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Escorts who write their own reviews

Guest Jeffcmh

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Guest Jeffcmh

LAST EDITED ON Dec-14-00 AT 08:06PM (EST)[p]I have sent in a couple of reviews(dating back to August) and

they have never been published,yet when the escort I wrote about

sent his own self-review it was published right away.

What a sham.I am no longer seeing escorts,so I really could careless,but to be in honest with other readers I felt I should

let you all know. Don't believe everything you read!!! It may

be authored by the escort.

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My good man, have you taken leave of your senses? Do you expect us to believe that an escort would write his own review and tell you about it, so you could tell us? Or what is it you would like us to believe?

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Guest albinorat

Thank you, Mr. B. I have to wonder what animates these sorts of posts. I have sent in 3 reviews (albinorat and albinorat27) and they have all been published in due course as submitted with only slight changes to suit Hooboy's requirements, and that did not change the import of the reviews.


Hooboy doesn't know or owe me.


In hiring well-regarded escorts from this site their behavior and looks have always been consistent with their good reviews. I haven't liked them all, they haven't all liked me, but that was as much my fault as theirs and there was nothing phony or unprofessional in their behavior.


Finally I have a number of good friends who use this site and hire from it in NYC. They too have always found those they hired recognizable from their good reviews, professionally able and respectful. They too know that nobody adores everybody -- but that the highly regarded professionals here really seem to deliver.


It's not that I can't imagine wool getting pulled over eyes, tricks getting played or even that some discrete promotion goes on. But I just haven't seen any real evidence. Long term, those escorts who get more than one or two reviews seem to turn out to resemble those reviews and deliver accordingly.


Hooboy himself has often said something to this effect, *read selectively and keep your own tastes and BS detector in mind*.


As far as I can see any reader who does that won't go far wrong.


And posts like the initial one seem directed to derail a more than moderately useful site.



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Guest TomBuStone



I've always wondered about some of those reviews I've read about some of the other escorts myself...


This could become a VERY interesting series of posts, indeed..

Tom B.

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Guest alanm (Guest)

I know one of the escorts on this site very well. He has 7 or 8 reviews posted, mostly very positive, with a few negative remarks. Both the positive and negative remarks are remarkably accurate. For anyone who pays attention and does some basic

research other places, this is a great site. Yes, escorts write

their own reviews. But, clients become just as quick at sizing up an escort as an escort becomes in sizing up a client. If

you have some problems with an email or phone call, you probably should stop communication right then. HooBoy spent his holiday in London working on this site. How could anyone be more dedicated?

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Guest regulation

It is not exactly a secret that a number of positive reviews on this site are false reviews written by the escort himself -- Hooboy has acknowledged this on more than one occasion, including his note to the review of Christian in Miami published in New Reviews today. Anyone who does not realize this simply hasn't been paying attention. There are also positive reviews written not by the escort himself but at his request by "friends" of his. The infamous Sean (New York) once acknowledged doing this.


Positive as well as negative reviews on this site need to be taken with a grain of salt. Or several grains.

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Guest MattAdams

I think HooBoy has taken the right approach to urge caution in reading the reviews. In Las Vegas we have taken the approach that if an escort writes their own reviews they do not get on my site http:\\http://www.whatshotnews.com\referals. This does not necessarily mean they will never get on, but it means they have to clean up their act first.


Likewise, any escort that receives a legitimate positive review and is on my site is expected to send a check to help cover the cost of maintaining this site.


The Internet market has become very saturated that it is important for the escorts that are truly professional to differentiate themselves from the others.


I have started working on my third edition of Husters Escorts and Porn Stars and some of my thoughts on the subject for escorts and clients can be found at http://www.whatshotnews.com in the free areas.


Again, I have a lot of respect for HooBoy and Dave (at escorts4you). They both offer interesting perspectives on the business through the way their sites are managed and both operate their sites with a lot of integrity.


Matt Adams

Author, Hustlers, Escorts and Pornstar

[email protected] :)

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Guest Topmaul

RE: Escorts who write their own reviews- My Advice


Excellent point.


I think Travis (Austin) fits this to a tee. He told me that he had been escorting about 3 years at the time I saw him, yet he had no review. I posted Review #1, which was honest but not favorable (good bod/bad experience). Shortly thereafter, multiple positive reviews suddenly popped up! What a coincidence!


Here are some things I keep in mind in reading a positive review:


1. Does the reviewer spend much of his time trashing the negative reviews? Most of Travis's positive reviews do this. An honest reviewer SHOULD have no incentive to challenge the other reviews-- your experience is yours and yours alone.


2. Does the escort use phrases (on phone/in person) similar to the supposed third-person review? Ditto this problem with T.


3. Does the review seem plausible? One "reviewer" said he only briefly saw him take off his shirt, yet recognized his headless torso on Escorts4You. Guess those nipples were really two in 280 million!


4. Is it balanced? No session is going to go perfectly, and probably few go totally bad. Does the reviewer point out good, as well as bad, characteristics of the escort?


It is also possible that competitors could be putting bad reviews up to cut the competition, yet the marginal return for doing so seems so meager as to make this relatively small peanuts compared to a smart escort using the "review" as a free advertisement for himself.


Closing thought:

one of the reasons escorts like Travis get away with all they do is that not enough others are motivated or determined enough to hold them accountable for their actions. Don't hesitate to post a good review (most of the guys ARE good), but don't hesitate to post a bad one, either.

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