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How dumb are we?

Guest smurf

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I've read past mail and have to wonder just how dumb are we? Do you really believe an escort is your true friend. Do you really believe he would of even talked with you if you were not offering money. A lot of friendships are made every day without any thought of a payoff of any kind except perhaps out of mutal admiration. They respect what you stand for, have the same beliefs etc. An escort will pretend of course, because it is to their benefit. Ok - so you're fat, skinny, ugly or whatever and you honestly believe out of all the people in the world he really likes you. If you never paid him again would he go out in public with you and just hang out? Think about it. Would he cuddle for free. Think about it. Maybe he thinks you are the key to his future (financially speaking). Think about it - everything you do with this escort - costs you money. What is your definition of friendship???

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Jan-29-01 AT 07:20PM (EST)[p] Smurf


>What is your

>definition of friendship???


I think this may be where your issues start...


>Think about it. Would

>he cuddle for free.


THis does not fall under my understanding of the requirements for 'friendship'.


>Do you

>really believe he would of

>even talked with you if

>you were not offering money.


Quite possibly, it would depend under the circumstances of our meeting and more... like our personalities. To think otherwise is to postulate that escorts only talk to paying clients -- or to really hot guys who they are interested in bedding -- a rather skewed view of the escort's world, I think. They are people too; and just like the rest of us some are more calculating that others, some warmer than others etc. all the variations we find in the population as a whole.


> A lot of friendships

>are made every day without

>any thought of a payoff

>of any kind except perhaps

>out of mutal admiration.

>They respect what you stand

>for, have the same beliefs



I'm sure this is as true of escorts as it is for the rest of us.


> An escort will

>pretend of course, because it

>is to their benefit.


And ours... escorts do sell fantasies not friendship... but that doesn't mean friendship cannot develop.


> If you never paid

>him again would he go

>out in public with you

>and just hang out?


That probably depends a lot on you, on common interests, on other circumstances. Would your doctor hang with you or your plumber? Why do you expect different treatment from your escort.


There are various levels of friendship and if you expect to receive special treatment of a professional nature due to a friendship, then you misunderstand what real friendship is about. Try that tack on your doctor or lawyer.


>Think about it. Maybe

>he thinks you are the

>key to his future (financially



If he views you in this light specificly and exclusively, i.e. you are his meal ticket then you are in trouble and should move on but if you are only one of many clients that make up a good business base -- what is wrong with that. Clients are the key to any good professional's business.



>Think about it

>- everything you do with

>this escort - costs you



What is your definition of professional service???


>What is your

>definition of friendship???


I think this may be where your issues start...


The circle is complete

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Guest regulation

I'm not sure which "mail" you have in mind that strikes you as "dumb." I recall a recent thread, for example, in which participants discussed experiences in which they had "loaned" money to an escort in response to a hard luck story and not in return for actual services, only to discover that the story was bogus. That certainly strikes me as "dumb." Is that the sort of thing you meant?

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Guest albinorat

Exceptional response, Tampa Yankee. I could not have done half as well and I am far more arrogant than you!


As notes to what you posted: who says *we* look to escorts for *friendship*? I think I'm pretty friendly in general, and so are most of the escorts I see. I would not expect any of them to view me as a *friend* nor would I view any of them as *friends*, though I think well of those who have been nice to me and the source of pleasure and even joy.


I assess an escort on what he can do for me relative to what he costs, how he looks and how available he is. Though I want my friends to be reasonably attentive, I don't choose them for looks, sexual abilities, age, fetish and I don't pay them, even indirectly (I don't normally pick up any tabs, I don't expect them to either).


I see an escort if I feel comfortable about spending the money. That is never an issue in seeing a friend.


But there's no reason to rattle on. You have made better points more eloquently. Thanks.



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"Friendships" can develop within the context of a client/escort relationship, especially if you see an escort for a long time on a regular basis. However, you are probably fooling yourself if

you think the "friendship" will last beyond the client/escort

relationship. That doesn't mean that you will never see or talk to him again, escorts are people and everyone is different. Most

escorts whom I have met are loners with few real friends anyway.

But, I have been lucky. I'm met some really nice, decent people

who escort to make money on the side. Just don't expect to meet

a friend or a lover when you hire an escort!

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I can think of four different escorts who invited me back

for a free session. (I was in my early 30s at the time.)

In every case, the free sessions were more enjoyable--the

sex was better, and so was the interaction before and after.

In some cases I only got one free session, and the paid

sessions afterwards were good, but not as good as when

it was free.


Every one of these escorts was friendly during paid

sessions. But there was a different quality to the

interaction when it was for free, more akin to what

it's like when I'm spending time with a friend. The

difference was unmistakable, and it showed how much of

an emotional distance the escort was keeping during

paid sessions. Which is fine-- that's the nature of

most interactions with escorts, and I accept that.

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I wonder if smurf is refering to guys who fall for an escort?


If we step back it is obvious that much/most of the attention paid to us by a young hottie is part of his professional demeanor. BUT, we can easily be blinded by lust into thinking that he is really interested in 'me'.


That is understandable and naive but not stupid. Smurf, having been there myself, I empathize with the client who falls for a sex professional. I do not judge him.


Yes, friendships can develop but I doubt they account for 5% of the time clients get interested in escorts.

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Guest LG320126

Well maybe I am blind or dumb or whatever, but I for one have made what I consider a couple of for real friends in 2 escorts that I have met. Have I given them anything? Yes. Have they ever asked me or expected anything from me? I don't think so. I am not in love with them or think that they could be in love with me as I am old enough to be their fathers and indeed have been referred to by one as the father he never had - this due to being a friend to him.


I have had the opportunity to spend time with each of them in both a sexual and non-sexual context and actually prefer the non-sexual side as I don't feel the same about them any more as I did when I first hired them. Don't get me wrong - I certainly enjoy sex with them, but I also just enjoy spending time with them and "being friends". Does this make me naive? Think what you will, but personally I don't think so. Although in opposite ends of the country, I have asked them to always keep in touch and somehow I think they will. There are very few days go by that I don't chat with them online and will be seeing them again in a few weeks and will be staying with them in their apartment at their invitation.


Please remember that these escorts are human beings the same as you and I and if befriended by you, don't be surprised that they are capable of returning that friendship.

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Guest Nice Guy

SORRY Smuff, LG and Tampa are right

I know... for a fact... I see escorts all the time. I have friends who are escorts who sometimes go to bed with me and sometimes not. Sex is not the binding factor. We have become great friends for and to each other.

THe compensation stopped a long time ago with 2 in point. I see one all the time. We are best buddys and he has a lover and I see them both. I have dinner at their home. This costs me NOTHING!!!!!

I see one great guy, who discounts to the point of covering gas from LA, I would feel guilty if I didn't give him something for his time. But he is with ME to see ME and not the Bucks,

It is all in the way you pick them. I have had incredable fortune is meeting some really incredible guys. Some like what they do, some do what they do for a goal, and some are messed up and need a little guidence.... and the list of reasons goes on and on. Bottom line, treat your gentlemen as friends and equals and a whole new realm of posibilities opens up. Like LG or Tampa said.. these guys are just human beings, just like us. Everything is realitive, there is very little difference in our lives, we eat ,sleep,pay our bills and have sex. We choose to do it in a varity of ways... No one here dare judge, it is that old glass house thing and the stones....

I am not DUMB. Quite to the contrary, I know exactly what I am doing and I know what the Escorts are doing... At first it is a job, then if I want it, and they do,,, it can be more.

have a great day


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Guest albinorat

>I wonder if smurf is refering

>to guys who fall for

>an escort?


>we can easily be

>blinded by lust into thinking

>that he is really interested

>in 'me'.


>That is understandable and naive but

>not stupid. Smurf, having

>been there myself, I empathize

>with the client who falls

>for a sex professional.

>I do not judge him.


A while ago there were a long list of posts about this issue. They involved much eloquent writing and moving testimony. It's true that sex can evoke stronger, less controllable feelings than you expect. This is especially true in men who are insecure in their sexuality, full of shame, self loathing or troubled in some way.


When this person becomes a "client" (and I suspect a percentage of men who do hire, do so out of some insecurity and discomfort with sexual intimacy) his judgment may be clouded and his response to an escort may be "inappropriate".


I don't use that word in blame; I mean such a client, rather than accepting the escort experience for what it is (and that can be a lot of fun, there can be amicable affection, and I'm sure sometimes friendships, sexual or not, evolve)"overloads" the experience and may be taken advantage of (though not by every escort of course).


But I do think that is a different thread than whether friendships or warm quasi-familiar relationships can evolve (as LM described so well).


I don't think that is the usual scenario, nor is it one to be expected. But obviously it can happen. Meanwhile all the escorts I have met through this board have been nice people in my opinion (even those who did not send me to heaven!).



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Guest Stefano

I've read all that has been written on this subject and so far not one escort had voiced their feelings. I have also taken in to careful consideration every persons oppinion as I hope you

will do for mine. I happen to

agree wth Smurf on the grounds of not meeting unless the escort was hired. That's what this business is! Men come to this site and they search for the escort that they hope will fulfill their needs. The reviews are usually their guide along with pictures. The only problem with Smurfs theory, is that you don't hire an escort in hopes of finding a friend, lover, soulmate etc...

We provide services and if you're lucky you get service with a smile. I know lots of "clients" that have told me horror

stories about past escort experiences.

Myself personally will treat you like a friend instead of a client. That is my professionalism. However, I have made incredible friends that I wouldn't want to lose for the world. I'm young and of course I haven't experienced all that there is to experience. But when something comes up, I know I have them to listen and to guide me. I love knowing that I make someone's day alittle brighter. When it's mutual there is no denying it.

When they need me to listen, I do my best to give my full attention and compassion. That's what a friend to me is. A friend offers to help another when in need. If you ever find yourself giving and giving and never receiving then take a minute and think of the history of the relationship. LG just happened to be speaking about myself when he mentioned the father figure. I smile and sigh when I see him name on my buddylist. Whether I talk to him first or he to me, our conversations are that of true love and compassion. He has the heart of an Angel and guards me like a father. But the facts are the facts! I would have never met him had he not hired me. Thank

God that he did. For those who fall in love or are taken advantage of, I'm sorry. But can you honestly ever say that you had no idea what was going on. Open your eyes and see the world around you. You only let yourself fall into the pit because you didn't care. After the matter you want to blame someone and who better than the "Evil Money_sucking Escort". I think that I have said enough. I would just like to end by asking everyone not to


eachother as a whole. We are individuals each and every one of us. It's a double standard for both clients and escorts. Thanks for your time. Oh! I cant wait for your visit LG!


Mike Stefano

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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

Firs of all I would like to say that I feel sorry for you SMURF.

It seems that you have a very bad idea of what the “Escort World” is, and I hope somebody will show you or maybe yourself, by those posts, will a day understand better my little world….


“What is your definition of friendship???”


My answer is “Mutual Respect”.


I have been escorting for almost 2 years now and I found myself in many situations, which taught me the real life. I had many good/bad experiences and I still do have that kind of experience today. You learn everyday isn’t? Well in your life, wherever it is, whatever you are doing, at work or at home or even on vacation, you should respect people for who they are and not for what they do or how they look like.

And during those years, I have met people who did not know what the respect was and I’m sure that today they still don’t. I also met those who knew it and those became my “friends”. Friend… Friendship…. Escort…Money. You have the right to have your own opinion, to think the way you want, to hire anybody you want… But you know what? You will attract, get with those kinds of people who do not know the real meaning of Friendship because you already have a very bad opinion of that world.


I have made friends all over the world and I’m very fortunate about it. I’m very happy and proud about it. Yes I made money the first time they hired me so what? Is it the only thing you will ever see in your life? Money? Money does not make happiness or either does not make the Friendship…I know that it helps your own living and this is why you have a job and this is why I have a job also. But if it does in your own world, I feel pity for you because he should not be that way. Escorting has been my job and I have worked and still working for money because it is the way that people has to be to survive right? Any kind of job deserves remuneration; deserve a paycheck at the end….


Now you tell everyone here that you really doubt to see an escort a second time if you propose him to go out for dinner or fun without any type of money exchange…well if you are being so stubborn with such a bad image of escorting I really doubt that somebody will go back with you for some fun…go out for FREE.


I made trips more than once for vacation and more than once I met friends that I already knew or they had already hired me before, just for fun or dinner. And never came in my mind “how much should I charge”? I even turned the table to them and paid the dinner. Why because it is my way to be and it is because everybody is different which mean the “Escort World” does not mean that everyone is like what you think.


“Think about it - everything you do with this escort - costs you money”


Think about your own life Smurf, everything you do in your life Cost you money, you are writing this post on the net? Well you are probably using a computer for it, which means that you spent money for it, not your computer? Wherever you went to write that post Smurf you have spent money. So really think about it. Is your own life can be your Enemy because you are spending money for it?


I choose my friend depending on the respect I get. Ugly, fat, cute, old or young whatever they are, the one who will respect me for who I am, will be my friend.


The one who will stay in touch with me and chat with me as my buddy will belong to my very good friends, and god knows how much friends I have today. But there are also friends of mine who are always there to support me, (and I’m not talking financially only) who are there to guide me through life because they have more experience than I do and I feel good about it. I thank them everyday for what they do and what they tell me. It is nice to have support and advices on what I should do to go through life…


And it is not because of their support that I get everyday, that people have the rights to say such things as you said above.


I have nothing else to say other that only people knowing real good friend/escort and not ripped off know the real friendship. You haven’t met one yet, I’m sure about it, and I wish you would a day because you really need to feel secure for yourself. It is only good to have friend, whatever the type of friends, from work or from my world…because it is one of the only chances for you to enjoy life………… What will I be without friend or without people I love? Doing the same shit everyday and complains about anything….


I'm just a happy young man in love.(Love you baby)



PS : Above is what I have in the deep bottom of my heart and it is only trust and Honnesty.

Larry show him our world :) I'm sure he would be so happy so rack'em :)



Stephan Lacoste




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I found your response encouraging in light of an experience that I have had. I thought that I had developed a friendship with an escort (indeed, was told that we were friends and that he loved me (albeit, it was explained that it was not in a romantic context, and I understood that). However, experientially I found out that he had no respect for me as a human being, and frankly very little as a client, by the treatment I received when I attempted to have any type of contact where a monetary exchange was not involved. Sadly, for me, I have spent thousands of dollars seeing him and a lot of money on gifts as well. I certainly don't judge my experience as a barometer of all escorts because I've met some truly wonderful men in the past. However, I've never gotten as carried away before. That's probably my naivete, but it hurt, nonetheless.

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LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 00:24AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 00:22 AM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 00:21 AM (EST)


A good escort is like a good actor -- they have to put in an award winning performance with every single client and I'm not just talking about being good in the sack. Since he has to sell himself he has to enthusiastically respond to e-mails and telephone calls with no idea of who's on the other end and with no guarantee that it will lead to anything more that an unproductive use of his time. When you get together, he has to be able to discuss almost any topic and make you feel like you're the best friend he's ever had. That's what being a professional is all about. He may be doing it to earn some extra cash or he may be doing it full time. It doesn't really matter. He's still a professional.


It's almost the same as spending time with your doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, plumber, electrician, etc.. Yes, you're going to do things with an escort that you're not going to do with any other professional, but he is a professional. I hire escorts, when I want a particular kind of service. I do the same thing with every other professional that I deal with.


How many times do you develop friendships with the other professionals in your life? I've been seeing the same family of dentists for 37 years. (I started with the father, switched to the oldest son, switched back to the father when he become a peridontist, and am now seeing the youngest son.) I've never seen them socially even though we all live in the same community.


I once joined one of my doctors for coffee when we just happened to run into each other at Starbucks. (I would do the same with an escort or anyone else that I had a professional relationship with.) We had a pleasant time discussing baseball, but after a few minutes we went our separate ways. He's a nice guy, his office is less than a mile from my home, but unless I run into him at another retail establishment, chances are I won't see him again unless its in a professional capacity.


For personal and professional reasons, I fluctuate from resolving never to see another escort, to telling myself that I should restrict myself to one or two guys. I'm leaning towards the latter, so that means that I'll probably be seeing the same escorts a couple of times a year. They're both very nice guys. It will be great if a friendship develops. If our relationship stays on a professional level, then I'll just enjoy the time we spend together and that will be great too.

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Guest Tampa Yankee



> A good escort is like a

>good actor


There is much truth to what you say, yet I feel that it is just a bit to cynical.....



<?-- they have

>to put in an award

>winning performance with every single

>client and I'm not just

>talking about being good in

>the sack. Since he has

>to sell himself he has

>to enthusiastically respond to e-mails

>and telephone calls


isn't this true in some fashion or other for any professional out to establish a career?>


> How many times do you develop

>friendships with the other professionals

>in your life? I've been

>seeing the same family of

>dentists for 37 years. (I

>started with the father, switched

>to the oldest son, switched

>back to the father when

>he become a peridontist, and

>am now seeing the youngest

>son.) I've never seen them

>socially even though we all

>live in the same community.


So would you consider any of them your friend? -- not necessarily your best or closest friend but a friend anyway.


I had the same dentist for 20 years... I saw him regularly every six mohths and more frequently when I needed extraordinary care. And then occasionally I saw him in public, standing in line to vote or at the supermarket. We spoke, we told jokes etc. Then one day I got a letter from his office... stating that he had died of a massive coronary the month before but that meaures were being taken to ensure that his patients would continue to receive care. I was stunned and terribly saddened to know I would never see him again, never exchange jokes, or political commmentary. I definitely lost a friend, maybe not the closest one I had known but nevertheless one I would miss seeing if only occasionally. Do I know escorts that I would miss under the similar circumtances -- you bet!!


And true measure of friendship which I meant to address to Smurf, possibly the best measure, is: what you are willing to do for your friend... this in contrast to what you think he is willing to do for you.


Another measure of a friend is someone whose passing or leaving results in a void in our life, such as the passing of my dentist. There are various levels of friendship... not everyone can be our closest friend nor can we be everyone else's closest friend. But that doesn't mean we can't establish meaningful, if limited, relationships that just result occasinally in brightening our day a little or possibly more.

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LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 08:23AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 07:06 AM (EST)




>isn't this true in some fashion or other for any professional out to establish a career?>






>So would you consider any of

>them your friend? -- not

>necessarily your best or closest

>friend but a friend anyway.


Again, absolutlely, I was in high school when my current dentist graduated from dental school. He needed to work an actual patient, as part of his licensing exam. His mother (may she rest in peace) called me and asked if I would be willing to be that patient. I agreed without hesitation and -- more importantly -- without checking with my parents. I was only seventeen. My parents had to sign all sorts of papers. They weren't consulted in advance, but had no problem with my decision or with the fact that no one bothered to check with them first. That's what friend are for. I had leave school early, several times, for x-rays, etc., in the weeks leading up to the exam. I was in the band and the chorus and I had to miss the spring concert at the day of the licensing exam. I wouldn't do that for just anybody. I sometimes see his wife at the supermarket. We always stop and chat and I've watched their two kids grow up. He and I always engage in spirited political debates. I listened to him pour his heart out when his mother (a very classy lady) was losing a long battle with breast cancer and again when he was agonizing over the decision to put his father (and my first dentist)into a nursing home. He would do the same for me. Yet, we don't see each other socially and I didn't think of calling him when my car got stolen or when my apartment got broken into.



> Another measure of a friend

>is someone whose passing or

>leaving results in a void

>in our life, such as

>the passing of my dentist.

> There are various levels

>of friendship... not everyone can

>be our closest friend nor

>can we be everyone else's

>closest friend. But that doesn't

>mean we can't establish meaningful,

>if limited, relationships that just

>result occasinally in brightening our

>day a little or possibly

> more.


I couldn't agree with you more. There are different types and levels of friendship and my relationship with the two escorts that I'm currently seeing is very special to me. But at the same time, I've very much aware of the fact that calling an escort is not the same as answering a personal or calling a friend. The only reason that they agree to see me is because they know that I'm going to pay for their time. Early in our relationship, I sent one of them an e-mail saying that I was going to call him because I wanted to talk to him about something.His response was a polite, but firm, "Call me when you're ready to schedule". I have no problems with his response. It was the professional thing to do. He's a great guy. I wish him well and I very much look forward to our next session.

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Guest LG320126

LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 09:50AM (EST)[p]Justice, I would not even think of seeing an escort who would respond to my call like that. I call the two escorts I previously referred to quite often to just see how they are doing and they ask me via e-mail to call them occasionally because they need some advice of some sort (being married it is not practical for them to call me). As far as seeing escorts on a social basis, I spent an entire weekend recently in Las Vegas with one of my "friend" escorts - one of the best weekends I have ever had, not as his client, but as his friend, and he had actually altered his schedule to stay in town longer just due to me coming there. By the way, no money exchanged hands the entire weekend. This is why I think Smurf was off base to think that friendships cannot develop with escorts.

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Guest Joey Ciccone

>Think about it<


At your repeated insistance that we think about it, I have......


>Do you really believe he would (have)

>even talked with you if

>you were not offering money<


Do you hold everybody you give money to in such disdain, or just escorts?

Do you despise the man who sold you your car, or installed your cable? Is your accountant a jerk? Would any of them have said boo to you had you not been in need of their services? How about civil servants? Your taxes only help pay their salaries. Do you dislike them less than escorts because the burden of paying them is not yours alone? Does this mean that all of your friends are people you've met outside of a professional capacity? People you've never given a dime to? If services and goods were simply given to you by a professional rather than sold, would those giving professionals be your "best" friends, while those who charge a fee never have a chance at establishing a meaningful relationship with you?

Have you never befriended an employer or benefactor? Has your gratitude to them never opened up a willingness to want to know them better, or to show them your appreciation? Has that brief softening of your heart not invited meaningful friendship?


>An escort will

>pretend of course, because it

>is to their benefit.....

>If you never paid

>him again would he go

>out in public with you

>and just hang out?


Sure, if the client weren't some dude with a bunch of financial hangups who distrusts the world and has a skewed view of what friendship is all about.


>Think about it. Would

>he cuddle for free.


Only if I weren't asked beforehand how much I charge to cuddle. Would I cuddle with you? Perhaps if your wallet wasn't in the way. And of course only if you took the time to get to know me and came to view me as a friend and not as the guy you hired for the sole purpose of helping you get your rocks off. If that's all I am to a client, than that's all he gets in return: a hardy handjob and my bill. Real friends get whatever my heart can give. But if I'm still just a hole after repeated visits, then I have no problem allowing a client to throw as much cash as he wants down the hole. (Unless he's an abusive ass, in which case he can dig himself a new hole with his wads of unkind cash.) You give what you get in this life. Perhaps the escorts who have apparently been avaricious towards your generosity have never been treated as anything more than receptacles by you.


>Think about it. Maybe

>he thinks you are the

>key to his future (financially



That's why humans work: to build and plan for the future. And it makes us feel good to do something with our lives. Employment comes with many rewards, aside from the financial ones. Such as the people we meet, the friendships we'll forge. Is your employer not the key to your own future? Does he despise you for having to pay you every week? Do you work? If not, that would explain your reluctance to happily pay for services rendered. Have you ever allowed an escort to even behave as your friend rather than a supplicant? Just a friend, with no strings attached?

It sounds like you've been burned by an escort or two. My sympathy if that's the case, but these things happen. The opportunistic cretin is a ubiquitous creature permeating every aspect of society. There's one in every crowd. You can keep your guard up, but you can't look for greed and dishonesty in every face, 'cause without trust, we're all fucked.


>Think about it - everything you do with

>this escort - costs you



I don't get free rides at Disneyland, but I still think of Mickey as my friend (and yours!)


>What is your

>definition of friendship???


Well, I hate to pull this hackneyed bit again, but since you ask: from a philological perspective, 'friend' means 'loving'. It goes back to the present participle of the prehistoric Germanic verb 'frijojan', meaning 'love', and is derived from the adjective 'frijaz', from whence we get the English word 'free'. So 'friend', in a roundabout way, means 'free love'. How 'bout that?

The definitions above should more than clarify the escort/client dichotomy for you: when we're on the clock, we're escorts. If the clock has stopped and we're still in your company, we're friends.

And NiceGuy, please don't ask me to get a life ;-)


j. ciccone


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Mr. Ciccone, sir, my esteem for you and my determination to meet you one day has just gone up yet another notch.


Yes, escorts can become friends. It's business, but it's a "friendly" business if you'll let it be. (As is most business if you approach it that way.)


One of my pornstar "pals" and I maintained a escort/client relationship for the longest time, while getting to know each other better and better through e-mail and the occasional phone calls. Somewhere along the way, the business relationship stopped and a friendship took over. We still see each other. We still go out. We still cuddle. He even drags me along to porn events I probably wouldn't otherwise get to attend. We've become such good friends that sex is out of the question! (Too much like fucking your brother at this point.)


I've helped him with his resume. I've referred him to potential employers. We're just really good friends.


Another "pal" I've been seeing for almost 5 years needed to provide a video showing him taking a man of ... err ... size. He asked if I'd do him the favor, and I did. (I'm *such* a giving guy! ;-))


I'd like to think that every guy I've been with has met me as a client and left as a friend on some level. It has usually worked out that way.

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I totally agreed with previous person. Justice, where is your self respect? It is toally inappropriate for an escort to respond

by saying "contact me when you are ready to schedule a regular appointmant." Any decent escort whom you see regularly would

have not reponded that way. On the other hand, you have to limit the number of times you contact just to talk to him to just a few.

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