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Thom Bierdz from Soap Y & R

Guest steveyboy

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What a hot pic? What site did it come from? I remember when he was on Y&R (tugged between Katherine and Jill) and thought he was so hot. Is he "family'?

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered: Doctor.....WHO?????"

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Guest DaddyWayne

Oh, wow. I always wondered what happened to this gorgeous actor after they killed him off on Y&R. I used to watch the show just to see him :-) What can I say? He was a good actor and so very hot in a subtle sensuous way. I wish he would escort on the East Coast sometime -- and, he's an artist too.



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Guest DaddyWayne

>I've talked to Thom. He's

>not an escort, but he

>does sell his underwear.

>Hec, I don't even know

>if he's gay or not.


Unfortunately, I'm not into underwear. Otherwise, I'd be tempted with Thom's. He has such a dreamy sensual look. I do find selling one's used underwear though to be a strange way to make money. Escort or not, I'd still pay to spend time with him in bed :-)


His art is really quite good, too, from what I see on his web site.


He seems like he'd be a fascinating and interesting person to get to know. I wonder where the name "Zoey Drake" comes from. Oh well -- another fantasy. Best wishes, Thom Bierdz wherever and whatever you are and are doing -- gay or not :-)



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Guest Traveler

Forgive my incredulity, but why would a successful union actor with years in the business suddenly go around selling his underwear? He would have to be a fool to have run out of money, it seems (not that the doesn't happen). And why wouldn't someone with his experience and talent not be able to get an acting job? One would think that posing nude on the internet and selling one's underwear would be frowned on in the legitimate acting industry. Why soil one's reputation (so to speak) for a few bucks? I'll be the first to admit I've long had a crush on him, though. Hasn't he been acting for over 15 years? That would make me wonder about those photos being doctored....

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Guest Traveler



>I've talked to Thom. He's

>not an escort, but he

>does sell his underwear.

>Hec, I don't even know

>if he's gay or not.








How do you know it was Thom Bierdz you were talking to? Could it be (just throwing the question out) that you reached someone on the phone who claimed to be Thom Bierdz? Or did you actually meet him in person?

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Guest LAPrada

I have known Zoey for about four years now. Zoey is his real name. I am a bit shocked at this "selling of underwear", but in his defense, it's a capitalist world. Hey, if people will buy it, why shouldn't he sell it?


Zoey is a great guy... very sweet and a great host. I've been to his place several times, which he shares with his monogamous beau, Doug, of many years. They would NEVER even think of doing escort work. Both are SAG actors and currently going out for commercial work. My guess is that it's a competitive field and to make a quick buck, Zoey and Doug came up with this idea.


As a friend, I think this is kinda funny. I can't wait to rib Zoey for this... I'm playing tennis with Doug next week and Zoey usually comes to watch. I need to come up with a good practical joke for this!! LOL


BTW, Zoey is hot, but Doug is the STUD!!

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Guest Traveler

>I have known Zoey for about

>four years now. Zoey

>is his real name.

>I am a bit shocked

>at this "selling of underwear",

>but in his defense, it's

>a capitalist world. Hey,

>if people will buy it,

>why shouldn't he sell it?



>Zoey is a great guy... very

>sweet and a great host.

> I've been to his

>place several times, which he

>shares with his monogamous beau,

>Doug, of many years.

>They would NEVER even think

>of doing escort work.

>Both are SAG actors and

>currently going out for commercial

>work. My guess is

>that it's a competitive field

>and to make a quick

>buck, Zoey and Doug came

>up with this idea.


And they think corporate America will be endeared to have their products represented by a guy who sells his used underwear? The amount involved in these underwear would be trivial for a union actor doing commercial work. And you're a first-time poster. Sorry, I just don't buy it (literally and figuratively). I would have to see a video of Thom (or Zoey or whoever it is, although I think Zoey's just some other guy selling some used underwear) offering his stuff to believe it.

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Guest JustANametoPlay

Succesfull actor? Hmm, what have you seen him in in the past few years? Anything? The last role of his that was big as far as I know was Y&R, and that was several years ago.

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Guest LAPrada

Traveler... what is the relevance of me being a first time poster? Does that make my post less credible?? I'm sorry if I haven't posted 47 times like you have... nor have I traveled the world hiring escorts left, right, up, down, sideways, backwards like you have. So yes, I might not be knowledgeable about every single subject matter on this message board (like you feel you are), but I am on this one. I've only been reading this Board for about two weeks, so when I thought I could enlighten some inquiring minds about a subject matter that I'm fully aware of, I registered and posted.


I don't appreciate you undermining my post, but you're free to think whatever you like. I know the truth and that's all that matters. Similarly, I can think that you're a sex pervert for hiring/disclosing the massive amounts of escorts you claim to have hired... whether or not you are a sex pervert, well, only you know if you are or not. I can only just form an opinion.


But going back to the topic, do you really think Advertising Agencies (the people that hire the actors for their commercial spots) will know what Zoey does in his spare time on some obscure gay website? Better yet, would some Ad Exec admit it? Oh yeah, I can really see someone saying "Oh, we can't hire him... I saw him advertise on some gay porno site selling his used underwear". Do you think he would admit to reading some xxxgayauction.com site to his peers? Get real.


Obviously you don't know anything about the acting world. That is my industry. The average SAG actor makes $5200/year. 82% go on over 100 auditions per year without landing a single spot. No actor worked during the SAG strike (6 months last year). I know Zoey hasn't worked acting-wise in 18 months, so if he wants to make extra money this way, so be it. It's a free country...


But, with that in mind... you are free to believe whatever you want. I know the truth. BTW, I could tell you what restaurant Doug works at or give you their address and phone number, but being a first time poster (actually three times now), I doubt you would believe me. Let me post a billion more times and then hire a gazillion more escorts... then we'll be on the same playing field.

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Guest curious

For what its worth Thom Bierdz does indeed have credits under the name of Zoey Drake.

The last credited performance I have heard of him in was 2000's The Last Place On Earth (playing Rich) as Thom Bierdz. Besides Phillip on Y&R, he has appeared on several series including Melrose Place, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, and Models Inc.

As far as why he might sell his underwear, say 200 pair at $50 bucks each- thats a quick $10,000.


Hang in there Prada! BTW- if Doug is the cute one of the bunch-- where are the pics of him-- or what might we have seen him in?

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-01-01 AT 10:11PM (EST)[p]i never heard of this guy but the pic posted above is pretty provocative! nice face, smooth and toned bod and what a nice bushy thatch! i can't help but wonder what's below it! i sure wish he was in porn and escorting!!!!

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Guest DaddyWayne

>the pic posted above

>is pretty provocative! nice face,

>smooth and toned bod and

>what a nice bushy thatch!

>i can't help but wonder

>what's below it! i sure

>wish he was in porn

>and escorting!!!!


I'll second that statement!! And, if Thom/Zoey were on the East Coast, I'd be first in line to hire him as an escort!! He'd certainly make more money escorting than selling used underwear on a gay auction site.


Does anybody know if there're any full frontal nudity pictures of him available anywhere? I too would like to see what's below that beautiful thatch!

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Guest Traveler

LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-01 AT 10:50AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-01 AT 10:40 AM (EST)


>Traveler... what is the relevance of

>me being a first time



Well, it seems to be pretty obvious. Being a first-time poster doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could just be an utter coincidence that this is the first string which moved you to write something. On the other hand, a first-time poster has the potential to come out of anywhere. If you had been contributing to various strings for months, that would make it far less likely.


>Does that make

>my post less credible??


For the reasons stated above, nothing is proven as true or untrue. It is a potential red flag, though--something to take into account along with other available facts.


>I'm sorry if I haven't

>posted 47 times like you

>have... nor have I traveled

>the world hiring escorts left,

>right, up, down, sideways, backwards

>like you have.


Hey, you're missing out on life's big adventure. :D


>So yes, I might not be

>knowledgeable about every single subject

>matter on this message board

>(like you feel you are),


Hey, you must be psychic... Do you actually know how I feel? :o


>but I am on this

>one. I've only been

>reading this Board for about

>two weeks, so when I

>thought I could enlighten some

>inquiring minds about a subject

>matter that I'm fully aware

>of, I registered and posted.



>I don't appreciate you undermining my

>post, but you're free to

>think whatever you like.


I can think whatever I like! How magnanamous of you! ;-)

I'm merely posting my suspicions based on whatever information I have. Others are free to agree or disagree. You're sure being defensive (and a tad bit hostile!).


>I know the truth and

>that's all that matters.

>Similarly, I can think that

>you're a sex pervert for

>hiring/disclosing the massive amounts of

>escorts you claim to have



Well, you know what they say. Opinions are like ***holes; everybody's got one. However, in case you haven't noticed, the purpose of this website is to advise other Johns about good and bad experiences with escorts. It's not to advertize some guy selling his used underwear, be he a star or not. Why are you hanging around this site if you think people who hire escorts and discuss their experiences are perverts?


>whether or not you

>are a sex pervert, well,

>only you know if you

>are or not. I

>can only just form an



Well, the term pervert is subjective. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh thinks that everyone who's ever used this site is a pervert. A lot of people probably think that getting off on someone's soiled underwear is perverted. Why are you on this site if you think hiring escorts is perverted , but buying someone's soiled underwear for sexual gratification isn't? Let's add that bit of information to the fact that this is the first string you found worthy of your posting. Hmmm. Could this be any indication whatsoever that you might possibly be more interested in selling used underwear than in escort reviews?


>But going back to the topic,

>do you really think Advertising

>Agencies (the people that hire

>the actors for their commercial

>spots) will know what Zoey

>does in his spare time

>on some obscure gay website?


They may or may not, but if I were Thom Bierdz, why would I risk it for a few measly $$? A glance at his website doesn't even show any recent bids.


> Better yet, would some

>Ad Exec admit it?

>Oh yeah, I can really

>see someone saying "Oh, we

>can't hire him... I saw

>him advertise on some gay

>porno site selling his used

>underwear". Do you think

>he would admit to reading

>some xxxgayauction.com site to his



He wouldn't have to admit to anything. He could just decide not to hire him. He doesn't need to give a reason (when was the last time an actor got a reason for not being hired?)


>Obviously you don't know anything about

>the acting world. That

>is my industry. The

>average SAG actor makes $5200/year.

> 82% go on over

>100 auditions per year without

>landing a single spot.


Actually, I lived in LA in my younger days. I met tons of guys who were really waiters but paid their SAG dues in the hopes of landing something between plays for which they weren't paid. All it takes is being hired as an extra, then being asked to say a single word, and voila, SAG membership. As you said, most SAG members don't do any SAG work in any given year, so the figure you give is skewed. If advertizers are hiring Thom Bierdz, he's not in the unemployed category. Darn! Did I say I met tons of guys in my youth? Maybe I am a pervert! :D


>No actor worked during the

>SAG strike (6 months last

>year). I know Zoey

>hasn't worked acting-wise in 18

>months, so if he wants

>to make extra money this

>way, so be it.


Anybody who's seen the site will realize little money's being made there.


>It's a free country...


>But, with that in mind... you

>are free to believe whatever

>you want. I know

>the truth. BTW, I

>could tell you what restaurant

>Doug works at or give

>you their address and phone

>number, but being a first

>time poster (actually three times

>now), I doubt you would

>believe me.


Well, if I went to the address you gave, rang the doorbell, and he answered, I'd certainly believe you. Or if I saw him actually talking through a webcam, I'd believe you. Otherwise, you're right, just giving an address and a phone number would prove nothing. You could be giving anyone's address of phone number. And, of course, anyone could answer the form and say his name is Thom Bierdz (or Zoe or whatever).

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