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When the scene doesn't work out


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I was all primed for a hot scene at a local agency this afternoon: I had spoken with the owner a couple of times and specified emphatically that I wanted a bondage scene. I asked for an escort I hadn't had before whose picture on the website appealed to me, and was assured that he was definitely into bondage. I arrived to find a young man even hotter looking that I expected, and I was starting to undress when he looked at me quizzically and said, "So what are you into?" I looked around quickly and said, "Where's your equipment?" and he said, "What equipment?" He had not been told to prepare for bondage, and there was nothing on site.


My options were: (1) end the session immediately and speak to the owner, or (2) do something else with the very attractive young hunk. In the past I probably would have just said, Oh, what the hell," and done (2), but instead I opted for (1), even though it meant that I had wasted a lot of time and a little money and squandered an opportunity that I don't get very often. The owner was very apologetic and offered to make it up to me on a future occasion, which I will certainly take him up on. In a way I felt silly insisting on only doing what I had set out to do, yet another part of my mind told me that I would probably still feel frustrated after whatever I did with this stud was over, because a fetish is, after all, a fetish, and even very good sex is not really a satisfying substitute for it.


I'm curious about what others do when they have similar situations, and why.

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Good for you! You are paying lots of money and have the right to make reasonable demands, like getting what you ordered. You did the right thing.


I am not sure I would have had the will power to have turned a stud away. (Too often my libido blocks my brain.)


The agency did the right thing by offering to make it up to you next time. Now you have something to look forward to.

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>I was all primed for a

>hot scene at a local

>agency this afternoon: I had

>spoken with the owner a

>couple of times and specified

>emphatically that I wanted a

>bondage scene.


The owner knew that you were looking for a bondage scene and sent you someone who:


>had not been told to

>prepare for bondage


I would think long and hard about using this agency again even though they were:


>very apologetic and offered to make

>it up to [you] on a future occasion.


It sounds like this particular agency didn't think twice about sending you someone who wasn't told what you were expecting. You know the old saying: Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on you. I wouldn't give them a chance to screw you again. I'd also send in an unsatisfactory review of the agency.


My very first session with an escort was with someone who worked for an escort service. I had asked for a detailed fantasy scene that were set out in a very detailed e-mail. (I even specified the clothing -- right down to his underwear and socks -- that I wanted the escort to wear.) (The e-mail summarized several earlier e-mails and phone calls all of which included lots of questions.) When the escort and I got together, he asked for his money upfront (which was a little unnerving) and then -- after telling me that he had read my e-mail -- asked me to tell me what I was into. I almost bolted when he made that remark, but in the end everything that was supposed to happen happened. That's what's supposed to happen when you ask an agency (or an independent) for a specific type of scene. The fact that your agency didn't do that raises all sorts of red flags as far as I'm concerned!

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The story has a happy ending. When I called the owner of the agency later to discuss things further, he arranged for me get the scene I wanted late this evening, and made sure that I got a longer session for the regular rate. Even though it was a different escort, he was just as attractive, and I can't imagine that the sex would have been any better this afternoon. The owner was very clear that the fault was his and went out of his way to see that I felt compensated, so I actually feel more inclined to use the agency again than I would if it had been a standard transaction.

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