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Strip Clubs in South and Central FL?


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I'm heading east for two weeks in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Key West/Orlando-- I've tried researching the gay guides online for strip clubs or similar places in these cities, but most of them just give lists of bars without specifying what kind of bars they are.... are there any places in any of these cities where there are hot strippers (preferably with full nudity)? Black/Latino guys would be a big plus!



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Guest JustANametoPlay

In Fort Lauderdale there are two strip clubs. Johnny's on Broward blvd offers very twiny young boys. Lords on N. Federal Hwy offers more manly dancers and many are latino.


In Miami there is the famous (or should I say infamous) Boardwal on Collins Ave. They have a wide variety of dancers.


None of the above offer full nudity (well legally they don't but what happens in a dark corner...) If you want that and have a car can youdrive about 45 minutes north to West Pam Beach to Cupids Caberet ( http://www.CupidsCaberet.com ) I have never been myself so not sure how the dancers are but from what I have heard they have a wide variety and they DO full nudity. Cupids also offers "private" room where you and the dancer can get up close and personal for a fee of course.


Hope this helps.

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Those are all great clubs. I have read of aggressive law enforcement in Lauderdale...arresting of dancers and patrons at

Lord's and Johnny's. This may be an ongoing problem? Also have heard that Cupids was very $$$ $ 20 door charge and $ 100 to go to back room. Mixed crowed men and women?

Any info appreciated.



>In Fort Lauderdale there are two

>strip clubs. Johnny's on

>Broward blvd offers very twiny

>young boys. Lords on

>N. Federal Hwy offers more

>manly dancers and many are



>In Miami there is the famous

>(or should I say infamous)

>Boardwal on Collins Ave.

>They have a wide variety

>of dancers.


>None of the above offer full

>nudity (well legally they don't

>but what happens in a

>dark corner...) If you

>want that and have a

>car can youdrive about 45

>minutes north to West Pam

>Beach to Cupids Caberet (

>http://www.CupidsCaberet.com ) I have never

>been myself so not sure

>how the dancers are but

>from what I have heard

>they have a wide variety

>and they DO full nudity.

> Cupids also offers "private"

>room where you and the

>dancer can get up close

>and personal for a fee

>of course.


>Hope this helps.

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I just returned from a trip to Ft. Lauderdale and found Boardwalk (north Collins Ave) definitely a good place to hang out especially before the crowd arrives (after 11 pm). The South Americans have taken over and one who called himself Hudson was a fabulous BB who was also extremely handsome. The club is much the same as before but the dancers are far more aggressive in offering "private shows." I also tried Lords north of Ft. Lauderdale on US 1 and also found it much the same as Boardwalk. The main difference was that the parking was poor and the crowd never seemed to materialize on a Saturday night. The dancers were not as open to touch but actively promoted private shows. Have fun!

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OK... it's me, the original poster of this subject, and I just got back. Thanks for your suggestions. I made it to Cupid's Cabaret one night, and was somewhat underwhelmed. Although some of the performers were from those great strip clubs in Montreal, what they can/will do for a reasonable price is far less than in Canada. They charge $20 for a lap dance, and you can't even touch their "private areas," even though they're wearing underwear. It's WAY more for a private show-- one of the dancers told me that you not only had to negotiate a fee with the dancer, but also pay "the house" for use of a the room. I'm sure any such arrangement would easily run into three figures.


The real find in South Fla. was the Club Body Center in Miami (on Coral Way just east of Coral Gables.) They had these "shows" with paid performers who were more like catalysts for getting the action started. I went three times! Some nights were better than others-- it depended on who was in charge. The one day I couldn't go (I was in Key West), Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake were supposed to appear and "humiliate" some guy named "The White Russian." Would've been interesting to see that!



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Johnny's was raided once last year; it is not a recurring event. Since then the management has become very strict about touching - only above the waist. The boys are all very young and thin. During the week there are only six dancers per night, but they rotate quickly. Some boys are more obliging. A dozen boys on weekends. Many from South America.


Lord's turned out to be the best. Even during the week they have a dozen guys, and they boast of their variety - chicken to beef, white and brown and black, etc. Usually there is a white twink (Andrew or Steven) and a brown twink (Gabriel or Baby Boy=Matthew), several Latin Americans and several East Europeans. Last week, Fernando from Mexico was incredible. He is GQ gorgeous with a beautiful, handsome, perfectly proportioned body.

He has a smile that can outshine Time Square, and yet he is kind of shy. He is so sweet it is hard to believe. One of the twinks told me how Fernando keeps an eye on the younger guys and brings them little toys when they are not feeling well. Fernando is 25. Nico from Hungary had the most perfect muscled body putting everyone at Gaiety to shame. He also had a very boyish face, a wonderful smile, a luscious butt, spoke English very well, and enjoyed talking. Mircea from Roumania had a wonderfully sculptured body and did an interesting, provocative sort of dance basically with his torso and was very nice to talk to. Several good guys from Italy (Giovanni and Antonio). There were just a couple of really bad guys - Leon heads the list. Rules say touching above the waist only, but many guys are friendlier. Please give my regards to Fernando and Nico.


Cupid's is rather peculiar. It is 45 miles and about 55 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale and located at the end of a small strip mall - quiet and perfectly safe. It is a private club, not a public business, which is why they can do full nudity. A second club, Oasis, was also starting in West Palm Beach with same format. Locals can purchase an annual membership, others pay $5.00 for a temporary membership, which is reasonable. The main room is large and the nicest of any club, maybe 40 feet square, with DJ on one side, bar on the other, and then a row or two of leather sofas on each of the other sides. The stage is perhaps 12 feet square and exactly in the center of the room and decently lighted. Seats are also adjacent to stage with small railing to set drinks on.


Guys come out for too long - 15 minutes. They don't know what to do and they are not allowed to choose their own music, most of which is undanceable. Two of the guys, who I know from Montreal, told me they didn't know what to do but they wouldn't let them bring their own music. Strange. They come out in pants or something, take it off and walk around for 15 minutes nude. Not very interesting or exciting.


Customers can sit/lay on leather sofas for lap dances. They cost $20 per song and consist of light frottage (see thread on this discussion list). The guys stay in underwear and rub against you a little. BUT, price is negotiable. If there are not many customers and the guys want money, you can get two or three dances for the money. But you don't get much.


In back, there are something called private rooms. I did not go, so I do not know what they are. Several dancers explained to me. Customers pay $100 - $150 or more for time in one of the rooms. The dancers claim they must give $50 rent to the establishment, and their price begins after that. None would be specific about what went on, but always the old line - "you will not be disappointed," "I will give you an unforgettable night," etc. There were not a lot of customers the night last week I was there, but almost all seem to have come with the intention of going to a private room. At one point near 11:30, the dj could not find a single dancer to perform: all were in private rooms and apparently that is more important than performing. After 20 minutes, no one had reappeared and I left. So they may be fun, although expensive. Theoretically there is no time limit, but I do not know what that means in reality.


Dancers varied from big, massive ungly guys to a few cute ones. The Italian guys were particularly nice.

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I am a big Boardwalk fan. I go to Miami every year and spend every night in the Boardwalk. There really isn't anything like it anywhere (although I haven't been to Lords yet). I recently submitted a review. The latinos dancing there are great looking and sexy. I love the fact that for a dollar lap dance my hands can go anywhere. Also the fact that they have an early shift and that you don't have to go out late into the night (a complaint of advancing age I'm afraid) make it ideal.

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I just returned from So Florida..and had a good time visiting Johnny's, Lords, Cupids and Boardwalk. I found them all quite different. Cupids was a $ 10 entry fee....Couch dances were priced at $20 per dance(no nudity) and were very short. The private rooms (1/2 hour) were available for $150 100 to dancer and 50 to house. Didn't buy, but would bet that you could easily spend more than $100 for dancer. (based on a $40 couch dance that didnt last more than 5 minutes.) There were about a dozen dancers and they were totally nude. You were encouraged to tip anywhere you wanted. That was the best bang for the buck.


Johnny's was fine. The dancers are very young and seem to concentrate on their regulars. They did not have as many dancers as last year, nor were they as friendly as last year. The end result was that you ended up with fewer dancer contacts.


The dancers at Lords were older and generally more buff. There were a fair number of foreign dancers. Some of the dancers were a little more aggressive in soliciting private shows. They also keep moving aruond the bar so you are likely to meet all or most of the dancers every night, which was not the case with Johnny's. Lords should improve the parking lot security. No one wants a late nite confrontation with a loud drunk in the parking lot.


The best was Boardwalk. They had the best looking dancers, more of them and reasonable bar prices. Several of the dancers could best be described as drop dead gorgeous. The dancers were friendly and approachable and playful for reasonable tips. Most offered the option of private shows.


The other strip bar i missed was the gaiety nights at Level's cabana bar..maybe on the next trip. Although after my visit to Boardwalk a trip to Argentina would be an attractive option.

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Guest made4fun

I was in FtL back in Jan and I saw the ad in the mags that this new place called the Oasis was opening up in WPB so I thought I"ll check it out and I went to the opening night. It was fantastick. It wasnt a bar it was a private club so that's why they could have the totaly nude dancers and a lot more. They had a bar with nude dancers and also little private rooms with matresses on the floor where you could have a private with the dancers and also in the back a big jacuzy and lockers and showers and some open areas with matresess on the floor that anybody can just relax and more. And I can tell you there was a lot of relaxing. For a while there was 6 or 8 or more guys all relaxing together and a hot time was had by all. It was awesome I couldnt beleive it. They said it was a sex club before too but strait and the grand opening was for the change to gay. I had such a great time I went back 2 days later and it was CLOSED. Nobody around. I drove up for an hour for nothing. So I went to Cupids Caberet which they said is owned by the same guy and it is and its also a private club and they have a bar and the nude dancers and the private rooms but not any of the stuff in the back with the jacuzy and where you can relax. And they said the Oasis was sold after only 1 day open and its not going to be a sex club anymore. Sounds fishey but I dont know. Maybe law trouble but it was a sex club before. Just a strait one and if its a private club not a bar isnt that differant and Cupids was still there and open. But I sure wish they would open another club like the Oasis.

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Shit, Oasis sounded so hopeful, but I guess it is gone.


I hate to sound too experienced but once you have been to the Montreal and Toronto clubs, the ones in Florida really suck. You guys really need to experience real stripper clubs and there is no where else like Montreal and even Toronto and Windsor to check them out. No where!!!!


Mind you I have not been to Cupids. But I have been to Boardwalk and I could not get out of the filty place fast enough. Dudes in Key West is another mistake. Sorry guys, I just do not get these places. I wish Florida had some other stripper attractions.


Lords and Cupids may just be it. I can only hope so! ;-)

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-16-01 AT 12:46PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-16-01 AT 12:45 PM (EST)


there is

>no where else like Montreal

>and even Toronto and Windsor

>to check them out.

>No where!!!!


>Mind you I have not been

>to Cupids


You definitely want to try Cupid's. I've seen Montreal and Toronto too, but Cupid's is one of a kind--more relaxed and friendlier. Have fun!



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