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Escorts of Year!

Guest toddb

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Could someone tell me how and when the Escorts of the Year were decided? By the looks of things, this was one person's decision?

I can't believe that! But, I am a daily user of this service, and to the best of my knowledge, I was never given a chance to vote, etc.

Does anyone know?

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I've got it figured out.

the balloting occured in the Deli section?

What about those of us who don't use the message center.

And, were the votes from the winners (i.e. rick munro, matt, etc.) counted against the total?

I'm very concerned about this method of coming up with an Escort of the Year, because I think it totally destroys all credability for this site. Sorry!

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Hey Todd,


I think the balloting was an informal poll, not meant to be anything definitive. Hooboy had nothing to do with it and didn't push it, so I don't think it has anything to do with the credibility of this site.


If the balloting didn't take place in the Message Center (deli, etc), where else could it have taken place? I think that everything was above boards. In fact, I think that the voting was a lot more fair than it was in the past. By requiring that the votes be posted, a voter actually had to publicly acknowledge his choices. Also, by voting for 10 guys, we got a better feel. There is no "best" escort, certainly not just one. Don't take this so seriously. Yes, it's nice to be recognized as "best" at something, and I'm delighted with the panel's selections, good choices, both. But there are lots of escorts not mentioned, even in the honorable mention category, who are very good at what they do. Share those thoughts with us. The beauty of this website is that we can meet the Matts, the Rick's, etc. Without Hooboy's site, how would we know about these guys who might live thousands of miles away from us?


I didn't vote, because I didn't want to publicly acknowledge who my top guys were. I wouldn't want to limit things to 10, and I was sure that my 11th favorite would be sad to be omitted from the list. Those escorts I've seen surely know who's on the top of my list. Isn't seeing someone multiple times a good sign that we think they're good at what they do? (I would put a few guys I've only seen once on my list, but I've only seen them once because they were in Calfornia and Las Vegas).


I would be interested in a new poll (are you listening Tampa) on the 10 escorts we've never met, who we'd like to see. I made a list of 7.

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I believe that at a minimum you had to be over 6', over 8", and over 30 (although it appears in the final analysis that some hobbits made it to the top). After that, it was anyone's game. I was assured by Hooboy, however, that Pricewaterhousecoopers was zealously guarding the votes prior to the millennial announcement. The only Chad permitted was the hot Czech top from LA, who assisted the tabulating by poking the counters' holes. I trust this will allay all concerns you have regarding the sanctity of the vote for escort of the year. Confidence in the system provides the legitimacy that we all rely on.




PS. Has the snow covered the fence posts yet in Fargo?

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Guest Shooter

Actually, it was a well thought out plot to destroy the 'credibility' of this site, widely recognized as a pillar of society and foundation for the principles of life as we know it! But super studs Matt and Rick thwarted the dastardly plan. While Matt got the popular vote, Rick won the electoral college. Being the rational dudes they are, however, they put their lips...uh...heads together (yeah, that's it) and rather than going to court and reigning for a term whose legitimacy would be, at best, dubious, they formed a coalition to run the Kingdom of Call Boys for a year (The fantasy of THAT coalition is the stuff dreams are made of! }> ) Their choice of cabinet members already shows their uncompromising good judgement. Fortunately, there were no hanging Chads to deal with but, since no one voted for Chad anyway, who the hell cares if he's hung or not! ;-)


And now you know, the rest of the story! :-)


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Guest Tampa Yankee



For a description of the methodology and dislaimers regarding the limitation of this poll see the Deli post: TOP TEN IN 2000 -- RESULTS and the sister post TOP TEN IN 2000 for the input data and ranking of all candidates.

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Well, I guess I wasn't alone!

Less than 175 votes! Apparantely others weren't aware of what was happening either! This site gets thousands of hits per day!

Hell, I didn't even post this in the proper section! Contrary to one respondant here, I do have a life and don't spend a lot of time in the Message Center!~

My concern when this began are the number of escorts who took these 'title's' to the bank last year!

If this was simply a casual poll among a few friends, then I question the trophies that were awarded!! I still think it affects the credability of the site! In my mind, Hooboy has done such a great job to not play favorites, but now it looks like the 'inmates' are.

You really have to read the fine print to know where this poll came from and how few people participated! And, I don't think most people will spend the time.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-16-01 AT 03:31PM (EST)[p]\> You really have to read

>the fine print to know

>where this poll came from

>and how few people participated!

> And, I don't think

>most people will spend the



Yep, the process was bad, and posting the trophies etc. is REALLY bad. If Hooboy was too busy to host awards this year, that's totally understandable given his workload (hell, with all he does for this site combined with his dwindling funds and all the grief he gets from us, I am surprised he can even get outta bed in the morning). This was not Hoo's "Escort of the Year" poll, so it is illogical to mention, much less honor, the results of an informal and hidden poll on Hoo's site outside of this message center.


Where am I wrong? Mr. "Blah blah blah" Dinkus, where am I wrong?



p.s. Yes I am aware of the hypocrisy of lambasting one poll, yet contributing to the "Best Escort Website" post in the Deli. Yet "Best Escort" is of course a much more serious category (particularly when it carries weight in the Reviews area) than "Best Website".



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Guest allansmith63

Todd, my man - can't say much for the life you have if you spend some of it checking how many times people have posted!


Allan (and I have a wonderful life!!)

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What most likely set ToddB off was that Hoo opened the front page of the site with pics of Rick and Matt, an Escort of the Year Trophy graphic and the Escort of the year poll results with pics. Hence it was no longer "hidden" in the message board. Although I'm still scratching my head how anyone could actually daily peruse the message center and miss the various threads. Me things we clients are taking this far too seriously, although it may be serious to the escorts. Does it really have an impact on business?

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Guest Tall Texn

If you are unhappy...just make your own list. Life would be a lot easier if everyone just looked for the chance to be positive.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-16-01 AT 05:09PM (EST)[p]Hi Ted,


"The mistake, I think, after thinking about this is there wasn't any mention of the poll at all except in the message center, I guess! "


I think this is hard for some of us to understand because we spend so DAMN much time in the message center, we can hardly imagine NOT doing so.


Unlike those of us who don't have a life, most visitors to Hoo's site can't be bothered to troll the Message Center (but it is fun isn't it?). They do not "daily peruse the message center ", and yet it's their votes that matter most.


Is my issue with this poll clearer, or did I just confuse things further?






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Guest Tampa Yankee



>Less than 175 votes! Apparantely

>others weren't aware of what was

>happening either!


I had hoped for more votes myself... I cannot take responsiblity the the awareness of others, youself included. I would have liked for a wider notification of the polls existence but I have access only to the message boards. And Hoo decided not to conduct a poll this year due, IN MY VIEW, to all the bitching and moaning over the poll last year. Consequently I did not feel that I could ask him to help with the announcement of the poll by undertaking any extraordinary effort. I am sorry I did not post a message in the Lobby regarding the poll in the Deli but I really do not think that was a major issue. It appears that it would not have helped you in your specific case anyway.


> This site gets

>thousands of hits per day!


Yes, maybe... but what does that mean really? How many of these hits are actually from people who engage escorts -- I surely don’t know. Those that access the message boards amount to 500 a day, probably less if you account for those that do not log in but are registered as guest making multiple visits daily.


>My concern when this began are

>the number of escorts who took

>these 'title's' to the bank last year!


Why is this your concern? What hay escorts may make off of this is pretty much their business I feel. I remain to be convinced that any escort was hurt by this poll (or by the one last year.) No one got negative press or dissed in the current vernacular. So no one took a hit because of this poll. At best the effect would be indirect in that a client chose escort a over escort b -- but that is exactly what happens with reviews -- the raison d’etra of this site. So no extraordinary penalty here.


>If this was simply a casual poll

>among a few friends, then I

>question the trophies that were awarded!!


Because of the bitching and moaning that went on last year this is what was done this year. I personally was disappointed when Hoo informed me that he would not be conducting a poll -- I had looked forward to it and wanted to participate. In my view the poll is “OF THE CLIENTS, BY THE CLIENTS AND FOR THE CLIENTS”!! It may help escorts, so be it -- it helps clients more and it harms no one, I believe. Regarding the posting of the results ‘Trophy’ I thought it a good idea and told Hoo, so I’m pleased he followed through. If you don’t like it blame me, it was my undertaking. It accurately reflects the views of those who chose to respond in the Deli this year -- which is the only measure (and thus the best) of the consensus of clients who frequent this site. Is it perfect? NO, but it is the best that we have after the reaction of last year. Can it be improved upon? most certainly. Do we need broader particpation? -- definitely. The same refrain is heard after every national election too; as is the sometimes quoted excuse for not voting that ‘I was too busy -- I have a real life you know’. I’m sure there are some people that are too busy (honestly) but do we not hold at bay the election? NO we do the best we can with those who do vote and the nonvoters live with the result. If they don’t like it then they may vote next time to exert there influence over the process.


>You really have to read the fine

>print to know where this poll

>came from and how few people participated!.


Please read the fine print aloud for all of us, I am having trouble reading it as others are I’m sure. It seems that you are indicting me with some agenda, if so have the courage to come right out and say it plainly for the benefit of me and all others. Regarding the poll, all data was posted, as was the methodology for vote counting and the results, limited though they were. In addition, disclaimers were provided regarding the limited basis of the poll and what it really meant. So what is you damn point?


Regarding escort comments on this issue -- I am on record welcoming and favoring particpation of escorts on this board, in general. I welcomed Hagen’s comments on the limtiations of this type of poll and thought he raised several issues worth considering when intrepreting the results of this poll. So much so, that I took pains to review these issues (disclaimers) when releasing the poll results. That said, it is my view that that is the extent of escort input into this process -- the poll is “OF THE CLIENTS, BY THE CLIENTS AND FOR THE CLIENTS”!! If there is one group with the potential for an axe to grind (pro or con) on this issue it is escorts, thus their views on the ultimately validity of this process must be excluded on a potential conflict of interest basis, IMHO.

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>this issue it is escorts,

>thus their views on the

>ultimately validity of this process

>must be excluded on a

>potential conflict of interest basis,



That is completely contrary to Hooboy's policy throughout this web sit of allowing the Escorts to have the last word. Right?


Also, of course we deserve input as we are the ones most affected by it.


Once again, most people who utilize this website do NOT frequent the message center and therefore could not vote. Why is this so hard to understand?



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It's amazing to me how carried away this has gotten!

You aren't aware of the 'bankability' of escort of the year!?

Sir, you don't have the experience I thought you had!

And, you're telling me with less than 175 votes total, the winners are named with 7 votes each?

Excuse me, it's a joke! And, I know the two escorts!

It's not their fault, and I don't know how last years 'election' was handled, but when so few account for so many, there is something wrong!

I view this site nearly daily, but don't choose, many times, to visit the Message Center! I was accused this morning of not having a life, when the accuser has placed something like three hundred messages in the MC.

Now, who has a life!

No matter who's fault all of this is, it has seriously affected the credability of this site. I'm surprised Hooboy is missing! His silence thru all of this is deafening!!


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Now, this makes the most sense of all!

Let's all make up our own list and take a vote!

As I mentioned earlier, as long as we understand how this was done and what a joke it is, fine! Nothing more be said!

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Tampa Yankee!

Please do not misunderstand me! I have no fault with you personally!

When I mentioned the fine print? Someone would fine the 'trophies' in the Newest Review section and have absolutely no reason to go to the Message Center to find out how these awards were given out!

I was amazed when the trophies showed up, and as regular user of this site, I had no idea where they came from!

It wasn't until last night that I learned this 'election' was done last month!

I don't think most people will take the time to check the rules, etc. They will see the trophies and take those as gospel!

Sorry, this is not a personal argument. I have serious concerns for what this does to the credability and marketability of Hooboys site. Period!

I don't own any stock, so there's no agenda. At least not one that will pay off!


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