I am not wealthy..but I am comfortable and choose to hire escorts occasionally. For me it is a luxury and I am willing to pay.Sometimes I have had to pass it up because I could not afford it. That made it all the better when I could..For what a really good escort does I feel the price is well worth it. Others who are less professional are a "rip-off".Thats why this site can be so helpful.

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As an associated question, how does an escort go about rolling back his fees if he finds that his income has dropped precipitiously as a result of a fee hike. I periodically see reviews quoting fees that are less than I have been quoted.


I agree with all of the postings re: not haggling with the escort about the money, but simply determining to pass if it seems out of line.


Also, what to do about those escorts that one likes, and one would see more often if their fees were more mainstream. I might try them once or twice out of curiousity, but there are lots of fish in the stream so to speak. I don't know how to tell an escort "you know, you're a good $200-250 lay, and I would call you more often but pricing yourself at the $300+ level just isn't happening".


Many of the escorts I know tell me that business is off with the economy and they are hurting. Since I have noticed a significant increase in prices in the last year or so, due probably to the effect of being rated on Hooboy, how would they scale back.


Just Curious.



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>I don't know how to

>tell an escort "you know,

>you're a good $200-250 lay,

>and I would call you

>more often but pricing yourself

>at the $300+ level just

>isn't happening".


EWC, just say that!


I have often called an ad without a price listed and when quoted a too-high price I say "That's too high for me. I know other escorts in the area who are excellent for $___."


I don't quibble, I just thank him and hang up.


If enough of us do that, I'm sure the rates will change.


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I will only say that Brett is an extremely nice guy and anyone would want to know him in any capacity.


If you haven't met him you should make a point of it !!!


Can't wait for my birthday Brett !!!!!

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I'll second SFJeff's comment on Brett. He is a very nice guy and is good at what he does.


On the topic of rates, my feeling is that an escort should be able to raise his rates whenever he wants, for whatever reason. If we do not like the rate, we move on. It's quite simple. I agree with Squaddie, I don't feel that negotiating rates is productive, as it puts a negative vibe on the meeting before we even meet. If we are not on the same page, I just walk away and hope that my second choice works out.


For me, personally, I feel for what I like to do in a session with an escort, $200 an hour is plenty to be paying. Therefore, I haven't seen anyone who was charging more than that. That's just my personal view on what I should be paying for what I'm "buying" (the time, not the person). I have stayed away from the agencies who have raised their rates to 250 an hour and higher, even though I feel they have some very nice guys. It's just a personal hangup, not a gripe about the price structure (law of supply and demand, etc.). Since I can't control my expenses in this area, placing that "rule" on myself has helped keep my budget a little under control.

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I agree with the 2 prior posts. I suspect that it might actually be counterproductive for escorts to raise their rates above 200. If I were an escort, I would want my rate high enough to exclude a certain class of clients. On the other hand, setting rates too high might exclude a class of clients who have other (nonpaid) sexual outlets available to them and use escorts just to spice up their sex life.

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So we're all in agreement then:-) $200 is a good fair price for a good clean escort who gets good reviews, is fun to be with, clean, and good sex whatever your tastes happen to run; $250 is good for the best of class, and $300+ is special ocassion time. Heads up escorts.



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