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Prices? Fatty venegance

Guest albinorat

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Guest albinorat

Well, this site and its promise are enticing but very pricy for those of us who must budget and see IRS time on coming. Escorts are worth the price of their hire, I guess, and I don't judge anybody for charging what they can get. Sadly everyone can live without me, except the IRS it seems.


But still on the AOL chat rooms (the charm of which is wearing off, I am so glad it's not my main carrier)I am amazed by the prices people quote. "$350" is not unusual for someone who hasn't been reviewed here after all, and may not be at all what he claims. Most of the time one can negotiate, though I think that's demeaning for both of us.


Frankly with two recent experiences, I had to wonder at the prices charged. One was not what he claimed, the other smelled, both had 'tude. They ended up on the sidewalk quick. One who was nice enough got $50 (we had negotiated down from 350 to 250) the other got $5.00, for subway fare and a bagel or a five cent bag of something. (Let me be clear, I tell all, there is a 5 minute window. Nothing happens, no undressing, no touching, nothing but talk. They see me, I see them. If the vibe is wrong either can cancel. If they haven't misrepresented themselves they get $50 minumum. If I can smell sweat, feet, rotting teeth and/or you name it or they are far away from what they claimed, I kindly indicate the door and might cough up cab fare in Manhaattan if they're nice. Also I tell people I tip if I have a good time.)


I told the nice one being more honest might help his biz long run; also having a set street trade fee might be better for him (150 tops with maybe extra 50 for "special" circumstances.)


The smelly one was an asshole; but I think there is a kind of hustler grandiosity now I never noticed before. I don't know if this creature thought he could extort a high fee (I don't scare easy, I've been paying since I was 16, and while I never bought a gun which my mentor back when did and advised strongly, I've had my share of situations and never found one I couldn't handle). Or if there's something in the air which just leads anyone who calls himself an "escort" to charge Bloomingdale prices when maybe Alexander's on a red letter day would be more realistic.


Of course some of the pricy people I've seen (and done without haagen daaz for, settling for Bryer's -- euwwwwwww --) were well worth it, such as Aaron Lawrence, Sean and Casey of Chicago and others.


But I think they might be exceptions.


Fatty vengeance: the one calling himself Matt, cute and polish who's been getting good reviews hates fat people and was very nasty to me (on line). If you're overweight be careful about approaching him. And he costs a pretty penny. My attitude is you the escort are auditioning, not me the buyer. I'm clean, not too demanding and honest about my size. If you just puke at the thought of someone who isn't a 'roid robot maybe you're in the wrong biz, but at least u could be nicer about it (as sadly retired and e-mailfully delightful Shamus was to me).



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shamus should run a school in how to be an escort; maybe run a school in how to just be a nice guy. unfortunately, it takes intelligence to be a good escort. a great body is a start (think kirk/voltaire) but so much more is involved. sorry to hear about matt; his picture and reviews are good and he was on my "to do" list.


if you are over weight try jon ramsey; he is good with overweight clients. he is all he claims and a nice gut,too.

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Guest albinorat

>Which Matt/Matthew are you speaking about?

> There are several listed

>in NYC.


Well, I thought about it and am not going to be more specific. I respect that we all have our turn offs. My advice to anyone who cares is be open if you have a "problem" body. Most escorts I've met through this site have at least made a game try to deliver a good experience for me. The chemistry isn't always there but I can't blame them (or me) for that. I always tell an escort I'm fat and 50. There will always be some for whom that's a problem but most have been sensitive about it. Just steel yourself for the occasional asshole (who might do very well with someone else). If any escorts read this, maybe you might think of a kind line for turning down a client you think will be a turn off. "I'm not sure it will work out and I charge an awful lot to want you to take that risk" (hint hint wink wink) is one way to do it. Most of us, I think will get it.



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Your description of chat room price quotes reminds me of

my (limited) experience in Numbers, a rentboy bar in Los

Angeles. The boys I've encountered there tended to deliver

less value for the money than callboys advertising either

on the net or in print media.


I imagine that escorts succeed in getting higher prices

when they know the client wants it right now, which will

often be the case in a bar or a chatroom.

If a client is calling escort ads to set up an appointment

for later, he has a larger range of escorts to choose from

than he would if he wanted it that minute--and the prices

in a larger pool of providers tend to be more competitive.


The boys I've talked to at Numbers were also more prone to

negotiate, and to play pricing games--like "I'm usually

$300 an hour, but for you, tonight, it would only be $200".

I don't like negotiating with escorts at all. I call an

escort so I can have an undemanding, pleasant interaction.

Give me dick, not dickering.

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At first, I thought this topic was a joke. It still might be.

But, if this is all the real, did you ever think that your

unusual personality might be part of the problem? Pardon the pun,

but you have a giant chip on your shoulder. Aaron is worth the prices he charges, so are many of the other escorts reviewed on this site. It is amazing how any clients have weight problems.

I am 57 and can still lose pounds at will. I guess that is just not an option for most overweigh people. Can someone comment on that,

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Metabolism's vary from the super fast, they can eat anything in sight and not gain an ounce, to those that gain a pound just looking at a salad. I'm not exactly skinny, I go to the gym 5 times a week and do 45 minutes of cardio daily. I try and eat right, but traveling takes its toll. My BMI says I'm 20 lbs heavier than I should be. Keeping the waistline at 33 - 34 is a daily struggle. I lose a skirmish now and then, but believe I'm winning the war. I dream of a 32 someday. Another member of the family is obese and seemingly powerless to lose anything-unfortunately she's given up after years of yo-yo dieting. For some of us losing significant poundage is as difficult as quitting smoking, or attaining the holy grail.

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Guest albinorat

>At first, I thought this topic

>was a joke. It still

>might be.<


Clue phone! It's for you


> Aaron is

>worth the prices he charges<


Well, you might want to learn to read. I mentioned that Aaron was worth his high price and so were Sean and Casey. Nor was I putting down anyone for asking a given price. I just mentioned that a lot of less than professional guys were quoting very, very high prices.


>I am 57 and can still

>lose pounds at will


Well aren't you special!



>guess that is just not

>an option for most overweigh

>people. Can someone comment on



Sorry, everybody else. You sir are an idiot. Many people spend their lives wrestling with weight and losing and gaining. My ultimate point is not whether some people win a battle others lose but whether somone offering to pay should be put down for any reason -- they're bald, say, or dumb, say, or too skinny, or 57 with a weird attitude and trouble reading, say. But enough, first post was clear enough. If you stopped the meth and went to night school your mind might clear up.



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Guest EvilSwine

Oooo..Matt...Next thing you know, you'll have a banner on your site saying "Fatties, Amputees, and Polydactyls Welcome! Climb aboard and ride the Matt train!":)


Really, though, I think that from reading the reviews I haven't seen many people complain about being rejected by an escort because they were big. But..then...that could be just because they are embarassed or they figured that since nothing happened, they shouldn't bother with a review. Mentioning these kinds of things do help winnow out the chaff, though.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-23-01 AT 06:06PM (EST)[p]It's not hard to figure out which Matt it is. While he has

gotten great reviews, I haven't used him for similar reason. He

used to have a profile on a sex personal site (escorts don't use

the same picture and email address on sex personals and escort

sites, unless you don't mind us putting two and two together)

which clearly stated he can't stand any fat on guy. I ain't a

washboard so I felt I wouldn't be well-served.


There are many good escorts out there who are good with non-

washboard, use the reviews and boards and find them.



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Al, I apologize. You are correct I did not read your message

closely enough to respond intelligently. Yes, I'm 57 and in good

shape so never have had a problem with an escort. But, I'll

soon get to the point where escort will see me as too old. I'll

be facing the same problems you have. Sorry I was so insensitive.

You were correct to respond the way you did.

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Guest EvilSwine

What Scorpio said. :) I think the only reason I thought of that was because Grace was dating a guy with an extra toe on Will and Grace a couple of weeks ago. Or is it that old "Ripley's Believe It or Not" about the Spanish town full of people with 12 fingers?Hmm....Funny the things you remember..

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-24-01 AT 03:18AM (EST)[p]Prices do not concern me very much. If an escort can actually get what some claim that is OK. I do not like to negotiate yet will and more often than not will save 50. or so and still receive a quality time. After all when you buy a car you negotiate, when you make most purchases in life you negotiate.. so I don't buy into this "it is an insult" or "you won't receive quality service" if you do ask an escort to be flexible with his fee. They usually will and if they want repeat clients and good reviews they will give their all. If you pay blindly I have a bridge to sell you :)


WHAT I do have a problem with is escorts who have problems with FAT PEOPLE. I am very fat and have been with some very cool escorts. I have always mentioned in my email (or phone contact)that I am really heavy and several escorts were cool and said they couldn't deal with it (and I appreciate the honesty saves me money and time) while others would not even respond: I wil NOT mention the escorts I have hired who had NO problem with my weight.. Though here are a few cool ones (I hope to hire soon)and a few not so cool ones (note: AGAIN I have NOT hired any of these people it is only a comment on the way they dealt with this FAT person).


Jasen Rhodes (NYC) was very cool

Andrew Flyte (Los Angeles) was very cool

Carlos (Los Angeles) was very cool

Josh (Los Angeles) had a definate problem with my weight

Jason (Los Angeles) wanted to charge me extra due to my size

Thai Twink (Los Angeles) did not want to escort for a fat man and was rude about it.

Ethan (Chicago I believe) did not respond to my email

Dave (Chicago) did not respond to my email

Sean & Casey (Chicago) were both very cool

Craig (San Diego) did not even respond to my two emails

Tom (San Diego) did not respond to my email

Brian (San Diego) did not want to escort for a fat man

Brad #2(San Diego) was very cool yet way too expensive and impossible to get an appontment with. the kid seemed more booked than anyone I had dealt with.

Ryen Matthews (San Diego) did not respond to my two emails

Mark (San Francisco) did not respond to my email

Matt (San Francisco) did not respond to my email

Adam (San Francisco) did not want to escort for a fat man


(just a note to those who did not have a problem with my size.. thank you and as the time presents itself i do hope to use your services in the future)


There are more yet these are the 'recent' ones. Fat and Gay do not go together, never have, probably never will. Fat and the American society do not go together either.. so be it.


I just feel when Hooboy points out that an escort puts a age restriction or a ethnic restriction and notes it he too should note those who will not see fat people.


I have been with many escorts that needed a shower and their clothes washed... it s a two way street guys.

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Guest albinorat

>Al, I apologize. You are

>correct I did not read

>your message

>closely enough


Sir you are a gentleman and thank you,



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This topic started with mentioning my name and since I didnt know of the message boards existence I did not answer any sooner.


My name is Matt and I am Matt #4 in the section for NYC escorts and previous postings were refering in a part to me.


Yes, I do apologize but I cannot have sex, because this is whats escorting is all about, with men who are SERIOUSLY overweight - I dont mean guys who have a belly - that doesnt bother me and I can have a very nice time with them - I mean guys who are for exapmle around 230 pounds and over with 5'10 hight. I will explain why.

I do not discriminate clients at all and I treat them very respectfully.

When i was starting out I didnt know that I can say no if I believe I'm strongly dissatracted, so I met this businessman 260 pounds and I was very nice to him and I wanted to please him any way I could. He made me RIM his asshole and suck his dick which he had a trouble finding himself beetween the hairy and sweaty layers of fat. Although I was concealing it he saw the misery at my face yet he didnt care and made me do those things. I was close to throwing up and I felt extermely shitty. The worse was that I was trying to please him without him noticing how much I suffered and when he was leaving he threw me money on the table. He didnt give it to me he just threw it as if he didnt want to have anything to do with a whore, which he made me feel like. This was the most humiliating and worse of my escorting experiences and I had a real hangover for close to 2 weeks after - I felt so dirty and without any dignity.


Now please excuse me but I'm just not going to risk a similar experience as I dont want any more emotional damage.


I would like to add that I have never been rude to any client online athough a few seriously overweight clients didnt want to understand that I cannot do it and kept harrasing me online offering more and more money as if it made any difference.


Matt #4

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Guest albinorat

>This topic started with mentioning my

>name and since I didnt

>know of the message boards

>existence I did not answer

>any sooner.


>My name is Matt and I

>am Matt #4 in the

>section for NYC


Just to be clear, I have never met Matt #4 and he has never seen me. The bad experience he relates did not involve me. The scene I related to him need not have involved anything he says he is uncomfortable about. However, while I think he could have handled things differently with me on line, I did not go into any details and did not mean to suggest he mightn't give a wide range of clients real pleasure. Though I was asked to be more specific about which escort I was describing I declined, as is clear from reading the above messages. My point is not that escorts are martyrs who must put up with anything. But that Matt might have been a little more tactful (though since English is his second language the problem may simply be that). I have not been in touch with him since, never offered him more than his fees and in fact once I registered his response I wrote him off. However, I don't really hold any ill will toward him and wish him well.



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Guest dandday

LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 11:56PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-01 AT 11:53 PM (EST)


He made

>me RIM his asshole and

>suck his dick which he

>had a trouble finding himself

>beetween the hairy and sweaty

>layers of fat. Although I

>was concealing it he saw

>the misery at my face

>yet he didnt care and

>made me do those things.



These remarks are unkind and uncalled for. You have shown us all your true feelings about overweight clients. In doing so, you have proven yourself to be a total loser with no regards for feelings and not an ounce of compassion. Your an ASS and have no business being in the service industry.


I, personally, do not care for uncut men. How would you feel if your dick was described in the manner to which you discribed this client? There is a nice way of making a statement, and then, the way you describe....The difference is, I am a professional and a gentelman, you are neither.

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Compassion will win out


Yes, Dandy, there are some uncalled for remarks on this thread now. They are the ones you made. We all should know by now that there are indeed some clients out there who do specialize in making the escort do something he wouldn't do otherwise. Though this mainly is used to explain the turnon some feel by hiring straight gay for pay men. There are also those whose reviews make it obvious that they have no compassion or respect for their escorts. I still remember one or two clients who made me feel extremely fraustrated and insulted even though I have been out of the business for a year now. So it is very easy to understand how this young man feels, since he is trying to avoid a scene which made him feel unclean for a fortnight while he is still working. He did not direct his remarks at anyone other than the bully who worked him over and saying those things about this man might have made it easier for him to start working with heavyweights again had he been met with kindness and gently explained to that he doesn't need to be afraid of all such men, that they/we are not all like that any more than all good looking narcissists are.

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Guest LG320126

Matt had a right to defend his remarks and I think he did so in a gentlemanly fashion without any disparaging remarks toward the client. Chill out!

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Guest dandday

Was the client holding a gun to his head making him do these things to him? Why not just walk away if he was so turned off. He seems to have no problem saying "no" now.


I'm a firm believer that everyone has the right to pick and choose who they have sex with. I would never choose Matt #4 because I have a dislike of uncut men (and yes, I would fit his requirements, 6'2", 182lbs, fit 46 and salt and pepper hair). It is the way he described the clients body that is unkind and what I objected to. Even if the client is a jerk ( and if this story is true, he was), why be so unkind? Would'nt "I had trouble finding his penis because of his large size" and "he was sweating profusely" get across the same message?


I have alway found a persons true charater comes out in the way they handle a bad situation. Clear but kind statements come from nice people. Nasty and cutting remarks come from uncaring and unkind people.

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Guest albinorat

>Was the client holding a gun

>to his head making him

>do these things to him?



>why be so unkind?

>Would'nt "I had trouble finding

>his penis because of his

>large size" and "he was

>sweating profusely" get across the

>same message?



Actually, the more I think about it, dandaddy, the more I support your position, though your initial post was harsh in tone and I think Matt does show as much insensitivity to nuance (typical of someone in a second language) as he may to clients. Still, I also find him rather nasty and even a little stupid with these comments.


His implication is: all fat men sweat, smell, (and horror!) have small dicks. Maybe if he let more pay him (and I hope none even try in future) he'd find out that isn't true. In fact I've met escorts who sweated, smelled and had small dicks -- ranging from small by any standard to a lot smaller than they claimed. Except they still wanted to be paid.


I see you and I agree -- no one should HAVE to have sex with someone they really can't tolerate and there's absolutely no question Matt could and should have said, "this isn't for me, sorry and goodbye".


If the client really was unhygienic, Matt could have said, "let's take a shower" or, simpler and easier, "good-bye" or somewhere in between, "tell you what, I'm feeling a little up tight today, would you mind taking a shower and letting me get comfortable?"


"Escorts" (as opposed to "hustlers", say) can and do negotiate situations so they are tolerable if not absolutely comfortable for them. A hustler may want to get in and out quick, and will settle often for what he can get financially and put up with a lot. Matt like many self described "escorts" charges a pretty penny just to show up and apparently is something of a prima donna or a critic.



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