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"A Hooboy is a FAKE"

Guest paulNY

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Guest paulNY

Oh please I have had a gut full of AARON LAWRENCE" the self proclaimed, self promoting MOTHER THERESA of escorts " sorry the patron saint of rent boys every where" HAIL MARY".

AARON has 13 reviews there are many other escorts on this site that have more reviews. Sorry this is a review site isn’t it? Shouldn’t the escort with the most favourable reviews be crowned "ESCORT OF THE YEAR" baby it’s that simple.


Cum on Hooboy are you getting it for free from our boy AARON or what?


GENTLEMEN WARNING this site is not what it would appear to represent it’s self as!


"Honest in Our Judgements & Truthful in Our Reporting"




JUDGEMENTS - In who’s Judgement Hooboys? "Someone has a GOD complex"


TRUTHFUL – Do you really believe all these reviews are objective?


OUR REPORTING – Just how many positive reviews are actually written by escorts themselves? How many negative reviews are in reality written by bitter x-boyfriends or clients so socially retarded that they believe personal hygiene, common courtesy and foreplay are for them unnecessary but still expect a successful sensual experience with the escorts they flatter with their company.



What would it take to make you live in front of a computer for hours on end day in day out? TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN way me thinks not. How many BAD experiences did it take with rent boys for our Hooboy to come up with his REVIEW SITE?

It’s is so blatantly obvious that his real motivation behind this site was is and ever shall be. TO GET BACK AT THEM, "HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WORMAN SCORNED!"




Am I just being a bitch?


NO this guy has his own private agenda as do most NEWS and INFORMATION services who’s news? Who’s information? – HIS


However you look at it he is promoting a service that is illegal in most of this great country of ours "GOD BLESS AMERICA" Hooboy

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-01 AT 02:50PM (EST)[p]Dude (or should I say some tired ass escort who's - notice some of us know the difference between whose and who's - been ripped too - another tricky word - many times on this site):


I've written more reviews than anyone else on this site. They are put up by Hoo verbatim - you'll probably have to look that one up. I've never met Hoo, but would like to some day. I've also posted more messages about escorts on the Board, also without any modifications or deletions.


This site gives intelligent life forms reams - you can probably figure that one out from its use in this sentence, although "its" probably threw (oh no, another word than sounds like another, but is spelled differently) you for a loop - of info.


You'd have to have a life to get one. Just try and stay off of this Board. Some of us find it quite helpful. Hell, some people even buy plane tickets based on it (sorry, had to throw that one in).



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I would like to second what Traveler just said.


I have not met HOOBOY (but have a good description from on him from someone who DID when he was in the company of one of his favoured escorts at some book signing in Texas).


That said, despite the obvious preference for a few escorts on the internet by HOOBOY, in his defense, he does not hide that these are HIS preferences.


In fact, his taste in escorts and mine are almost diamterically opposed, but that does not take away from the honest evaluations, counsel, information, and help which this site provides.


Yes some fakes get on here too, but I have to say my own experience has borne out the veracity of many reviews. And again, a point some keep forgetting: if you don't like it here, no one is forcing you to be here so go get a life elsewhere!

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-01 AT 05:41PM (EST)[p]Traveller how sad are you?


Is this your message centre that you are telling people "to stay off this

board". And as for a response to this guys posting to correct him on his

grammar please you will have to do better than that.

I have to say that I think what this guy (Paul NY) has posted here has gone

unsaid on this site for a very long time. Who do we think we are and who

does Hooboy think he is were does he get off playing GOD with these boys

lives and livelihoods?

Hooboy does seems to make up rules to suit his needs. And really how many of

these reviews are written by the escorts them selves? I know Hooboy has

stated on his email page last year that and I quote "ESCORTS DO NOT WRITE

REVIEWS HERE" no they wouldn’t would they because if that was the truth it

would make mockery of this site and TRAVELLER you for believing in it so


Thanks paulNY how brave of you. I really do wonder how long this posting

will stay up?


Ps I am not an escort it appears that if you take a different view here you

are branded a rent- boy I wish was that hot! :)

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-01 AT 06:10PM (EST)[p]paulNY



I just don’t get the

whole Aaron Lawerence thing who the hell does she think she is. And this site

has gone to the dogs when it started I thought it was so cool but now well.

Hooboy has let it go to his head (I love it "GOD COMPLEX") you said it


And don’t worry about TRAVELLER bet you any thing you like he is a very sad

old cunt! Any one who has to brag about all their reviews and all the

pay-for-play sex they have had must very much be in need of a life what ever

that means?

We're all in front of our computers far too much to have a life!


YES YES YES!!! The escort with the most good reviews should win "MISS ESCORT

OF THE YEAR!" it is that simple even if they wrote them themselves. You can

work that out can't you Hooboy if you start something you must finish it, I

think it’s a little thing called continuity


Oh and I am not a rent-boy not with this Christmas belly! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL


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Guest ProfTBear

paulNY - 3 posts

chuck - 1 post

leigh - 6 posts


Now those are interesting stats and the same use of lower case hhmmm?


Got a lot of negative reviews and now you have a lot of free time on your hands?


Posting your own reviews didn't work? Too many first time reviewers who make the same typing errors? Got caught maybe?


Not a disgrintled escort? Who cares?


Tell somebody who gives a fuck!


Go away loser!

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The anonymity (or perceived anonymity) afforded on the internet never fails to amaze me. People feel free to vent anonymously with no fear of repercussion without realizing that they can generally be traced.


I don't know what brought about this tirade (and I couldn't care less) but there is no point to it.


I agree with Traveller. I've posted many reviews here and all have been published without edit. I've posted often on this message board and always without censorship.


I have used reviews here as a guide for hiring some escorts and avoiding others. I have turned down escorts who have bad things to say about this site (only to see bad reviews posted later).


We know, from previous postings, that one sick and twisted individual who needs to go back on the meds is trying to discredit this site.


Try harder babe. Or at least try to be amusing about it.

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It surprises me that someone who has hardly ever posted here before should claim such knowledge about the site and its owner. I have checked in almost every day for about sixteen months, because it is one of the only places where I can get candid information about this subject. Hoo's presence is sometimes strongly felt and sometimes he seems to be nothing more than a faceless facilitator. He is honest about the fact that he has personal enthusiasms, such as Aaron Lawrence, but that doesn't stop him from posting reviews--positive, negative and mixed--about all kinds of escorts. My own taste and his are very different, yet he has published every review I have submitted. He has also been a real gentlemen in our email exchanges. He seems to exert no editorial control over the message board, as witnessed by the ability of people like yourself to vent as outrageously as you like. In the long run, of course, what you think makes little difference, since the readers can judge for themselves who has integrity and who doesn't.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-01 AT 07:07PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-01 AT 07:06 PM (EST)



>AT 05:41 PM (EST)


And as for a response

>to this guys posting to

>correct him on his

>grammar please you will have to

>do better than that.


Your poor grammar and atrocious spelling are your most offensive features. If you are going to get on a soap box, please learn to speak and write properly.


BTW, Traveller is quite handsome and not an old cunt at all!

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Guest Tampa Yankee


chuck ,



Your remarks barely move me to comment, but here goes --


Individually and collectively you guys are the personification of TEDIUM... Don't you have anything better to do??????

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Guest allansmith63

Hey - a message to those who don't like Hooboy or his site:


Like, duh, don't visit it!! Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out now, does it?


We as a gay culture/people so effectively destroy each other with bitching & arguing & criticising each other, rather than focusing on the real issues - the people around us who condemn homosexuality as "of the devil".


I'se an ejicated person and I no enuff that I dont beleev alla the stuf that i reed, even on a grate site like this un uv whoboys. I sujjest that yu 3 guys foller that xample.


So, guys, be like Bobby Orr and get the puck out of here!!


Allan (dated myself, didn't I?)

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Guest Tampa Yankee




>We as a gay culture/people so

>effectively destroy each other with

>bitching & arguing & criticising

>each other, rather than focusing

>on the real issues -

>the people around us who

>condemn homosexuality as "of the




Gee, you sure hit the nail on the head with this one -- this phonomenon just baffles me no end!!



>Allan (dated myself, didn't I?)


Gee, on this one too :-)

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Well, this is amusing.

Just FYI, the IP address is the same for PaulNY, Chuck & Leigh.


Obviously the person at likes talking to himself.


Madame, I take "Honest in our Judgments and Truthful in our Reporting" seriously and most people here do so as well.


Obviously, you do not.



Email: [email protected]

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Guest WetDream

RE: Hooboy is NO fake, you are"


Oh, dear...I've been looking at this site for over a year now, occasionally chime in on the message board and have posted a few reviews. I'm always astounded by the level of heat that some topics generate here. Sometimes it is good heat (the "overweight" thread, for instance)but most of the time one just has to wonder. Think I will just have to join the level-headed contingent here and say: "If you don't like it, don't read it." Also, would like to add a small thanks to Hooboy for giving me something to read with my morning tea.

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